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Charter and Bylaws

Article I    CASA  

The name of this organization shall be California Airgun Shooters 
Association referred to as CASA or the Club. All assets shall be 
under the sole ownership of CASA. 

Article II   CASA - Purpose and Rights 

1. Purpose of the Club is to organize airgun shooting activities among its members and guests.

Educate shooters about safe gun handling and marksmanship. Promote                                                                                    
organized airgun rifle and pistol events to encourage good sportsmanship,             
honesty, self discipline, and team play. 

2. Rights, privileges and benefits shall be equally available to 
all Club members. All rules, regulations, bylaws and directives 
shall be equally applied to all Club members. Every member shall 
be entitled to one vote at the annual meeting toward any of the 
EBM positions being contended and any revisions to the CASA 
Charter. Members shall have the right to a clear and timely 
notification of all activities of the Board. 

Article III  CASA EBM Officers  

1. The officers of CASA shall be the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Member at Large

and the Range Masters.  The CASA Officers shall constitute the 
Elected Board Members (EBM), and shall have general supervisory 
control of all the activities of the Club. Each EBM member shall 
serve on a volunteer basis and shall not receive compensation in 
any manner for their work. The only exception being that the Range 
Masters are exempt from match fees while in Office

2. Elected Board Members (EBM) shall be composed of Club members. 
The Board will meet 4 times each year to conduct club business. Members

are encouraged to attend meetings so they can have input.

3. The election of officers shall occur during the Annual meeting 
in December. Nominations for officers will be accepted during the 
month preceding the annual meeting as well as nominations from the 
floor on the day of the election. EBM members shall be elected by 
majority vote of all members present at the annual meeting. The 
term will begin 1 January. 

4. Vacancy in any office because of death, resignation, removal, disqualification or any 
other cause shall be filled by Special Election within a 45 day period of the resignation,

when there is more than 120 days remaining in the clubs fiscal year.

5. Responsibilities. Members, Individual Officers, and EBM: 

(a) Club Members  They help maintain the Club Assets, equipment,
facilities, grounds and help the Rangemasters set up and tear down 
the course. Participants shall not be under the influence of 
alcohol or illegal drugs. The Membership has the responsibility to 
police itself. Any unsafe or dangerous practices should 
immediately be reported to the Rangemaster. 

(b) President The President shall preside at all meetings of the 
Club, shall direct or provide oversight of all Club activities and 
shall make any appointments to special committees and projects. 

(c) Vice-President shall assume all duties and 
responsibilities of the President in absence of the President and 
perform other duties as directed by the President.

(d) Treasurer shall keep accurate records of all Club business and Minutes of 
meetings. Takes care of the club checking account and pays bills. Treasurer prepares

the annual financial statement for the club.

(e) Member at Large should attend all meetings. Responsibilities will be directed by the President

and will vary with the club activities.

(f) Rangemasters are responsible for range management including setting up courses and have final say

in any decisions on rules and guidelines during matches. Responsibilities include facility paperwork,

collection of funds, responsibility waivers, payments to the facility and accounting for Club funds. 
Rangemaster is responsible for educating new shooters on club safety guidelines. Shooters meeting should

be conducted by the Rangemaster.  They will delegate various responsibilities in the course of set-up to able club members.  

(g) All outgoing EBM members shall transfer all reconciled 
records and club monies to the incoming EBM members by 31 December.

Article IV  CASA - Membership 

1. General Membership. Members must be at least 18 years of age 
and may become a general member of CASA after meeting the 
requirements below. Family members, under the age of 18, may 
participate in Club activities under the direct supervision of 
parents, guardians or other adult Club members. Guests of members 
under the age of 18 may also participate with direct supervision 
of any member. Membership in the National Rifle Association is 
highly encouraged, but not required. Membership will not be denied 
because of race, sex, religion, national origin, or physical 
disability of the applicant. Memberships shall last for 1 year and 
must be renewed annually. 

(a) A General Membership shall include the principal member 
applicant and the immediate family who resides within the same 
domicile – husband, wife, and children or custodial children under 
the age of eighteen (18). The principal member will be allowed 
full access to the Club, voting rights, and the opportunity to 
serve as a Club officer. Family members under the age of 
eighteen (18) will be allowed access to the Club only under the 
direct supervision of the principal member, guardians, or other 
adult Club members. 

(b) Any Club member that witnesses any unsafe, illegal or questionable                
behavior shall notify an EBM member or Rangemaster immediately. 

(c) Suspension or Termination of Membership. The EBM may suspend 
and/or terminate any member who willfully falsifies a Club 
application, violates any Club bylaw, rule, safety regulation or policy,                          
non-payment of dues, or misappropriation CASA funds or 
property. This requires unanimous EBM approval. 

(d) Any EBM member may be removed from office by a 2/3rd vote of 
the General Club Membership at any Board meeting. 

