"We started the mural movement because we believed that art should be available to everyone. We broke the barrier between the artist and the viewer and collaborated with people on the street and in communities to reflect what they wanted to say about what was important to them at the moment." – Caryl Yasko
Yasko graduated from Dominican College with a bachelor's degree in art in 1963.  She sold her first painting, The Blue Pail, to help pay for the birth of her first child.  When her husband was awarded a Fullbright scholarship in 1968, the couple moved to Japan with their three young sons. She continued to develop as an artist and was influenced by the Japanese brush and ink technique, which she incorporated into her trademark style.
 The family moved to Chicago's south side in 1970 where she met and started working with her mentor, community artist William Walker.  Walker's Wall of Respect, painted
several years earlier uplifted and served as a rallying point for Chicago's African-American community. Yasko co-founded the Chicago Mural Group with Walker and John Pitman Weber and became one of the nation's first female community muralists.  Throughout her forty-year career Yasko has pioneered the use of materials such as Roots and Wings a mural made from cement and Rise to the Sky (The Wind Whistlers of Ixonia), a 60 foot-tall sculpture of made from telephone poles.

Waiting for Food Stamps, Chicago 1971


Board Member, Community Built Association (CBA), 1997

Founding member, Community Built Association, Ithaca, New York, 1990
Director, Wisconsin Public Art Advisory Board, Chicago Mural Group

Director, Chicago Mural Group Workshop, 1973- 76

Founding Member (1974), Chicago Artists Coalition


1977 through 2010 – Caryl held many positions as an “artist- in-residence” through grants from The National Endowment for the Arts, the Wisconsin Arts Board, and the Dane County Cultural Affairs Commission, the Department of Public Instruction (State of Wisconsin) and corporate and private funding

1983 - Artist-in-residence sponsored by The WisconsinCheeseman

1981 - Grant from McDonalds's Lyon-Weaver Management for the restoration of the mural, "i am the People,"

           Grant from the Polish American Congress for the restoration of Razem


2002-Keynote Speaker; Mich. Assoc. of Community Arts Agencies,  “Road Trip”, in April.

2001-Artist Presenter, Phoenix, Arizona for the Community Built Association

1997 - Speaker, Community Built Association,  Seventh Annual National Conference, Oceanside, California, January 17-21

         - Sculpture Proposal, "Jewel of the Desert," Tempe, Arizona, January 14-21; February 13-March 15

1996 - Speaker, "Image and Symbolism:  Voice Foundation," the Polk Bros.Foundation, Healing Walls Symposium, at the                 Illinois ArtGallery, November 4-5

1995  -Presenter, CBA Conference, Malibu, California, February 10-14

          -Residency and assistant choreographer for "Monona in Motion," an interpretation of the theme in her piece,                           presented as: "A Dance Performance on "Catch  a Turtle," April 13; September 18 and 28    

          - Keynote speaker/facilitator, "A Celebration for Thinking Preventively: A Work in Progress," State of Wisconsin             Department of Public Instruction, Madison, July; August  9-10

          - Speaker/panelist, "Representation and Appropriation: How Artists and People of Different Cultures Use Imagery               and Symbolism, at the "Healing Walls, Symposium,"  Illinois Art Gallery-Chicago, November 4

1994  - Public lecture, "Re-dedication of "To Catcha Turtle," Monona, Wisconsin June 1

          - Artist director/Instructor, "Plaza Project," Joseph Art School, Joseph,Oregon, Wisconsin, July 5-10

1993  - Public lecture on "Murals and Sculptures,"March 10

          - Speech at the first dedication of the Monona pool, June

          - Lecture series, Lemont Historical Society, September 28; Lemont High School, October 13

1989  -Visiting artist, Racine, Wisconsin, Drawing Workshop, Saint Lucy School

1988  -Panelist, State Arts Conference, Madison, Wisconsin

1987 - Artistic director and stage designer for the dance production, "Elemental Motion," directed by Jamie McHugh, LaFollette High School, Madison, WI., May 5- 7

1986  -Guest speaker, The Community Development Society of Wisconsin, annual meeting, August 25

