Social Problems

Spring 2015 Course Syllabus

Final project

Chapter 1, “Sociology and the Study of Social Problems” from Social Problems: Community, Policy, and Social Action by Anna Leon-Guerrero 
The Sociological Imagination Chapter One: The Promise C. Wright Mills (1959) Neoliberalism as Creative Destruction by David Harvey

Reading for Wednesday, March 11
Architecture, Interaction, and Social Control: The Case of a Large-Scale Public Housing Project by William L. Yancey
David Harvey: Social Justice and the City (full book)

Race, Gender and Class Intersectionality by Jean Ait Belkhir (2001)

Mass Incarceration

Race, Policing

Climate Change and the Environment 

More Climate Change Links
Washington Post: Threatened by climate change, Florida reportedly bans term ‘climate change’
Washington Post: Florida officials’ ‘ban’ of the term climate change is straight out of the Bush playbook 
Mother Jones: Another State Agency Just Banned the Words "Climate Change"
MSNBC: Wisconsin also stifles ‘climate change’ talk
NOVA: Climate Change and Sandy

Gentrification, Urban and Economic Inequality

The Ins and the Outs By Vinnie Rotondaro and Maura Ewing. 2013. Along one of New York's most rapidly changing boulevards, 

Segregation Begins at Home: Gentrification and the Accomplishment of Boundary-work by Judith N. DeSena

Gun Control
"What Did the Framers Really Mean?" by Joe Nocera. May 26, 2014  

Gender Inequalities
"The Retro Wife: Feminists who say they’re having it all—by choosing to stay home" by Lisa Miller. New York Magazine, Mar 17, 2013

Links on Baltimore protests (for third written assignment)
Media Blackout Over Massive Police Brutality Protests In Baltimore
Freddie Gray: At Least 1,000 in Baltimore Protest Death in Police Custody
Camden Yards and the Baltimore Protests for Freddie Gray
The Side of Rioting the Media Never Talks About
Egypt gets a revolution, Baltimore a riot: Why hasn’t radical empathy started at home?


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