sick of bullshit and bullshitters

Warning: This blog is very raw. If you can not handle extreme realness please do yourself a favor and leave now. You do no have to agree with me but you will sadly have to learn the harsh truth ond day if you have yet to do so. This is by no means an attack on women. I just hate to see us getting hurt day by day because a a person's deceitful ways. I love my sisters and this is me showing that love for you. I want the hurting to come to an end. I also love my brothers, however this is something that we must learn to face open and honestly with one another. All i ask is that we stop hurting each other. Truth is the answer.
I'm so sick of bullshit and bullshitters. I'm sick of going through the bullshit and I'm sick of people lying and I'm even more sick of men trying to talk to me. I'm just being polite. Just because I'm being nice and speaking back does not mean i want to exchange numbers or fuck you. I'm just being nice. What the fuck do i have to do? walk around as if i have a chip on my shoulder and ignore you mother fuckers when you speak? Why can't you just speak without wanting something? Then you wonder why a  lot of females act all fucked up towards you. It's because a lot of you make it hard for a woman to even want to speak back out of fear that you may try to get with her. Not every woman wants to be got with mother fuckers! Some women just wanna chill. I've been meaning to blog about something I'm trying not to say right now. I may just go ahead and do that today. I'm so fucking frustrated with my financial issues right now. I'm too focused on that to even have time to focus on a man. Even if i wasn't then there's your lies to worry about. Your cheating lying ass! Do you know how many mean i see with their girls acting all lovey fucking dovey then as soon as their girl steps in front of them or walks away they break their fucking neck to turn and look at me then my non existent ass?? Huh? Do you? Too damn many and now the white guys do the shit too!! I'm so fucking sick of this bullshit! Then a bitch wanna be all self conscience and shit thinking somebody wants her fucking man. I have a question for you...Did you ever stop to think just for a second that maybe just maybe it's not her you should be worried about? Did you ever think it could be your worthless ass man that you put so much unearned faith in? Did you? and if not well maybe your stupid blind ass should! He's a fucking dog. He's with you but he's not really with you. The minute he gets a chance he'll be meeting some random ass bitch or nigga trying to fuck him too. You think your love is sacred and exclusive? You fool. It's not. He may not do it right away but he will start to think about it sooner or later then he will act on it. He will. I have no faith in relationships because men do not think like us. Most of us live in fantasy land while men are living in the real world. You think they are really so romantic? No if they could skip the romance shit and just get straight to the boom boom pow shit they would! They don't wanna romance your ass and spend their hard earned money that they could be wasting on useless bullshit that they want to spend it on like porn, strip clubs,  and bitches that will put out as long as they can provide them with a little something something (without the extra nagging). They just know that there are things that they have to do to get up in dat ass of yours. A nice steady ass. When they don't have some hot new random bitch they need something to come home and dig into. You're so silly thinking your man will always only want you and you alone. That's just not how they are. If it has yet to happen or you have yet to find out about it don't worry just give it time. When it happens you'll do like every other woman in this world. You'll leave him forever, break up and get back with him only so he can repeat the shit but just a little slicker and wiser from the last time he was caught, or you'll choose to ignore it and act as if you don't know about it. There are those small cases where you'll do the payback thing which never works because it just doesn't solve a damn thing. Everyone needs to stop. Just stop and come back down to reality for a fucking minute. See things with your eyes opened. Everyone thinks that things are supposed to be a certain way and people are supposed to act a certain way. I know differently. Things are not as you believe and wish them to be and perhaps they never even were. There is nothing new under the damn sun. What is has always been. This has been going on forever and will continue to. Open your fucking eyes. A lot of people will respond to this with oh she's just hurting. She blames everything on what one man did to her. You're wrong and you're right at the same time. I was hurting at one point until i decide to open my eyes and see things as they really are in reality. Where you are wrong is that it's not just one man. See I'm not basing my hypothesis off of my life alone. I am basing it off of the lives of every single woman around or I've ever come into contract with in my entire life. Going back generations to my grandparents. Sometimes you have to go through the pain to get to the truth. I also know a lot of men will get up here and say well it's not just the men doing it and you're right but the fact of the matter is that men are more likely to do these thing than women. A woman can be completely happy and content with one man if she has one that she's happy with and feels he truly appreciates her without ever even thinking of cheating on him or lusting after another. We are not like men. We do not make decisions using our little head alone. When a lot of us do these things we do it to get back at our man thinking that it will make him see how much it hurts so maybe just maybe he will learn to be a good and faithful man  What we do not realize is that by doing this we are only lowering ourselves and wasting time by focusing our energy negatively. We are not accomplishing anything and the man will not learn. You may hurt him a little but he will continue if not even more so now to do his thing, or he will be a complete hypocrite and leave you as if you're the only dirty little bastard in the equation. You all will try to argue my points but deep down inside you know that you can not. You can lie to everyone around you but you can not lie to yourself. Inside you know I'm right. I could go deeper but i will save that for a later blog. My apologies if i have upset you. I'm just blogging it like it is. Much love to you all. I still love to look at a good sexy man and maybe i will fuck one again in the future if that is what i ever choose to do. But I will do it prepared  and knowing the truth. I just do not choose to get caught up in his lies because I'm just too smart for that. Men have a purpose and so do women. The purpose is just much simpler than you think. Now take a look at these pics for old times sake. I thought she had a penis in the first one lol