About Us


Community of Aspiring ShareHolders (CASH) is a Robert H. Smith School of Business student club. It will serve to provide students of all majors with practical
and applicable knowledge on financial planning and investment management in order to inspire long term thinking,  promote risk management and allow students to profit from their knowledge.  

Our Vision                                                                                                                     

To create a community of financially savvy individuals that will leverage communal knowledge for self-enrichment within the scope if investment management.

This website will serve as a focal point of our efforts to create a community of intelligent investors                              
  • We will compile all the resources that we use or found interesting to help new investors get a jump start in the world of investing.
  • We will provide a place where students can share their views and experiences.
  • We will help students build their own understanding of the market forces.
  • We will only focus on philosophy, discipline and practical application of investments, skills created through this process will be ready for direct real world application.