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Thursday 10 May

8h40 – 09h30 : Workshop opening

Opening speech by Dr Diouma KOBOR, General Chairman

Opening speech by Dr Naser Belmiloud from DTC&Cie

Opening speech by Pr Oumar SOCK, Chief Education Officer of University of Ziguinchor

Opening speech by Monsieur Le Gouverneur de Ziguinchor

Opening speech by the delegate of Ministre de l’Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche

09h30-10h00 Break and exhibition

10h00 : Session EDD (Environment and Sustainable Development)

Chairmen : Pr Oumar Sock (UDZ), Pr Marcel Pasquinelli et Dr Fadel Kébé (ESP-UCAD)

10h00 - 10h15 : "Cultivation, natural resources  exploitation and conservation: Anadara senilis L. (1758) in Delta of Saloum/Senegal." Dr Alvares Benga (UDZ) alvares.benga@gmail.com

10h15 - 10h30 : "Ecological niches and structuring of woody flora in Karthala (Grande-Comore, Indian Ocean)." Dr M. Charahabil (UDZ) imcharahabil@univ-zig.sn

10h30-10h45 : "Evaluation of two Different Concepts of Energy Management in a Greenhouse." Pr Francesco Garbati Pegna (University of Florence, Italy) francesco.garbati@unifi.it

10h45-11h00: "Domestic timber supplying for urban center : toward a sustainable and smart control of our forests" Agnès Daba Thiaw (PROGEDE, Tamba) dabaagnes@gmail.com

11h00 : Session Companies Success story

Chairmen : Pr Papa Alioune Ndiaye (CIFRES, ESP-UCAD), Dr Naser Belmiloud (DTC&Cie) et Dr Khalifa Gaye (UDZ)

11h00-11h20 : " Sonatel-Orange RSE company"

11h20-11h40 : " Soleil-Eau-Vie company", Kretschmann Andreas info@sev-sarl.com"

11h40-12h00: " CMC-Energies company", Jean Pierre Viault, contact@cmc-energies.fr

12h00-12h20 : " PRAMAC company", A. Niang (PRAMAC – Dakar)

12h20 -14h20 Lunch break

14h20 : Session EDD

14h20-14h35: "Sacred and natural resources management in the region of Diola du Mof (rural communauty of Enampor) " G. F. Dorégo (ISRA, Dakar) raphdo@gmail.com

14h35-14h50: " Residue of charcoal burning: a raw material recoverable to building material " R. Vinai (2IE, Burkina Faso) remy.minane@2ie-edu.org

14h50-15h05: "Seasonal variations of the transport of Ekman along the Senagalese coastline " Bamol Ali Sow (UDZ) bamosow@yahoo.fr

15h05-15h20: "Diurnal and Seasonal variations of the rain simulated with regional climate model by CORDEX program in West Africa" Moctar Camara (UDZ), moctar1sn@yahoo.fr

15h20-15h35 : "Jatropha: Perfect feedstock for rural development." Ohene K. Akoto (Jatropha Africa LTD, Ghana). oakoto@jatrophaafrica.com

15h35-15h50: "Investigation on the strengthening process for geomimetic compound at medium-temperature." Gisèle Lecomte – Nana (GEMH - ENSCI, Limoges).

15h50-16h05 Coffee break and expo

16h05-16h20: "Environment-friendly air conditioning system in Africa : Comparison between Canadian well and evaporation-based air-conditioning systems." Y. Coulibaly (2iE – Burkina Faso) remy.minane@2ie-edu.org

16h20-16h35 : "Study of ocean surface temperature variation and seasonal evolution in Senegalo-Mauritanian upwelling." Saliou Faye (LPAOSF/SEP/UCAD). fayebayzal100@yahoo.fr

16h35 -16h50 : "Recoverability of sediment and sand from river dredging " Abdeljalil Zri (EMDouai, Douai, France) nlatgrand@yahoo.fr

16h50-17h05: "Hydrodynamic model of a fluid-bed under mechanical steady-state vibrations : case of vibro-fluidized oven." Alhassane FOFANA (Université de Cocody Abidjan) fofhassane@hotmail.com

