The patent pending CASFORMTECH system arises from Alfio Casanova’s 40 years of engineering experience in the construction sector, which saw the need for optimizing concrete building construction. Since 2007, CASFORMTECH has dedicated a significant part of its time to developing a revolutionary construction method which is both time and cost effective. Many models of the formwork system were considered and developed in association with EECC SA (Mezzovico, Switzerland), ARI (Inzago, Italy) and Colombo Metal Works (Corbetta, Italy). After 4 years of development, the system took form and is now ready for commercialization.

Founded in 1936, this engineering office has affirmed its position in the civil engineering field, counting more than 3,250 comple
ted constructions and working with prestigious partners including architect Mario Botta, architect Rino Tami, Behgjet Pacolli and the Swiss Federal Railways.

To protect its invention rights, CASFORMTECH
consulted patent attorney Dr. Italo Incollingo, who wrote and filed the patents on behalf of the company. Dr. Incollingo gained great experience in the patent field, working for the European Patent Office in the Netherlands for almost a decade. He has become a well-known patent attorney in many sectors of the industry, and has written and filed patents worth up to 800 million USD.

’s patent rights are going to be filed in Europe, US, UAE, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, India, South Africa, South Korea, Japan and Russia.