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Join our "It affects more then you know" campaign.  Developing resiliency skills can reduce the risk of underage drinking and youth marijuana use.  The CPC is asking that people post pictures of families that promote resiliency skills on social media tagged with
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42 Ways to Build Resilience

1.  Learning to ask accept help

2.  Learning to show appreciation

3. Experiencing success

4. Learning to self advocate

5. A sense of belonging

6. Sensing triggers that create negative behaviors

7. Helping a child develop problem solving skills

8. Helping a child learn to express his/her feelings

9. Modeling appropriate behavior

10. Verbally saying “I love you”

11. Acknowledging when you are wrong

12. Sharing something important

13. Having family meetings

14. Having clear expectations and rules

15. Giving back to the community

16. Excepting ownership for your  behavior

17. Developing a sense of control

18. Helping to appreciate cultural and ethnic heritage

19. Developing communication skills

20. Modeling problem solving skill

21. Allowing the experience of success of failure

22. Respecting the ability to make decisions

23. Learning to solve problems and make decisions

24. Letting a child know you are available to help

25. Teaching self-discipline and a sense of responsibility

26. Developing friendships

27. Mastering a skill

28. Hope

29. Trust

30. Showing empathy

31. Expressing feelings

32. Developing friendships

33. Helping a friend

34. Working as a team
35. Learning responsibility
36. Learning to ask for help
37. Giving a child chores
38. Mastering a skill
39. Developing self-esteem
40. The ability to calm oneself
41. Critical thinking skills
42. Attachment to a caring adult


There is new drug disposal box at the
Cle Elum-Rolsyn-South Cle Elum
Police Department.
Great way to get rid of your unused prescriptions, vitamins, and over the counter medications!

Parents Who Host Lose the Most

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