101 Get Paid To Write Sites


  1. 1 451
  2. 2 About


With 451, they offer writers a nice free form way of writing, you may write on any topic that you have an interest in, However they do state that you have strong writing skills and a unique point of view. This is not to say that they will not accept amateur writers but rather this will help them match advertisers to your style and way of writing.

How you make money: It works like this, they only want you to solely focused on your writing so they offer you full support to make sure your blog is successful, they pay you 40% of the advertisement that your blog generates. They also handle things like advertising the sites in their network, by attracting advertisers to your blog.They also handle the building and maintaining the blog server. in short here is what they offer.


About is a site where you can really show off your writing skills. They offer 3 types of opportunities, and they are Guide, Writer, or Video Producer. 

Guides- create articles to help many people seeking answers to an array of topics, you can work on a flexible schedule set your own hours. the compensation plan includes a base monthly payment combined with incentives from page-view growth, also a chance to take part of a Guide-focused PR program.

Writers- are contributing writers that work alongside with the guides, covering a specific subtopics, as a writer you are responsible for producing a certain amount of content per month on that sub-topic.

Video Producer- Just like guides and writers, video producers can work on there schedule, the only difference is that video producers are paid a flat rate based on spec. 

Academia Research

With Academia Research is more like seeking a writing job, once you register you can look for jobs that are listed, once you find a job there will be a list of requirements for that job that need to be done such as research and deadlines to meet.You are payed for each job completed, also each job will pay different from one job to the next.

Once you have registered you will have to go through a writing test process, once that is complete you will gain access to the jobs that are advertised.


With Affsphere, all you have to do is sign up , go to your email and confirm, after that is said and done, your ready to start writing. Then set up your profile, and your resource box, write your article, and then post it. You are open to write on any subject, just make sure the content is original. They also offer an affiliate link to promote their site.

How you make money: They offer 8 ways to make money and they are as follows.

  • Traffic
  • Banner ads
  • Google AdSense
  • Your Downline
  • Viral Recruiting
  • AC Commissions
  • Affiliate Links
  • Sales Commission

This site is totally free to join. They pay you using Pay Pal.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Now unlike most writing jobs this one is based solely on quality of your work. How this works is that companies post jobs to be completed, you then chose a job from the list and then submit your work. Keep in mind that you will not be the only one writing on theses jobs because there open for the taking and there can be literally hundreds if not thousands that also submitted for the same job.However if you complete a job you can make a nice amount of money from the one job.

This is a very competitive, which is Ideal for people who are seeking to challenge their writing skills.

Article Content Provider

Article Content Provider is a nice place for people who want to make a straight forward amount of money for their articles, they also have a place for you bloggers out there who are seeking to make a little bit of money blogging.

They have a set amount that they pay for both classes, an article writer gets payed $10.00 per article written that is accepted, and as for bloggers you make $100.00 per month for blogging on their site. This is a great place who is just starting out looking for a way to make money online to get them started down a career in writing.

Article Income

Article Income is a perfect place for new and seasoned writers alike, here you can write to your hearts content. You are paid based on how much traffic your article generates, the more people who come to read your article the more money you will make. This is not based on AdSense but rather traffic. For people who know and understand SEO can make a good amount of income with this site.

Associated Content

Here you can create original content which can be ether Articles, Videos, Images, or even Audio about any topic you wish to discuss about. With over 30 million visitors a month there is no reason that anyone can not get their share of visits each and every day.

You make money each time your content is viewed, again this is not a AdSense based community, However this still opens up a lot of doors to beginners who are seeking a chance to make an online income.You have the chance to claim exclusive freelance writing opportunities.

Auction Bytes

You do not have to be an expert writer to write for Auction Bytes, all they require is that you have some knowledge about the collectible you are writing about, they pay $20.00 dollars for any story that is accepted, However they do require that you sign a contract before you start writing for them.

