Our Pastor

  Pastor Amanda Schultz

Greetings from Pastor Amanda:

Hello! Welcome to the Cashton Three Point Parish! A few fast facts about me:

    • I have one son- Carter Clifford, was born September 1, 2013 in La Crosse

     I was born in Phoenix, AZ

     I graduated from high school in Grand Forks, ND and the University of North Dakota 

    • I lived and worked in Minneapolis and St. Paul in higher education and student affairs. I               have my Masters Degree in Educational Leadership from the University of St. Thomas.

    • I completed my pastoral internship at Trinity Lutheran in Owatonna 

    • I graduated from Luther Seminary in May 2013

    • We moved to Cashton, WI in June 2013

    • I was married to Bon Garcia on Sept. 2, 2018. Carter's dad, Steve, who loved the Cashton community died suddenly in 2017. Bon, Carter and I look forward to years of happiness and ministry in Cashton.

It is an honor and privilege to be the pastor of the Cashton Three Point Parish! I encourage you to contact me anytime! I am always available for a chat over a cup of coffee! (I am Norwegian and Lutheran, after all!)


Office: 608-654-5236

Cell: 608-633-8996

Email: amandaschultzgarcia@gmail.com