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What to Bring to an Event:

  • Consent Form (one per person)
  • Team Profile Sheet (four per team)
    • Please bring four (4) copies. You will turn in one copy at the registration desk. The team will give one copy to the Robot Design Judges, one copy to the Project Presentation Judges and one copy to the Teamwork Judges. This form can be found here: Team Profile Sheet. It is very helpful to the judges if you attach a team photo on the back, but this is optional. 
  • Robot and attachments
  • Box in which to carry your robot
  • Parts kit
  • Backup copy of your program (electronic)
  • Printed copy of your program, if possible, for the robot design judges
  • Robot specification page
  • Materials, props, and equipment needed for Project presentation
  • Laptop computer with batteries and/or AC adaptor, extra batteries, heavy duty extension cords, power strip.
  • Team scrapbook
  • Team banner, posters, or other  decorations for pit space
  • Snacks and drinks
  • Storage box for personal items
  • USB cable or IR tower
  • Team introduction page
  • Fun, inexpensive gifts to share with other teams (pins, hats, personalized, team playing cards)
- See more at: http://www.firstlegoleague.org/challenge/teamresources#Events