Blog Advertising Store

The Blog Advertising Store brings advertisers to bloggers, and the bloggers to the advertisers, So if you run a blog, here is your chance to make money with it, if you are not already doing so and are looking for a chance to make money online using your blog, this place will point you in the right direction. The advertiser writes a review explaining what they offer, and how much they are looking to spend, the blogger is matched up on a pay scale based on Google and Alexa ranking. If a blogger qualifies then BAS sends a notification to both parties for a match. How much you can make is left up to you, but I've seen blogs quoted as low as $5.00 and as high as $500.00 so there is no telling how much money can be made from this.

Blog Distributor

Blog Distributor is open for all types of writers no matter of skill level. However better writers will make more money then an armature writer. You write about products & services on your blog, and they provide buyers for your blog post. The more popular your blog is the more you get paid from your blog.They provide bloggers with a vast list of jobs each and every month that is e-mailed to you as they come available. So the limit of money you can make from this site is based on how much time you can put into it.


Here you can create your own blog, they even offer sub-domains, they have a ton of plug-ins that you can add to your blog, and have 170 customizable themes. You make 75% of the adsense on your blog. oh yea, you get all this for FREE!


With Blogit you are paid directly from your reader, this is a new concept I thought interesting. How it works, is that Blogit is a membership site for readers to come and read. They pay one price per month and have full access to all the blogs. Whats more interesting is how you make your money, this is set up based on each readers percentage that visit you, for instance let say Joe came to your blog and started reading your stuff, well he keeps returning every day to check on your new content and overall he visits your blog 20% of the time when he logs in. Well you are paid 20% of his membership fee. They pay you with Pay Pal on the 15th of the following month.


Based on what is posted from their home page, all I can say is they pay you for your blog posting, they pay you on a weekly basis using PayPal. Other then that I had a hard time getting some clear answers from the site itself...I may further investigate them by contacting the webmaster for more details.

Blogging Ads

How this works is after you sign up they supply you with advertisers, complete with text ads and other media, all they want you to do is post them to your blog, now these are one time ads, so you only have to post them once and get paid. You have to have a PayPal Account in order to get paid. This is yet another good way blogger/writers can make a small bit of income.

Blogger Party

Blogger Party is a free place for you to blog, they have a referral program, which will allow you to make a bit more money with Google adsense,and you can earn points that you can use to trade in for prizes. You can write on anything you wish the topics are open to your imagination. You are paid only though your own adsense.


Yet another way Bloggers can make money, If you write a niche based blog, then your in luck, here you can write articles, or post links about/for products, services or websites, and make some money for your time and work. They stress to only focus niches/subjects that interest you and you can make money on every post.

Blogger Wave

Here a Blogger can write advertisements for an advertiser or company and then post them to your blog and you get paid for it, plain and simple.

Blog to Profit

How does it work? after your blog is reviewed, they connect you with advertisers that are interested in sponsoring your blog, you post to your blog and get paid!


Again for blogger, all you have to do is write and talk about a product, service or their website, and you make a bit of cash for doing it. Are all of you bloggers starting to see a theme to how this all works in your line of work 8o).

Break Studios

Ahh! finally some more good stuff for all you writers out there. Here is a place where you can write on stuff that interest you, when you sign up, you then get to select topics that you are interested in. Then once you have done that you can go to a claim content page, and find something to write about, keep in mind these are jobs and they do have a due date tagged on them. They supply the subject, title, sub-title, due date, targeted website, and how much money it will pay you for that job.You are paid at the end of each month with PayPal, the payment will be based on how many jobs you got done for that month.

Bright Hub

This community of writers is solely for the tech minded people that know a few things in that field. How you make money is based on a compensation plan which is a revenue sharing plan for the life of your article.


This is an interesting concept, you are paid when people come to read, view, or listen to your content (Article, Videos, Images , and Audio). However you are also paid for the content that you read from other friends, and their friends, this goes down to 3 level. so you are making money not just from writing but reading or looking around as well, hm mm sounds like fun to me.


You can sign up your blog and then wait for it to be approved, this can take up to 72 hours. Once accepted you can search for a topic you want to write about, if there is a job open for that topic you place your bid. Once the job has been completed you will be paid. they charge 30% on your jobs meaning you get to keep 70% of the payment. They pay every 15 days with Pay Pal.

