Casey Marshall

Information wants to be remixed!


Software technology is my great work. I've been coding since I got a C64 when I was 7, developing software professionally for just about 10 years in the semiconductor industry. I like finding a better way to get stuff done, delighting customers, and disrupting markets.


I have several years of experience with C/C++ (mostly UNIX), C#/.NET, Oracle, MySQL, Python, Django, several Javascript libraries, and a bunch of other stuff. My career has been (and always will be) constant learning and searching for more concise ways to express my ideas. Most recently the Eclipse platform has captured my interest (not just Eclipse-"the IDE", but Eclipse-"the platform" – OSGi, RCP, RAP, EMF, etc.). I'm current developing applications with Eclipse for my current employer and maybe on the side for fun/profit.

Fun Facts

I live in San Marcos, TX, which has a crispy clear river that runs about 68°F year round. This works out best in the dry Texas summer heat. I like danceable indie music, Texas BBQ, bike riding and exploring nature.