Casey Sewell Counselling

Welcome to Casey Sewell Counselling

An integrated approach to a variety of issues in a confidential, non-threatening environment.

Whether you are seeking short or longer-term counselling your story is unique and your individual needs will be safely and carefully met.

Quality of relationship as well as counselling skills are considered integral to the process and outcomes.

Everyone's journey is different and the length of time taken to progress through the counselling process can vary considerably depending on your needs, relational style and the issues addressed.

You may want a general, listening ear or to target one or more specific problems. Whatever the reason for counselling, commitment to the process and your wellbeing is assured.

Due to the current climate, online counselling instead of face-to-face counselling is offered. Both options will be available, depending on your preference, as soon as the pandemic is over and lockdown is lifted.

Counselling for counsellors, as a form of self care and for students, in support of training is also offered.