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Casanova-Warrenton Pony Club (CWPC) is a local club of the United States Pony Clubs within the Virginia Region with members from all over northern Virginia. Centered at Great Meadow, The Plains, in Fauquier County, members live in Loudoun, Fairfax, Prince William, Culpepper counties to Alexandria. The United States Pony Clubs, Inc., develops character, leadership, confidence and a sense of community in youth through a program that teaches the care of horses and ponies, riding and mounted sports.

You do not have to own a horse to be a member of Casanova-Warrenton Pony Club. Youth and their family are encouraged to join Pony Club to learn about the care, costs, and responsibilities before taking the plunge into horse ownership.

Pony Club membership opens a huge network of trusted families, professionals, experienced horse owners, and USPC members and alumni all who share the enthusiasm for "life skills through horsemanship" USPC offers. Opportunities for instruction, to ride, to compete, equipment, and ponies for loan, lease, or sale all become available through the local club and beyond.

Casanova-Warrenton Pony Club membership offers a full calendar including:

• April-May spring mounted lesson program

• September-October fall mounted lesson program

• Club Clinic Days – full day of mounted and unmounted instruction with specialized instructors in small groups with lunch and learn special guest speaker

• End of June 4 day overnight summer camp

• January-February winter un-mounted lesson program

• year round mounted games and polocrosse practices

• Twilight Polo at Great Meadow, The Plains, volunteer opportunities Saturday nights May-September

• Regional Rally team competition with opportunity to qualify for USPC Championships end of July

• USPC Certificates of advancement in mounted and unmounted skills and knowledge

Casanova-Warrenton Pony Club welcomes new members of all ages! Children can join pony club when they are physically able to sit on the horse independently. Youth membership is through age 25. The family parent or guardian is the adult volunteer and sponsor member.

Local Pony Clubs function and provide programming through volunteers, club sponsors, hired professional instructors, and the support and permission of USPC, a vital structured national educational organization.

Casanova-Warrenton Pony Club welcomes adult sponsors committed to the success of the program and adult members into the USPC Horsemasters’ Program.

In comparing the cost of riding lessons to Pony Club, factor in what individual lessons don’t offer as compared to what life skills, opportunities and responsibility your child will learn in Pony Club.

Dues defray administration costs, such as insurance. CWPC annual dues for new members are $215.00 ($140.00 national dues, $20 region dues, $25.00 club dues, $30.00 one time initiation fee, and $165.00 for renewing CWPC members.

In order to ensure that Pony Club Participating Members are held to the same standards of membership in all Regions, Registered Clubs and Riding Center Programs, the Board of Governors recognizes the importance of a Member in Good Standing policy. USPC Policy 1002 states that a Participating Member will be considered to be in good standing if, when available, they participate in one or more of the following:

• Show evidence of sincere interest in the activities of Pony Club at the local, Regional or National level, and

• Assist younger members in the learning process, and

• Participate in Pony Club activities at the local, Regional, or National level when and where appropriate, according to age, experience and suitability of mount, and

• Are current with all dues and fees owed the Club/Center, Region and USPC.

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