Winter Pitching/Catching Clinics




Pitchers and catchers begin preseason work the Sunday after the Superbowl each year.  Typically this is the first Sunday in February. Each Sunday (except Easter) through early April.  All high school pitchers and catchers should attend if possible.  

  • Session I: 1:00-2:00 PM Varsity and JV pitchers/catchers.
  • Session II: 2:00-3:00 PM 9th-10th grade pitchers/catchers.
  • Pitching skills covered:  Throwing mechanics, proper balance, wind-up, stretch, pick off moves, different grips for the different pitches, etc...
  • Catching skills covered: Catchers are only allowed to catch during this time or to work on pitching as well if they do both.

Recent college pitchers/catchers developed through this program are:  Eric Oberbroeckling (Clarke College) 2003, Nick Hofer (St. Ambrose College) 2004, Billy Schmitt (Wartburg College) 2006, Fred Mihalakis (Blackhawk Community College) 2006, Jordan Langel (Kirkwood Community College) 2008, Nathan Ramler (Maplewoods Community College) 2008.

All State Pitchers/catchers include:  1st team Nick Hofer-P, 2nd team Russ Brimeyer-P, 1st team Billy Schmitt-P, 2nd team Marty Kass-P, 2nd team Ryan Brown-C.