1982 through 1991 - Visual Arts Instructor and Guest Artist, Wisconsin State Camp for the Arts, "Arts World"

          -Four slide lectures in Kamakura, Kanazawa, and Tokyo, Japan 

          - Speaker, Community Development Society, "The Mural," Whitewater, August 11

          -Workshop Instructor, mural workshop, "Arts People," River Falls, Wisconsin, February 26- 27

1981  -Instructor, Carthage College, "Techniques in Public Art," Spring

          -History and the Arts, a regional Conference for High school students, University of Wisconsin, River Falls,

            December, 1

1980  -Lecture, University of Wisconsin-Parkside, April 25

          - Slide-lecture, First Congregational Church, Whitewater, October 19

          - Artists For Peace Project, Chicago, July- September

1979  - "Brigada L'Eteiller Mural Project," Chicago, July

          - Visual ArtsPanel, Wisconsin Arts Board

          Slide-lecture, Waupun State Prison

          Speaker,"Characteristics of Public Art," Waterloo, Wisconsin October14

1978  - Artist Lecturer, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

          - Speaker, National Mural Conference, Chicago

1977  - Artist Instructor, Morton Grove Community College, Morton Grove, Illinois

1976  - Artist Instructor, School of the Art Institute ofChicago

          - Panelist, College Art Association, Chicago

          - Panelist,National Conference of Mural Artists, N.Y.

          - Lecturer, "Women and Work," symposium, Chicago State University


2010   -Williams Bay mural, Williams Bay Wisconsin,

2008   -"Under City Stone," resotoration of first section

2004   -“Prairie Tillers,” Mural and Sculpture, 1,500 sq. ft, Wisconsin, dedicated September, 26

2003   -“Pride of Manitowoc,” mural on canvas, City Hall Chambers, of the City of Manitowoc,Wisconsin

-"Brainstorm,"  The rotunda of the Manitowoc Public Library, Manitowoc, Wisconsin          

2002 -“The Rainbow Project Mural,” 803 East Washington Ave., Madison, WI

2000 -“The Lemont Bicentennial Mural the Stonecutters,” Lemont, Ill. 1500 sq. ft. acrylic liquitex on concrete fire wall,

- Concrete plaza at the Joseph Art School, Joseph,Oregon, July 5-10

1993  - "Stonecutters," Canal and Stephens Streets, Lemont, Illinois,1500 square feet, acrylic liquitex on concrete fire wall, dedicated October 23

- Concrete fresco, "United With Yasko To Catch aTurtle,"  imbedded in the Monona, Wisconsin, municipal pool deck, 3000 square feet, dedicated June 15

1991 through 92 - Rise to the Sky (The Wind Whistlers ofIxonia),  North Road and Highway 16, Ixonia, Wisconsin, sculpture of poles with airplane beacon, reflectors, and flag; 250,000 square feet, dedicated November 17

1991 through 1990 - Decorative concrete plaza, One Artist Row, East 71st Street,

- Speaker, Community Development Society, "The Mural," Whitewater, August 11

- Workshop Instructor, mural workshop, "Arts People," River Falls, Wisconsin, February 26- 27

1981 - Instructor, Carthage College, "Techniques in Public Art," Spring

- History and the Arts, a regional Conference for High school students, University of Wisconsin, River Falls, December 1

-Chicago; 50 foot circle of concrete with pigment,1989 

-Concrete Climbing Sculpture, Wales, Kettle Moraine, 70 feet, concrete, steel and tiles

1986 - Untitled, Sharon, Wisconsin, 288 sq. ft., oil base enamel on boards, with Sharon Elementary School children, dedicated May 23

1985 - Brewery Triangle, Oneida & West 7th Streets,Saint Paul, Minnesota, 80 x 100 sq. ft., reinforced concrete, earth and lithochrome, dedicated August 29

-"Wind Prairie," Old Hwy 92 & Second Streets, Evansville,Wisconsin, 2 acres, rock, native plants, galvanized steel, filigree windmill, dedicated June 1

1984 - Westfield Town Mural, Westfield, Wisconsin, 1,500 sq.ft., oil base on brick and concrete, with children and community, dedicated July 8

