Your webcashaccount

It is a flashed-photo-diagram for the assessment of your dynamic assets showing appearence of your web fishing position accounted value. The evaluation of your dynamic overall value (all yours creations 10€ each by datevaluation shifting in Owndated Webquantum properties), is served in a web moment date and by the lecture and sum of values in a set of counters in photo position at that moment.
Evaluation of overall value or evaluation of each singular parcel.

Nothing to do with your classic bank account. For many reasons. Forget the past.

Mainly because you go to make now with your owned assets. As Proprietor of one or multiples Owndated Webquantums in your Personalized-Selfmarket-WebSpace. Your Webcash registered Owndated Webquantums.

Because when you are linking money-to-money (24/7, 365/365 and online by the use of your Personal Webcashmotor) you manage yours Personalized-Webliving-Savings in webcashmatic terms. 
It means in automatic terms, hyperconnected termes and singular terms, after work of your botcash-natural-homus, and after work of many others robots to serve the distribution of multiplied cash results at 12:00 New York local time everyday and to generate your cash cashing plusvalues at the TOM (Timestock-Owned-Market).

Filipe AlvesFerreira,
Jan 16, 2014, 4:55 PM