2009 Season
The WD Bobcats 26-16 were ranked in the top 10 in class 3A all season.  They peeked at #3 and stayed ranked until the last two weeks of the season when injuries took their toll.  The 'Cats rallied to win a district championship beating Dubuque Wahlert 12-2 in 5 innings.  Conference rival V-S upset WD 4-2 in the substate final.

 Front Row:  Stat's-Abby Rettenberger, Mitch McDermott, Joe Leibfried, Jesse Lawler, Landon Klostermann, Matt Coyle, Tyler Paisley, Steve Reuter.  Middle Row:  Stat's-Samantha Kramer, Jimmie Gremmel, Nick Elsinger, Jon Brown, Mitch Gotto, Dillon Pirc, Drew Kluesner, Cody Lawler, Manager-Tyler Gaul.  Back Row:  Coach Casey Bryant, Tanner Meyer, Tyler Ernzen, Randy Mackey, Alex Lehmann, Tyler Hefel, Miles Langel, Clayton Gibbs, Lincoln Gibbs, Coach Paul Goodman, and Jon Ellerbach.