- Forest Memorial Sculpture, McKenzie Environmental Center, Poynette. Wisconsin, hand molded concrete, dedicated July 8

- Harbor Pop-up Mural, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, 2,000 sq. ft., six fiberglass sculptures, height:  12' to 28', and oil base on steel backdrop, dedicated June 10

1983 - The Willy Street Park, Madison, Wisconsin, 13,000 sq.ft., hand molded concrete, earth and plants, completed in September

- Oak Creek Nature Center Bench, Oak Creek, Wisconsin, hand molded concrete with pre-school children, completed in July

1982 - Our Future Is Young, Milwaukee & Main Streets,Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, 2,000 sq. ft., oil-base enamel on brick, dedicated June 4

1980 - Wisconsin 4 Peace, 18th & Western, Chicago, Illinois, 600 sq. ft.acrylic resin on concrete block, dedicated Labor Day

- PrairieTillers, 119 Center St., Whitewater, Wisconsin, 1,340 sq.ft., hand moldedconcrete, 10 tons of bed rock, iron, and acrylic resin on brick, dedicated August 16

1977 - Mural on a Cosmic Theme, 307 E. Wilson, Madison, Wisconsin, 3.290 sq. ft., oil base enamel on cement block, dedicated October 16

1976 - Roots and Wings, 3543 West  63rd Street, Chicago Illinois, 1,972 sq. ft., 36 tons cast concrete with oil base enamel on brick, dedicated December 5

1975 - Razem, 4040 West Belmont, Chicago, Illinois, 2,000sq. ft., oil

1975 - Lemont Bicentennial Mural, Canal and StephensStreets, Lemont, base on brick, dedicated October 12; Chicago Beautiful Award Winner Illinois, 1,500 sq. ft., oil based enamel on cement block, dedicated October 5

1975 - Prescription For Good Health Care, 5704 South Kedzie,Chicago, Illinois, 1,500 sq. ft., oil base on stucco, dedicated November 16

1974 - I am the People, 2659 North Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, Illinois, 3,000 sq. ft., oil base enamel on brick, dedicated November 3; Chicago Winner of the Beautiful Award 

1973 - The Health of the People is the Foundation of Their Happiness and Power, 47th and Prairie, Chicago, Illinois, 1,040 sq. ft.,oil base enamel on brick, dedicated September 15

1972 - Under City Stone, 55th and Lake Park, Chicago,Illinois, 2,500 sq. ft., oil base enamel on cement block, dedicated August 23


1997 - Artist in Residence, "Cup of Light" mural,Evansville, Wisconsin, Spring

1994-Mural commission for the Very Special Arts Foundation,"REACH (Respecting Everyone and Celebrating Humanity)" Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, June 8-23

1991 - Jim’s Bike, oil on canvas, 6’x6’, in the private collection of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Eaton, Franksville, Wisconsin

1990 - "Snowbuck," mural, Washington School, Stevens Point,Wisconsin, dedicated December 15

1989 - "Clouds," private commission, Phoenix, Arizona

1988 - Change, Verona Middle School Mural, Verona,Wisconsin, funded by the Dane County Cultural Affairs Commission, 1,000 sq. ft.,acrylic on plaster board, dedicated May 31

1988 - Gibraltar Elementary School Mural, Fish Creek,Wisconsin, 2,000 sq. ft., acrylic on concrete block, funded by the Wisconsin Arts Board and the Friends of Gibraltar, dedicated March 31

1986 - Frank Allis Junior High School Mural, Madison,Wisconsin, 800 sq.ft., acrylic on plaster walls, dedicated March 4

1986 - Adventure in the Land of Communication, Shorewood Hills School, Madison, Wisconsin, dedicated to LeNore Cahalan Murray, April 21

1985 - Prairie Wave, a Shirley Ellis commission for the Palmyra Elementary School Library, oil painting, 5' x 7', dedicated September 30

- Fine Arts School Mural, Racine, Wisconsin, 1,500 sq. ft., acrylic with children, dedicated March 3

1984 - Lincoln Elementary School Mural, Whitewater,Wisconsin, 700 sq. ft., acrylic on concrete block, dedicated December 16

- Rhinelander Stage Curtain Mural, James William Jr. High School Auditorium, Rhinelander, Wisconsin, 1020 sq. ft., dye on cotton duck, dedicated March 15

1983 - Library Mural, Merrill, Wisconsin, 700 sq. ft., oil base on plaster, dedicated, November

- "Prairie Wave," Environmental Center, Poynette, Wisconsin, 8' x 15' oil on canvas.