Article V  CASA - Guests 

CASA is a public Club. Guests are welcome to watch or participate 
in CASA calendar and website scheduled events, i.e. Field Target 
Matches, Silhouette, or Bench rest matches. During any visit, 
guests are the member’s responsibility and must be signed in. They 
must abide by the rules of the Club as the member does. Member’s 
guests shoot with the member and cannot shoot on a different range 
unless under the supervision of a Rangemaster. Guests arrive when 
the member arrives and they leave when the member leaves. Members 
and Guests must comply with venue specific range Guidelines as 
outlined by the Rangemaster in charge. For purposes of this 
Article the VP and President are considered Rangemasters as well. 
Eye and Head Protection is mandatory at some of CASA's venues. If 
you have any questions about required safety gear ask the 
Rangemaster for Club rules as well as venue specific rules. 

Article VI  CASA Meetings 

1. Regular Meetings. The quarterly business meeting of the EBM 
shall be held on any date and time established as the EBM shall 
determine. Meeting dates will be published on the website and Club 

2. Special Meetings. Special Meetings can be called at any time by 
the EBM, or by 25% of the membership, in writing via a petition. 
Upon receipt of a petition addressed to a EBM, the President shall 
cause all members to be notified that a special meeting will be 
held. Notice of time, location and agenda must be given to the 
Membership. Members must be notified at least ten (10) days in 
advance of the meeting. 

Article VII  CASA - Conduct of Meetings and Proxy votes 

1. Quorum. For the purpose of a meeting of the EBM, a quorum will 
exist if four (4) EBM Members, including the President or in his 
absence, the Vice-President are present. Depending on the type of 
business and its urgency, the EBM may postpone the meeting with a 
majority vote until more members are present. President or Vice 
President will decide ties. 

2. Conduct of Meetings. The President shall be responsible for conducting
all CASA meetings. The conduct of all CASA meetings will be 
professional and relaxed, and will follow the guidelines of 
Robert’s Rules of Order. 

3. Voting By Proxy. Any form of proxy must be in writing or by 
electronic media. It must designate the person who is to cast the 
member’s vote, and must be signed by hand or emailed and dated by 
the member giving the proxy. 

4. Club Treasurer is responsible for Club Minutes at CASA Meetings 

Article VIII  CASA - Records, Inspection and Annual Report 

(a) The Club shall keep: 

(1) Adequate and correct books and records of account;

(2) Minutes of the proceedings of the Regular Board, Annual 
Membership and Special meetings;

(3) A record of the Members giving their names and email 

(b) The minutes and other books and records shall be kept either 
in written form or in any other format capable of being converted 
into a clearly legible format that all may utilize. 

(1) Members Right of Inspection. The accounting books and 
records and minutes of any Club meeting shall be open to 
inspection upon the written request by any member, at any 
reasonable time, for any interest of the member, subject to the 
protection of the privacy rights and credit identity of the Club 
and of its members. 

(c) Annual Financial Report. 

(1) An Annual Financial Year End report shall be prepared 
by the outgoing Treasurer within 30 days of the 
close of the Club’s fiscal year. 

(2) The accounting year of the Club shall be 1 January to 31 
December of any given year.

Article IX   CASA - Amendments to Bylaws  

Bylaw Amendments. The bylaws may be amended or repealed by a 
2/3rds vote of the membership at the Annual Membership Meeting.                 
Amendments can be recommended by any EBM or by petition of 
25% of the membership. Once the recommendations have been voted 
on, the EBM shall cause all members to be notified of the 
amendment or repeal of the bylaws. 

Article X   CASA - Range Rules 

The CASA Rangemaster will conduct a safety meeting before each 
match, if the designated Club safety officer is unavailable. Club 
Guidelines and Range specific rules should be addressed to all 
shooters CASA Range Guidelines: 
(a) Point guns in a safe direction at all times. 
(b) Do not touch trigger unless you are on target and ready to 
break shot. 

(c) Do not leave gun loaded at any time or leave action/bolt shut 
between lanes. 

(d) Obey all Rangemaster directives immediately. If 
you are confused raise your hand and get the Rangemasters attention.

Article XI   CASA - Hunting is Prohibited at CASA Venues during Matches 

There shall be no hunting or pursuit of game during CASA practice events unless the facility management

has given approval. California Hunting License Required for small game in season.
This is every ones individual responsibility to enforce. Any 
shooting of wildlife during a match is a direct violation of CASA 
Club Policy and should be reported to any EBM. 

Article XII   CASA - Dues and Club Funds

(a) Annual membership dues shall be for the year 1 January 
through 31 December, and shall be of the amount determined by 
majority vote of the CASA EBM. Dues for new members 
joining the Club after 1 January shall be prorated in July as 
noted below: 

January through June – full yearly rate. 

July through December – 50% of yearly rate. 

(b) Club CHECKS may be signed by the Club President or Treasurer                           
after approval of the EBM. Expenditures of all 
Club funds must be done with full transparency to the CASA Club 
Members. Routine monthly range Expenses (purchase not exceeding 
$100) and Range Fees would be the exception. Those would not 
require EBM approval but should be accounted for in the 
Rangemasters reconciliation. Any purchase exceeding $100 not 
previously approved by the Board must be approved by EBM majority 

(c) CASA’s liability insurance premium is considered pre-approved.