Constant Content

Here you can get paid for your writing, you can post and sell your content, browse requested content and make money for your writing.

Content Divas

This is another job based article site where you can look for what jobs have been listed then you write the article and get paid for your service.

Creative Weblogging

This is a blog community where you just make a post on a blog of no less then 70 words 3 to 5 times a week and you make $84 - $140 per month, they do have requirement so make sure you read them before you become a member and link up your blog. 

I know $140 per month isn't a lot of money but when you add all the different places you can link your blog into it all adds up, besides they are only asking for 70 words most can do that in their sleep.

Daily Article

This is a place where websites look for fresh content that can be bought, with free copyrights to each one. How you make money is that you write the content they you are interested in writing and then post it up for sell, you make direct money from your work. The only downside is that you can't retain the copyrights, but who cares you getting paid to let them go right.

Demand Studios

This is a nice place to write for, the way they have it set up is also nice, once you are approved as a writer, you can then go and search for jobs in your field of interest. Once you have claimed a job for yourself that job becomes yours only, no one else can stake claim to it. You are given seven days to complete the job, once completed you summit your work and an editor reviews your work, once accepted you are paid within two to three days after. you also can set up your own work hours that best fits in with your schedule.

Developer Shed

Devshed is a site for the more techno savvy writers, they ask for articles that cover topics such as the ones in this short list below.

  • Open Source topics for the Dev Shed site: Apache, PHP, Oracle, Python, MySQL and more.
  • Microsoft technologies for the ASP Free site: .NET, ASP and ASP.NET, C#, MS SQL Server, IIS, VisualBasic.NET, Windows Scripting, and more.
  • Web Design topics for the Dev Articles site: DHTML, XML, CSS, Java, JavaScript, C++, ColdFusion, and more.
  • Hardware Reviews for the Dev Hardware site: Researched news and trends of the hardware industry, tutorials on modifying computer hardware, reviews of PC components, handhelds, peripherals, and more.
  • Search Engine Optimization for the SEO Chat site: Search optimization guides, articles on website promotion, keywords, web directories, Google, Yahoo! and more.
  • Web Hosting articles for the Web Hosters site: Hosting tutorials, guides for people who are finding hosts, news for the industry, tips, and more.

Their pay is scaled base on a few factors such as content quality, frequency of your submissions, and your qualifications for the subject.

Digital Journal

Digital Journal - offers anyone who would like to contribute by letting them post blogs, images, or even video, but they only pay Digital Journalist for their work on new post, this is because they are a news site on everything that is going on around the world. However anyone can become a Digital Journalist by joining up, after which you have to post a contribute so they can evaluate your work. Once this done and checked, your good to go, a portion of the ads revenue is place in a money pot and everyone has a chance to compete for some of the money-pot earnings ( this applies to everyone) as for the Digital Journalist they are paid for the new blog/report based on popularity.


Dummies - is not an everyone qualifies place to write, with that said you can sign up and let them know what you are an expert in, and they will decide to contact you if they think you are what they are looking for as a writer for their articles and book. you are paid for your content. However there was no information stating on how much, or how often on their site.


If you are a copywriter then this will be right up your ally, once you have joined you can make a good amount of money doing copy writing. They cover stuff from SEO to Sales Letters, and they even boast that some of their top writers are making $2000 - $3000 in per month, they pay on the 1st and 15th of each and every month, so if you have the knack and the money sounds right, this would be a good place to start.


At eHow you have to qualify to become a writer but once accepted you are then allowed to apply for jobs. You can work on your own hours, and take as many jobs that you think you can handle. They pay using PayPal twice a week, your are paid for each writing assignments, If you choose to write on topics you suggest, which is paid on a revenue share basis. They claim most of the writers make on average $15 to $20 dollars an hour.


How this works, is that you create a profile then you show off your skills, credentials and experience. you can submit proposals to clients, this can be beneficial for both parties, this will build relationships with clients, and build yourself jobs down the road.When a client hires you for a job they will give you all the details you need as well the time frame the job will needs to be completed.

Elance provides the 1099's to your clients. Elance offers three ways to get paid, you can be paid with ether PayPal, ACH, or wire transfer once you have completed the job.