17h05-17h20: "Management system and organizational model for industrial recycling products", Khalifa Gaye (Université de Ziguinchor), khalifagaye@yahoo.fr

17h20-17h35: ’Toward an Environment-friendly electronics : benefits and efficiency of electronic devices based on polymer semiconductor”, Warda Benhadjala, DTC&Cie – IMS, warda.benhadjala@ims-bordeaux.fr

17h35-17h50: «Prospect of Iran Natural Gas Export Projects», HEDAYAT OMIDVAR (National Iranian Gas Company, Iran), omidvar@nigc.ir

Friday11 May

9h00 Session EnR (Renewable Energy)

Chairmen: Pr Rachid Bouchakour (IM2NP), Pr Courfia Diawara (UDZ) et Dr Gnima Touré (DTC&Cie)

 9h00-9h15: "Modeling of solar potentiality of Ziguinchor from I,V and T measurements with monocristalline silicon solar cell ", Moussa Touré (LCPM, Université de Ziguinchor), tourempci@hotmail.fr

9h15-09h30: "Modeling and simulation of single-phase uninterruptible power supply for the injection of Photovoltaic electricity in Senelec’s national power-grid", Alphousseyni Ndiaye (LER, ESP-UCAD), alphndiaye@yahoo.fr

09h30-09h45: “SiC-4H UV photodiodes", Laurent Ottaviani (IM2NP, Université Paul Cézanne, Marseille), laurent.ottaviani@im2np.fr

09h45-10h00:Solar energy application for air-conditioning: cooling home from the floor.", S. Thiao (CERER – UCAD), iyoum2@yahoo.fr

10h00-10h15:Economic and Technical Evaluation of a Hybrid Power Station.", Diego Begalli (University of Verona, Italie), diego.begalli@univr.it

10h15-10h30: “Development of a prediction model for solar normal radiation applied and fitted to places of interest within Senegal ", Mlle Maïmouna Sarr (CIFRES, ESP-UCAD), vinsambou@yahoo.fr

10h30-10h45:Normalized area solar cell and potential applications", Pr Marcel Pasquinelli (IM2NP, Université Paul Cézanne, Marseille), marcel.pasquinelli@univ-cezanne.fr

10h45-11h00: “Electrical Design of AC-DC Converter for small wind-turbine application", Dr Ababacar Ndiaye (CIFRES, ESP-UCAD), ababacar.ndiay@gmail.com

11h00-11h20 Coffee break and expo

11h20 : Session Companies Success Story

Chairmen&woman : Pr. Issakha Youm (CERER-UCAD), Dr Tidiane Sané (UDZ) et Dr Corinne Bestory (DTC&Cie)

11h20-11h40 : "Sud Solar System company " Alpha Barry

11h40-12h00 : « SenTechnologies Power company » M. Lhuillier (Liberté De Gestion – Dakar)

12h00-12h20 : "Eol-Sénégal company ", Cheikh M. F. Kébé (Incubateur-ESP-UCAD)

12h20-12h40 : "SENELEC company " Barthélémy Sène

12h40 -15h00 Lunch Break

15h00 Session EnR

15h00-15h15: «Renewable energies prospects and desalination in Mauritania», Bacari M. Séméga (FST, Université de Nouakchott, Mauritanie), semega@univ-nkc.mr

15h15-15h30: Monitoring of a test field using wind-farming and drip-drip systems applied to a truck farming in the Niayes areas in Senegal", Cheikh M. F. Kébé (CIFRES, ESP-UCAD), cmkebe@gmail.com

15h30-15h45 : “Efficiency optimization of the charges gathering at the [cathode/acceptor material] interface in multi-heterojunctions organic solar cells", Mazabalo Banéto (Laboratoire sur l’Energie Solaire, Université de Lomé, Togo), bagny2000@yahoo.fr

15h45-16h00: “Renewable Energy” Master degree at UGB", A. Maïga et Amsata Ndiaye (UGB – St-Louis)

16h00 – 16h45: Q&A and Future for « Casamansun 2014 »

16h45 Break and expo

End of day

Saturday 12 May

Cap Skirring visits and gala dinner

(Please confirm your participation by email: dkobor@univ-zig.sn)

Extra fees applied