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Sunday Brunch



Any Breakfast Listed        $13.45


Meals include Chips, Salsa, hot Carrots, Tortillas and a Fruit Plate Adults get a choice of Champagne

(3 Glasses per Person) a Large Margarita, a Bloody Mary or unlimited serving of Orange Juice


1.  Huevos Rancheros  - Fried Eggs served on a Tortilla in our special

Ranchero Sauce with Mexican Rice  and Beans


2.  Huevos Con Chorizo - Two Eggs scrambled with Mexican Beef Sausage,

Served with Rice and Beans.  We  make our own Chorizo


3.  Spanish Omelette - A two Egg Omelette filled with Cheese

and covered with Spanish Sauce served with Rice and Beans


4.  Huevos a la Mexicana - Two scrambled Eggs served with

Salsa Mexicana, Mexican Rice and Beans


5.  Machaca - Shredded Beef and Scrambled Eggs with Green Peppers,

Tomatoes and Onions, Rice and Beans


6.  Huevos Baja - Omelette filled with sliced Avocados with Chilaquiles

(Chopped Corn Tortillas with a special Sauce) and Beans


7.  Huevos Montados - Sirloin Steak and Eggs

      with French Fries or Rice and Beans


8. Chilaquiles Con Huevos - Eggs served with Beans

and Chilaquiles (Chopped Corn Tortillas fried with a Special Sauce)


9.  Carne con Chilaquiles - Sirloin Steak served

      with Chilaquiles and Beans.


10. Bistequitos En Chipotle - Tender Beef sliced, cooked in a

Ranchera and Chipotle Pepper Sauce, Served with

Rice Beans and Tortilla Hot!


11. Omelette de Camarones - A two egg Omelette filled with

Cheese and Shrimp Covered with a Spanish Sauce and

served with Rice and Beans


12. Menudo - Mexican Beef Tripe Soup,  served Red or White

Garnished with diced Onions, Cilantro, sliced Red Peppers,

       Oregano, Lemon Wedges and Tortillas


      13.Carne Asada Omelette – A two Egg Omelette

fille with Top Sirloin Slices, Cheese and Spanish Sauce. 

Served with Refried Beans Chilaquiles and Avocado Slices.


Additional Bottle of

Wycliff Champagne

750 ml. Bottle