This site relies on peoples personal review based from a merchants point of view (the merchant being you), here you can write about anything you have ever owned or currently use in your house. These review do not have to always be set in a positive view for instance if you have had a bad experience on a certain product, people will want to know what you didn't like about it.

How you make money is set in what they call Eroyalties, the more you make the better, they pay your eroyalties on the 15th of each month, and is converted into USD currency. However your income is accumulated threw an income share that is based on your contribution in reviews as well as in Epinions. to learn more please visit the link listed above.

Essay Writers

Once you create an account and are accepted, a writer can make as much as $16 dollars per page (yup PER PAGE), however if the client is very satisfied, then Essay Writers will pay an additional 20% for that job. you get to pick the jobs you want while Essay Writers looks for more clients to keep the job log with a list of steady work. You are paid twice a month depending when the work was done.

Escape Homes

Here you are paid between $10 - $20 dollars for original content for articles of Real Estate and Travel. They have a minimum of 300 words and they will not compensate for previously published material.They pay Using PayPal for work completed.


Here you can write basically anything you have in mind that you are knowledgeable about. Once your signed up, you have to set up a short biographical statement of up to 35 words, plaster a photo of yourself, and they also require to do a criminal background check to make sure they are not hiring someone who has current felony or is a sex offender. the pay is undetermined for it was not listed, so you will have to contact them on that subject.


Here you have to apply to write for them, once you summit your application and a writing sample and it gets approved, you gain access to the assignments that you can view under your profile.

They have three bases of pay the first is Revenue Share Answers, writers are able to answer select Revenue Share Questions for a profit. the second is Articles which you earn money based on the traffic your page gets, Thirdly getting yourself upgraded to Work for Hire Status or (WFH) where you are paid up $20 dollars per 350 - 600 word article. The best way to get recognized and get upgraded is to showcase your writing skills by accepting revenue share assignments.

Experts Column

Here you sign up for an account, then you have to confirm your sign up from your e-mail, once that is done you start writing your articles, you are paid on an adsense sharing program set at 70:30 where your ads are shown 70% of the time, however if you fall in the Expert Columnist you gain 100% of the adsense revenue that your article acquires.


With Factoidz, you will find they will only accept the most accomplished writers, for the most experience writer this is a good place to get yourself noticed for your quality of work. They pay $10.00 per 1,000 views, so knowing a little SEO can help you start to make a handsome income over time.


Families is a blogging community that is for professional writers, they do offer assignments, each one have a frequency on how many post per month you need to maintain, also once you are accepted there is a 90 day training you have to complete, during which you are paid $3.00 per post after which you go up to $4.00 per post. They offer annual raises, up to $5.50 per post as well as Quarterly bonuses.


If you know how to do a few things rather it would be unique or not, and you like to share how you would do it, then here is your chance to do just that. This site is strictly a "how to" site and they even stress that each article title has to start with a "how to" in your title. You are paid using Pay Pal, I am not totally sure how the pay scale is set up, but from the looks of it, it is based on traffic and possibly reviews. All writers are accepted rather you are an amateur or an expert everyone has a place at FireHow.


At Flixya anyone and everyone can join, here you can write articles, post videos, and pictures, it doesn't matter, you can even post affiliate links or referral links into your work. You make 100% of your adsense from your articles, so the more traffic the better. they have no pay scale, you have total control of how you make money, and to do that you will need an adsense account otherwise the money you make will have to come from the outside link sources that you include into your articles.


Want to make a good steady income writing, well here you can do just that. Once you apply and get accepted, you are free to bid on jobs. The Jobs pay between $6.00 to $20.00 per article , and they claim to have people making $500 to $2000 a month writing here.

They pay through PayPal, Moneybookers, Ikobo, or SWIFT wire transfer.

Google Knol

Google Knol is an article website created by Google, here you can write on anything you like and share it with other knollers. Once a member, you can start writing your articles, how you make money is threw your own adsense pub-number, and you keep 100% of the revenue that your adsene generates. However before you click save, and publish your article make sure you have the show ads clicked on or you will not make a dime from your adsense.

