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      Home, for us, is in the country in an old farmhouse located on the border of the southern tier of New York and northeast Pennsylvania.  We are not city people, but prefer to have space around us and a sense of privacy and independence.  Like most Americans, daily life includes 40+ hours a week on the job working for a company we don't own.  Many of our cold winter evenings have been spent plotting ways to escape, albeit for one week at a time, with an eye toward eventual retirement (although that is still a ways off).


        We fell in love with Ambergris Caye on our first visit, in June 2008.  Having traveled extensively throughout the Caribbean, we felt this was the one and only place where we felt comfortable everywhere we went.  We love the people, the casual atmosphere, the slow-paced lifestyle, and of course, the weather!  When we returned home from that first trip, we found we could not keep our minds off the overwhelming desire to return and own property on the island.  This led to countless after-work hours surfing the web for investment opportunities.  We soon realized the only way to achieve our dream would be to return to the island and view the options first-hand.  So just one month after that first trip we returned.  We spent a few days looking at condo after condo, and quickly realized they all looked essentially the same after a while, there were lots of them, and most importantly, they just weren't our type of environment.  Our realtors sensed not only our lack of excitement at the properties shown, but also our need to have a space that was private, comfortable and unique.  We think that after your stay here you will agree that with their help we found it.


        If you have any questions or would like to reserve some time at our "house of dreams" we would be happy to have you e-mail us at the link you have seen throughout these pages:


       Thank you for taking the time to visit our site.  We hope to be your hosts in the near future!