The Global Education Achievement Certificate (GEAC) 
is a new opportunity for Case High School students to provide evidence that they know about other cultures and are globally competent in our increasingly interconnected world.

If you are interested in demonstrating your global competence to future colleges and employers, use the links on the left to learn more about the GEAC or get started to earn the Certificate.  To find out more, explore the pages on the left under "More Information" or "Learn."

If you work on this Certificate throughout your years at Case, it will be easy to earn.  If you pace yourself, you can earn the GEAC by doing the following each year:
  • take a foreign language
  • take another class with a global focus
  • take part in an internationally-themed school activity
  • read a book with a global focus and reflect on it
  • watch an international film or go to a global music concert and write a reflection
  • do five hours of community service related to a global community

Even if you don't get started as a freshman, it's still very manageable...you can double up on requirements or do some reading/watching during summers to earn the GEAC!