Ground Report

Ground Reports is a news article platform where people can post/summit news that is locally or abroad, you can link to your other existing online work, so this helps you show off your work as well as forward traffic to your already established profiles. However I did not see any method to make money, but linking to you other works is almost just as good.


Here at Guru you are not limited to just writing articles, even though that is why you are reading this now. How this works is once you sign up, and complete setting up your profile, and the list of skills that you can provide, you then can submit proposals for jobs. Once you have gotten a job you can arrange a disclosed deposit with your client which it put into an escrow, after you deliver your work then the payment is sent to your account.

There are five different methods of payment you can choose from, which are direct deposit, PayPal, prepaid MasterCard, check and wire.There are different job types you can do ranging from writing articles/sales letters to web site design, so you have a full rang of ways to scoop in the cash.


This is another Article site where anyone can join and make money. You can write you own stuff or contribute your work which both, of course, make you money. There is three ways to make money here, and they are, Upfront Payments for contributed work, Daily revenue share, Writing contests. You can even have a chance to be recognized through, Citizen Journalism Awards, Published articles through Marketplace, Professional journalism organizations. So here is a good way to brand yourself online as an established writer.

Host My Post

You can sign up for free, then set up a section on your website / blog and link it. Once your site/blog (they state that a word-press blog works best) is approved your ready to go . You then can start receiving and writing your articles. You are paid with (Host My Post) points that can be redeemed for cash. Although I do not know what the conversion rate is for the points vrs money but you have to go to their forum for that information. What I do know, is that you can redeem your points in other ways. For example, you can use them to promote your articles all over the web, or you can exchange them with other members in the forum for special favors. 


HowHub is another "How To" website, where you writers, that have an insight on a particular subject can write on how you do it, that could help other people do the same job or task. How you make money is when you start your account, you are paid 50% of your adsense revenue that your article generates. However if you invite 10 people using a referral link and they sign up, your then get access to 100% of the revenue generated from your adsense, this is not a bad place for beginners.

How Stuff Works

This place can be rather hard to get accepted on because they are searching for more of a generalists with exceptional research skills, you are required to complete your work on a rather fast turnaround.If accepted you are required to sign a contribution agreement, after which, will you learn the terms and payment plan.


Again this site is focused on writing article on how stuff works, and if you have the expertise in a certain field, then you can write about it. This site "as far as I can tell" offers no compensation plan when it comes to money, however they work on a point system where you earn points for each article written, you are given 10 points just for signing up and earn more just by reviewing others work as well as writing articles. The point system have different levels you can accomplish and every step up allows you more control and traffic sources.


HubPages is a vast article community also known as hubbers, here you can write on just about any subject as long as they stay within the guidelines, you will find that the people in this community are very helpful and insightful. You make money in five ways, which are the following.

  • Google AdSense
  • Kontera
  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • and your Affiliate links

So if this sounds ideal for you, you can click the link to find out more, and if you don't know it yet, you are currently reading this article from Hubpages, and as you can see, it has a nice format for you to work with.


Although they are a paid membership, you can make a great deal of money from this site, with your membership you can advertise your website, display your works, post bids for jobs and more. This is not restricted to only articles/publishers, but to many different fields of work such as 3D design, web design, and more.This can work both ways because your making money on jobs and your getting to advertise your site.They also offer a whole slew of tools to help you promote yourself.


Here, the sign up is rather painless, all you have to do is sign up, then write your articles and post them, you are paid 75% of the adsens revenue that it produces, this is a rather clear cut and past way to make money.

Jungle Page

 With Jungle Page, you have to apply to work for them, you also have to summit a sample of your work. JunglePage will pay you competitively for your expertise in writing essays, book reports, college entrance essays, scholarship essays, and in offering proofreading services. Writers can make upwards of $750 or more per week.

Link From Blog

Bloggers can sign up and then write reviews for Advertisers/Companies, Marketers, and SEO, after which you place a link back to the subjects website that your review has covered in return you are paid.


