By Casey Olmsted

Take a moment and think about everyone you know.
Now think about everyone you don’t know.
What if you knew everything about everyone you know,
everything and everyone you don’t know
Not only that but all of nature and the universe,
even the cure to cancer?
That is impossible, because that is God.
Does that discourage you? Do you
think you could handle all this knowledge?
I hope you know those questions are rhetorical
and you just wasted your time if you engaged them.

Look at God’s love and knowledge as
a life-time goal to get your best
understanding of it, because the
more you can understand God the more
you can understand your place in this world.
What is this world? It is real, not forever.
Our time on this earth is nothing to eternity.

What is eternity? what is our life here
on earth? These questions wouldn’t be
bad to think about, but I couldn’t answer
them for you, or even me at this time.
These questions take time, and it does
not come instinctively, you must search
for the answers! I could never
explain eternity, and I don’t
have a solid answer yet for
“My life here on earth.”
I know what
life shouldn’t be. First of all, life
shouldn’t be taken advantage of.
Definitely not trying to over do
things, or try to be sneaky with
yourself. Most of all NEVER

Because he will never leave your side.


Don’t take that statement lightly
because he knows when you’re putting in

effort to improve. And if you’re not

putting all effort HE has given to

us, then you aren’t loving him with

100% of your heart. As I said I

may not have “solid” answers on what

my life is on this earth but I have

an idea of it. First of all use all

God gave to us to the full extent.

Use what we have as it is meant

to be used, and stay honest and to do

as you say you will do. Have

fun because God does not set rules so

we will be miserable. The most important

is to keep God in your LIFE!!! I

believe my answer is good but not complete.

I know what life shouldn’t be. The
opposite of what it shouldn’t be is
what it should be.

This is not a
concrete answer, but the way to
know (if God sees fit for me to
know), is to follow God’s plan for
us. Don’t look too far down
the road, but take God’s words
to you as they come with
time to interpret them. This will lead
to, with prayer and practice of religion,
what is meant to be our life on
this earth. In a nut shell,
if you think I’m trying to tell you
the true meaning of life, let
me stop you there and let you
figure out the meaning of life by
living it.


*Mysticnary: A mystic who does is what is in his power to help people and himself see that God is too great to know completely, but great to get to know.