Welcome to the webpage of the Integrated Circuits and Sensor Physics (ICSP) Lab at
Case Western Reserve University. We are part of the Department of EECS. Please explore further for details about our research, publications, and contact information.

December 2019: Our paper named "Eat, but Verify" wins the Best Paper Award of the IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine. Congratulations to all involved.

December 2019: Xi and Mac successfully defend their M.S. theses on digital RF-over-fiber links and monolithic image-reject receivers, respectively. Congratulations!

November 2019: George successfully defends his M.S. thesis on an open-source miniaturized test bench for autonomous ultrasound imaging. Congratulations!

August 2019: Our work on NQR-based medicines authentication is featured in next month's IEEE Spectrum magazine: link.

August 2019: Our review article on 6G wireless technologies, named “Wireless Communications and Applications Above 100 GHz: Opportunities and Challenges for 6G and Beyond,” was selected as the IEEE AccessArticle of the Week."

August 2019: Cheng successfully defends his Ph.D. thesis on materials authentication using low-field NMR and NQR. Congratulations!

August 2019: Soumyajit visited his alma mater, IIT Kharagpur, to deliver a short course on imaging, as described in this article.

June 2019: The "CWRU Submersible" team (led by Profs. Ken Loparo, Daniel Scherson, and myself) wins a Erie Hack Mini Challenge in the "Water Quality IoT Node" category. Congratulations to all involved!

June 2019: Our review article on 6G wireless technologies is in the news: VentureBeat, mmWave coalition, The Marconi Society.

May 2019: Binit successfully defends his M.S. thesis on flexible skin-coupled microphone arrays for detecting stenosis using phonoangiograms. Congratulations!

May 2019: Mohammad receives the Elise Lindsay International Graduate Student award. This award (only one is awarded university-wide per year) honors a student who has exemplified talent, perseverance, courage, and a desire to make the world a better place. More details here: https://case.edu/international/events/international-achievement-luncheon. Congratulations!

May 2019: Jarred wins first place in the graduate student category of the 2019 CWRU Research ShowCASE + Intersections event for his work on large magnets for pre-polarized NQR spectroscopy. Congratulations!

April 2019: Phong is awarded an ISSACS Student Fellowship by ISSACS at CWRU for this M.S. research on ground penetrating radar (GPR). Congratulations!

March 2019: Alex successfully defends his M.S. thesis on an open-source test bench for autonomous ultrasound imaging. Congratulations!

March 2019: More interest about our work on the "Internet of Ears" for smart homes: Case School of Engineering.

November 2018: Our work on human localization and tracking inside buildings is in the news: Science Daily. New Atlas. EurekAlert.

November 2018: Yingying wins second place in the IEEE AP/MTT Columbus Graduate Student Poster Competition in Columbus, OH for her work on multi-dimensional Δ-Σ noise shaping for antenna arrays. Congratulations!

July 2018: Soumyajit is appointed the T. and A. Schroeder Assistant Professor in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He also receives the Young Alumnus Award from his alma mater, the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.

July 2018: Cheng is selected for the third annual Academic Research Colloquium (ARC) at the University of Dayton. He will talk about his Ph.D. research on NQR-based medicines authentication. Congratulations!

May 2018: Jarred wins first place in the graduate student category of the 2018 CWRU Research ShowCASE + Intersections event for his work on automated pre-polarization for NQR  spectroscopy. Congratulations!

April 2018: Mason's abstract on "Automated Discrimination and Verification of Cooking Oils with Portable Low-Field NMR" is selected for a talk in the special Young Scientist Session at the Experimental NMR Conference (ENC) in Orlando, FL. Congratulations!

March 2018: Watch David demonstrate how his custom NMR spectrometer can analyze the water content of flower petals in a few seconds: NMR petal demo video.

February 2018: The lab is part of a DARPA STTR Phase-II award on analog computing in collaboration with Ocius Technologies and the University of Akron. More details are available at eurekalert.org.

December 2017: Jarred successfully defends his M.S. thesis on an automated pre-polarization setup for NQR spectroscopy. Congratulations!

November 2017: David successfully defends his M.S. thesis on a portable and low-cost NMR system. Congratulations!

July 2017: Haixiang successfully defends his M.S. thesis on switched-gain control for amplifiers and PLLs. Congratulations!

July 2016: Xinyao and Cheng successfully pass their Ph.D. oral qualification exams. Congratulations!

July 2016: The lab will attend this year's NAECON-OIS summit in Dayton, Ohio with two oral contributions: on structural health monitoring (work by Xinyao) and on automated synthesis of integrated inductors and transformers (work by Yingying).

June 2016: Dr. Mandal delivers an invited talk in the ECE department at the University of British Columbia (UBC) on materials authentication using NQR spectroscopy.

June 2016: The lab will attend this year's NEWCAS conference in Vancouver. Dr. Mandal will deliver an invited talk on integrated transceivers for structural health monitoring (work by Xinyao) and a poster on integrated feedback amplifiers for MEMS-referenced oscillators (work by Mohammad and Siddharth). 

June 2016: Jifu successfully defends his M.S. thesis on analog front-ends for simultaneous ECG and respiration rate recording. Congratulations!

May 2016: The lab will attend this year's ISCAS conference in Montreal. Dr. Mandal will deliver an invited talk on ultra-low-power transceivers (work by Ali) and a poster on a analog front end for simultaneous ECG and respiration rate measurements (work by Jifu).

May 2016: The lab will attend this year's ISMRM conference in Singapore. Mason will deliver an oral presentation on his work (along with Cheng) on bimodal imaging with low-field MRI and ultrasound.

April 2016: The lab will attend this year's HOST conference in McLean, VA. Cheng will present a hardware demonstration (along with Fengchao Zhang from Dr. Bhunia's group) of our work on NQR-based authentication of medicines.

April 2016: Jarred wins the John Tucker '49 Fellowship from CWRU. Congratulations!

October 2015: The ICSP lab will attend this year's BioCAS conference in Atlanta. Yingying will present her work on novel output encoding techniques for cochlea-like signal analyzers.

February 2015: Dr. Mandal obtains a secondary appointment as an investigator at the Advanced Platform Technology (APT) center of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Cleveland.

August 2014: Research positions available. We have positions available for motivated graduate students and postdocs who are interested in integrated circuits, applied physics, and/or biological sensory systems. Current research projects in the lab include bio-inspired circuits (RF cochleas, cytomorphic electronics), biomedical electronics (both wearable and implanted), high-temperature electronics, novel sensors (NMR, ESR, computational photography), and hybrid control systems. Please email Prof. Mandal directly if you're interested.