Unlike writing article, here you write letters as strange as that might sound, it is a booming business. What do they do exactly, well people come there requesting love letter, business letters, letters of approval, you name it, you can write it. But how do you make any money?
well there compensation plane is as follows.

  • Earn $10.00US each time a new visitor joins for one of your existing letters 
  • Earn$10.00US Each time a registered member buys one of your existing letters
  • Earn $10.00US each time you write a custom letter and a requester purchases it

So if you ever written a letter before then you can make money, also you are allowed to post written letters that you have already done in the past. --Interesting--


LookingForClues is always seeking writers to write "Bite size nuggets of insight and entertainment". For each article you summit you are paid between $10.00 to $20.00 per article. The article size has to fall between 600 to 1200 words and no less then 6 paragraphs. They pay you using Pay Pal but the down side is that you have to have ether Premier or Business Pay Pal account. They do not pay on personal accounts.

Loud Launch

Another place where bloggers can take advantage of their blog. Here you add your blog or blogs for review, once the blog passes, you can check out the live campaigns. You then choose on a subject that match your interest, and make money. They pay every 30 days, how they pay is unknown.


Here you must summit an application, but once approved you can start writing. Once an article is approved they start at $20.00 per 650 word article, but you can make more based on quality.


This place seems to work a lot like the twitter platform, in fact it is a micro blogging site. From what I can gather you make what is called Mahalo cash, which  (this is purely assumption here so don't hold me to it)  is accumulated based on answers and votes, so the more votes it gets the more you make. One thing I do not know is if it scrolls up like it does with twitter and if so will it be visible long enough to even get recognized.

I did not sign up for this so I do not have any inside information on the total functions thereof.

Matador Travel

Here you create a free profile after which you can start writing. Preference is given to writers who actively engage in the Matador community.your writing have to fall within 800 word but no more then 1000 "Exceptions are given to Brave New Traveler" with a 1200 word limit. They pay you $25.00 per article, and how they pay you is with Pay Pal.

Niner Niner

This site has some strict rules that are expected to be followed, however anyone can join this blog posting site. Once your account reaches $25.00 you are sent payment, however, how you are paid is up in the air. There was no information that I could find suggesting a payment method.


oDesk is for just about any kind of online and maybe some offline type of work. How this works, is that when you join up, it is free for both the contractors and the employers. The contractors take a test on their skills and also post their work samples so that a employer can see if you are what he needs.You set the price you want to be paid, you might want to keep it real when you set your price, because this will also be a factor before they hire you to do some work.

An employer can see screen shots while you work (which is taken 6 times per hour). This confirms that you are heard at work on their project. you are payed by the hour while you are working, and once you log into your job the clock starts. the employer can set certain hours and how many hours that you work if they need to. For people who have some skills and still can't find a job this can take you out of the unemployment line.

On Point Advocacy

Here you apply to write for them, however there was very little information I could gather on the money issue. OnPoint’s writers are required to develop a diverse range of written pieces—from ghostwritten op-eds and issue briefs to new-business pitches and call scripts. So if you think you can qualify and start getting to work just click the link above to get started.


Oondi is a free place to write, but your articles still have to pass the admin. Whats different however is that after it gets by the admin then it is voted on by the team democratically. This helps keep the content to be of high quality. You are paid from the advertisement on your articles.

Paid Post

Here you link your blog up with PaidPost, then you write on your blog, advertiser links is what you have to work into your blog and if it is still there after 30 days payment is then sent to you.


PayPerPost is like many other blogging to make money sites, you sign up, link your blog, and start posting away. PayPerPost lets you pick your advertisers, name your own price, and negotiate your own deals.


PayU2Blog.com is unique because they not only offer a variety of interesting assignments, but you're paid well and on time for doing assignments.They pay with Pay Pal every two weeks.


Here you write on assignments of many topics , but before you can do that you have to apply and send in your test assignment that would have come to you in your email. Also you will need to fill out a w9 form before you can get started. once you have passed everything you can get your assignments, They pay  no lower then $12 per article and no more then $25 per article, which is not bad. You are paid on each Friday using Pay Pal.

