Mughain nic Cairt Ciannact

Biographical Information

SCA Name: Mughain nic Cairt Ciannact

Registered SCA Name: Oleksandra Volkhovskaia

Mundane Name: Rose

Barony: Fenix, South Oaken Region, Middle Kingdom

Time in SCA: 24 Years


    • Youth Marshal - South Oaken
    • Fenix Pursuivant - February 2014 to present


    • Active scribe for Midrealm Courts


Born on the Irish moors, taken during Viking raiding when very young, and raised in Novgorod by a business woman in the fur trade. Returned to Ireland later in life, and now using her birth name, she resides in The Pale in the 15th century as a Yorkist supporter during the war of the roses.


Middle Kingdom

    • AOA - by the hand of Jafar and Catherine, October 1993 (AS 28) for Heraldry and Chiurgeoning
    • Purple Fret - by the hand of Lucien and Catarina, September 2013 (AS 48) for service and scribing for court awards
    • Willow - by the hand of Cadogan and AnnMarie, October 2014 (AS 49) for illumination

Barony of Fenix

    • Award of the Golden Feather - by the hand of Ulf and Sarnat, March 2014 (AS 48) for service to the Barony

Unofficial Honors

    • Barony of Fenix A&S Champion 2012-2013
    • Current Fenix Baronial thrown weapons champion (2014-2015)

Highlights of involvement with SCA:

    • Joined SCA in 1990, Shire of the Fenix (Cincinnati, OH)
    • First Pennsic 1991
    • Chiurgeon at large 1992-1994
    • Participant in the AS 50 A&S Challenge - Scroll Blanks
    • Autocrated South Oaken Regional A&S and Baronial Investiture (Winter’s End) - March 2014
    • Assisted Meadows Herald in heralding Spring Crown Tourney, including running heraldic list tree - May 2014
  • Achieved second place in regional A&S for illumination