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Desayunos – Breakfast

Served Anytime of the Day


Huevos Con Chorizo                                      $6.95               Huevos Rancheros                            $6.95

Two Eggs scrambled with our homemade                                  Fried Eggs on a Tortilla covered with our

Mexican Beef Sausage.  Served with Rice,                                special Ranchera Sauce, Served with Rice

Beans and Tortillas.                                                                  Beans and Tortillas


Huevos Baja                                                   $6.95               Chilaquiles con Huevos                     $6.75

A two Eggs Omelette willed with Avocado                                Fresh Eggs served with Beans, Tortillas

Slices. Served with Beans, Tortillas and Chilaquiles                   and Chilaquiles.  Chilaquiles are chopped and fried Covered with Spanish Sauce                                              Corn Tortillas covered with our special Sauce



Spanish Omelette                                           $6.95               Omelette de Camaron                       $8.95

A Two Egg Omelette filled with Cheese and covered                 A Two Egg Omelette filled with Cheese and

with a Spanish Sauce. Served with Rice, Beans                         Shrimp. Covered with Spanish Sauce and       

and Tortillas                                                                              served with Rice and Beans


Huevos a la Mexicana                                   $6.75               

Two scrambled Eggs served with Salsa, Mexicana

Rice, Beans and Tortillas