Great topics to read

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Here you can write on whatever you like, how you make money is based on page views. You make so much per 1000 views, how you get paid is on a Red Gage debit card once you meet the minimum amount.


Here a blogger can make money reviewing a product and posting a link to their blog. Bloggers are paid $20 to $200 dollars for a completed review that you post on your site.

Review Party

here you write blog reviews of products or services. you make money thought Amazon, and Google AdSense.

Review Stream

Here you write a review and Review Stream buys up your review for $2.50 per review, However you are also paid $0.10 for every vote on your review.

Right Copywriter

Here plain and simple you make money for your copy-written material.

How you receive payment was undisclosed.


Here, you bid for jobs and once someone accepts your bid then you are contacted by them to discuss the project.This site is not limited to just writers but for many fields on the internet who are looking to find work and make some money. Money is transferred ether Pay Pal, escrow, or wire transfer.


Here you can make money with writing, photos, or video, however how you make money is strange. AOL will ask you for Exclusive License, Limited Exclusive License, or Non-Exclusive License , which each one has it own pay scale.You are paid using Pay Pal.

Shared Reviews

Here you write reviews on anything that you have insight on, but be forewarned that the competition is high to get the rankings, However you can make a lot of money with this site in just a months time. I read the persons review who had first place for their share of the pot and their writing skills was of moderate lvl. Not to say mine is any better for that matter 8o).
You are paid based on views and possibly rates, for a share of the community earnings.


Here you write summaries on any topic of book, news papers, website, or academic paper, up to 900 words. You make 10% of its advertising revenues, and you receive payment once you reach $10, They pay using Pay Pal, also if you link to the summarized text you receive lifetime royalties.


you make money publishing pay-per-click advertising, as well as writing opinions about peoples products and services.

Social Spark

Here a blogger can make money in two way. 1.) placing ads on there blogs, 2.) by writing blog reviews.

Software Judge

Software Judge lets you summit reviews about software, They want honest reviews and they dont care if it is positive or negative as long as it is honest. Software Judge will pay $50 dollars for your tell-it-like-it-is, no marketing BS, flat out straight talking software reviews. You can only review software that is on there list at their website, but you can choose which one you would like to review. OH! did I say "$50 Dollars" per review, well this is true, however this is not completely true. They pay base on quality so it works like this, low quality gets $10.00, better quality gets $20.00, you get the point but it tops out at $50 dollars, just thought I would make that clear.

However the way they pay you does kind of worry me some, They use Western Union, and for the most part that would be OK. However what worried me the most is that they offer to buy programs if you wish not to have the payment sent to you, then they offer that they will buy any downloadable digital product for you, you just have to send them the link.This sounds kinda fishy to me, also I would have to ask them, why not send it Pay Pal, I mean heck its free, and their Global. So with that said, advance at your own risk

Sponsored Reviews

This is yet another blogging for reviews type of work. they offer two ways to make money 
(1) You can create a profile for your blog(s) in order to attract advertisers. Advertisers will purchase reviews from you, which you have the option to accept or decline.

(2) You can also search for advertisers directly, and bid on jobs. Their unique bidding system allows you to negotiate your rates with advertisers in order to maximize your earnings.

You are paid every two weeks via Pay Pal.


What makes this a bit different from other blogging for reviews, is that the sponsors seek you out and make an offer, you have a choice to accept their offer or reject it, in some cases the power is in your hands you might say. Once you have accepted a job it has to remain on your blog for 30 days before payment is sent to you. Also like to point out that all the work is already done for you by the sponsor all you have to do is copy and past it to your blog and wait 30 days.


Squidoo is for all levels of writers/marketers, and you can write on anything that is deemed legal to write a topic on, How you make money is really unlimited you your imagination. There are some built in tools to help you make money so I'll focus on that. You can make a shared profit for eBay, Amazon, and adsense. what is really going on is you are getting a shared amount from Squidoo's already established ebay, and Amazon affiliate links, as for adsense it works on a ranking system that you have to climb to a cretin level before you can even get a glimpse of the gold. However where it really pays off, is you can add your own links to anything you are selling or a website you own doesn't matter. 

