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PersonDescriptionDue DateStatusComplete
Sudarsan Organize kickoff meeting November 17, 2010   
Miriam Define Project, Send application to DLR November 1, 2010   
Miriam List of members going to Oberpfaffenhofen for PDR December 21, 2010   
Everyone Prepare SED and a PDR Roadmap January 20, 2011   
Everyone Camera and motor selection February 25, 2011   
Everyone Updating mechanical design acc. to feedback from PDR panel February 28, 2011   
Everyone Update documentation reflecting latest changes February 28, 2011   
Miriam Make a better project plan (more detailed Gantt Chart) February 25, 2011   
Sudarsan Order electronic components and make breadboard version of circuit for tests February 28, 2011   
Sudarsan Update circuit diagram using optocouplers and a switching regulator February 20, 2011   
Sudarsan finish PCB layout for manufacturing October 7, 2011 PCB Layout is finished and is checked by DLR experts for manufacturing  
Everyone Leak test November 4, 2011 not required  
Sebastian EAR preparation November 13, 2011 EAR now on 21./22.11.2011  
Everyone Manufacturing of the experiment components November 4, 2011 everything is ready, except the chamber, should be finished next week  
Sebastian CaRu presentation at "Seminar Raumfahrttechnik", TUD ZEU 146, 16:40 - 18:10 November 8, 2011 successful  
Sudarsan PCB manufacturing October 28, 2011 manufacturing starts on 2nd Nov. - 8 days delivery time  
Everyone Vacuum test November 18, 2011 successful, 0.25 mbar after 2.75 h of decompressing   
Sebastian update SED November 11, 2011   
Everyone Thermal test November 24, 2011   
Sebastian preparation of the tests (vacuum, vibration, thermal) December 12, 2011 Vibration Test at ZARM   
Sebastian SPIW preparation December 10, 2011   
Sebastian SPIW December 12, 2011   
Sebastian Bench Test preparation January 20, 2012   
Everyone Vibration test November 22, 2011 done at ZARM Bremen (DLR)  
Everyone finish tests November 4, 2011   
Sebastian Bench Test  January 23, 2012   
Sudarsan Backup PCB manufacturing March 12, 2012   
Sebastian Launch Campaign Preparation March 11, 2012   
Sebastian Flight Readiness March 21, 2012   
Sebastian Order of Backup Components March 12, 2012   
Sebastian Set new Launch Campaign dates by DLR July 19, 2012   
Sebastian 2nd Launch Campaign preparations    
Sebastian 2nd Launch Campaign ("Beard Campaign") at ESRANGE Space Center    
Sebastian Launch Campaign at ESRANGE, Kiruna, SE - 12.-26.03.2011 March 12, 2012 Launch of REXUS 11 cancelled, experiment and equipment stored at ESRANGE Space Center until a new time frame for a 2nd Launch Campaign  
Showing 34 items