Caryl Yasko - An Icon in American Public Art
Caryl Yasko       

Yasko's mural I Am the People was declared

"better than the wall by Chagall,"

both of which were dedicated in Chicago in 1974.

Mega Murals & Super Graphics by David Greenberg

 Caryl Yasko was one of the nation's first female public muralists and was at the forefront of an art movement that produced hundreds of large-scale works in the United States and Europe. Believing that art should be for the people, Yasko worked with communities to help them express their voices which often led to exploring themes such as health care and immigration that are highly relevant today. 

Yasko is a classically trained artist who also works in cement, metal, fresco and wood.  Her emotionally compelling work is praised for its strong compositions and breathtaking use of color.  She has won numerous awards and is published internationally in books and featured in films. She has held over 50 artist-in-residence positions and also taught public art techniques at the Art Institute of Chicago and many colleges and universities.  Above all else, she has inspired countless individuals to develop their ideas and express their voices.  

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