There are three way you can choose where your founds go

  • you can donate the whole amount to one of 100 charities
  • you can split it down the middle between you and a charity
  • you can claim all the money to be paid to you Using Pay Pal.


Here you have to summit an application and two sample writings, once approved you can then start writing on any topic that you would like to expound on. They will review your work and then publish it. Once published you will receive lifetime royalties on it from then on. As how they send your payments I am not sure, but I am assuming it would be Pay Pal.

Star Reviews

At Star Reviews you have to summit an application and get approved, once you have done that, you then can start writing for them. What you start out writing is "How To" articles. you make 90% of the ad revenue that your articles generates. Also once your works has been appraised, you then become a Star Writer where you can make a flat rate of $8.00 to $10.00 per article.

How to get paid was not listed in the information gathered.


Becoming a member for Texbroker is free and cost you nothing, you start off as a beginner writer, and your pay does to. Once joined, you can choose the assignments you know something about, and write them to your clients specification, and get paid. Your income is determined by the quality level rating, the higher your rating the more access to orders that have an increase in quality requirements, and higher payment levels.

You are paid via Pay Pal at anytime based on word fixed rates.

The Content Authority

With The Content Authority you write your well researched articles on your clients behalf. What is different here however, is they pay on a per word basis. You are paid on a weekly basis through Pay Pal.


This really has nothing to do with writing directly, but can be something a writer can do to help draw more traffic as well as retain that traffic for a longer bit of time.

How this works: from their site you can do a search for a video based on a topic you have written and embed that video onto your site. You make your money from people viewing the video. They pay a flat rate based on CPM or (cost per thousand) for a certain amount.They pay you using Pay Pal.

The Wittery

You are required to apply and get approved before you can write for The Wittery, this is no place for the amateur writer. They expect you to have some funny and witty writing skills that the clients are looking for. Also they expect the writers to bid no less then $50 for their work and that is a low ball figure. if you bid less then that they suspect you are a low quality writer. You are paid directly from the client and there is no fee to you from The Wittery. Also did I mention that The Wittery is free as well.


Triond is one cool site, what it is really, is a blogging community. You write your blogs , doesn't matter what it is you write about, you can write on anything that you have a personal intrest in, then you just post it. What is really cool is their drag and drop feature that allows you to edit the way the blog looks and feels. Now where this site really shines is the built up network that they have, once you publish your content it will seek out the different relevant sites that they are affiliated with and post it on there. You are paid 50% on ads that are generated from your article/blog. you are paid on the 15 of each month from the previous month, they pay you using PayPal, check or Western Union money transfer.


With Type-A-Mom, moms who have or want something extra to do and make a little money in the process, then this might be right up your ally. Here is a site designed strictly for the mommy's all over the world. How this works: you register with Type-A-Mom and then you can just write about stuff you know, that other mommy's might not know, or you can write anything really that gives a womans point of view. You are paid based on the revenue of the site itself, the site owner gives a share of her profits to all the mommy's whose contributed and helps make the site successful.

Weblogs Inc.

Here they allow you to write on anything you feel like blogging about, there was no insight on how you make money, so you will have to investigate further for yourself.

For anyone who joins feel free to pass any information of there compensation plane so I can update that information here.


This blogging site is focused personal finance or frugal living, And with them pulling in a million readers per month, you can get some real exposure. You are paid based on page view so the more traffic you can get the better. How you get paid is left unwritten.


Experienced writers apply and get approved for level 2, 3, 4 or 5 writing assignments, based on the strength of a submitted writing sample. how you get paid, Monthly. $10 USD is required in your account for payment. Pay-pal accounts are used for payment. All assignments are tallied up and paid the first week of the following month using Pay-pal.

Writing Essays

here you can sell Papers and Essays from your website as an affiliate and make money. as for writing for them well you might have to contact them and see if there accepting more writers.


This is free to join and you can write on anything you like. How you make money, is that you get indexed to search engines for people to come and read your work. However the bulk of your income will most likely come from other members who visit your writings. There are two ways you can post, one being a blog/article and the other is bookmarking. Xomba shares 50% of its revenue that is generated on your articles.

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