Beloved you will always be

"There are people who have difficulty through too much inward searching, and there are people who have difficulty because they have never learned to be honest with themselves in self-appraisal." (Excerpt from "Routines and Aims," a sermon by Rev. Harold E. Nicely, Brick Presbyterian Church, Rochester, NY, January 7, 1940. Pamphlet saved by his maternal grandmother Elizabeth Hiatt Olmsted.)

Casey Lee Stewart Olmsted
February 10, 1989 - October 26, 2009

This page includes the content of the program we made for the funeral service, a slide show retrospective, and as the years go on, additional videos, songs, and poems. He was shot and killed late Monday night, Oct. 26, 2009. He is survived by his parents, two brothers, his daughter Leah, who was 16 months old at the time, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends. Please share with anyone who knew Casey or who has expressed concern or who may not have heard, and cares.