- The Bridge, Central High cafeteria mural, LaCrosse, Wisconsin, with students, completed in April

- The Myth of Coloma, Coloma Elementary School, Coloma, Wisconsin, 600 sq. ft., completed in March

1982 - Discover, Fontana, Wisconsin, 1,000 sq. ft., Fontana Elementary School Library, with children, completed in December

1981 - Future Forest, mural with children's participation,600 sq. ft., Marshall Elementary School, Marshall, Wisconsin, oil base on block, dedicated March 30

1980 - Reaching Goals, mural with children, Butler,Wisconsin, oil base enamel on cement block, 1,600 sq. ft., dedicated November 16

1980 - Mural Way, co-director with senior citizens, Colonial Club, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, 900 sq. ft., oil base enamel on sheet rock,

dedicated October 18

1979 - Randall School mural with children, Madison,Wisconsin, 960 sq. ft., oil base enamelon plaster, dedicated December 20

1979 - Who Bears the Light?, mural with children, Saint LucySchool, Racine, Wisconsin, 2,000 sq. ft., industrial coating on cement block, dedicated May 10

1979 - Sauk Trail Mural, with children, Middleton,Wisconsin, 1,500 sq. ft., oil base enamel, dedicated March 8

1978 - Waunakee Elementary School Mural, with children, Waunakee, Wisconsin, 530 sq. ft., oil base poster, dedicated June 5

1972 - Walls of Hope, 5650 South Woodlawn, Chicago, Illinois with children, 1,000 sq. ft., oil base enamel, dedicated June 4


1992 - Video of the Ixonia Project (1991-92), "Rise tothe Sky," Bob Davidovich, producer

1980 - "Fresco in Whitewater," National MuralsNetwork News

1977 through 1981 - Documentation and evaluation of public works,

1978 - "Self Sufficiency in Public Art," National Murals Network News

 - "Madison and a New Mural," National Murals Network News

1976 - Razem, National Murals Network Newsletter

1973 - "Women and Art," in The Art Workers' News Quarterly

1972 through 76 - Documentation and evaluation of the programs of the Chicago Mural Group


2001-“MillerPark,”  “Road Trip,” MAACA on the web.

1997 - Painting, "Flower Inspectors II," in a private collection

 - Painting,"Frost on the Window," in progress

1996 - Wood screen prototype, tryptych,"The Dancers," commission for the Butz Collection

- Painting, "Tokyo conversation," commission for the Vitale Collection

- Painting, "Fields," commission for the Vitale Collection

1995 - Painting, "Lavender Cat," in artist’s studio

- Painting,"Neon Nymph (Wax Resist)," sold at a benefit auction for St.Catherine’s High School, Racine, November 11, in aprivate collection

- Painting,"Lavender Lamar," completed November 22; in a private collection

1993 - "Pole Painting," gift to the Davidovich Collection

- Watercolor,"Venice Hats," in the Shutte Collection

-Ink/watercolor, "Pines of Rome," in the Kuykkar Collection

- Watercolor,"Hako Megane,"in the Maes Collection

- Watercolor,"Electric Fuji," in a private collection


My work has been covered by international, national, and local books, newspapers, television, and radio. Reference to my work has appeared invarious newspapers and on TV, including, The Chicago Tribune,TheMilwaukee Journal, The Chicago Sun-Times, The Milwaukee, Sentinel,  The Wisconsin State Journal, The CapitalTimes, Isthmus, The JanesvilleGazette, The Racine Journal-Times, The CatholicHerald Citizen, In These Times, The Beloit Daily News, and TV Channels 3, 4, 6,10, 12, 15, 21, 27, and on cable in Racine, and in the Fox River Valley.

IN BOOKS: The bibliography will be inserted post- enauguration of this site.

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