CaRu assembly day

After finishing the manufacturing of the CaRu experiment components, just without the ArmPlug, the delivery of the last test and flight components, we meet on saturday morning (2011-11-12) at ILR for the assembly of the experiment and soldering of the PCB. With the regard to the following test campaign in week 47 it was necessary to use the whole day to prepare the experiment as far as possible.  

First we checked the shipments for completeness and it shows that some parts for the flight model are missing. As we want to prepare only the test model it was not so difficult as we expected. 

Marcel and I began to weigh every component to create a mass list for the flight campaign and to calculate the centre of gravity (COG). This is very important for the flight preparation because of the 4Hz spin stabilization of the REXUS rocket. If the variation of this point of each experiment is to big than it could leads to problems during the flight or crash. 
We use this to document every component with an image and after weighing the build up of the experiment too. The assembly was done by all of us and we finished that relatively quickly and without any problems. 
Afterwards I began to prepare the PELI Case foam filling for the size of CaRu and some reserve components. The PELI Case is a very solid box and it should save CaRu during the transport against vibrations and shocks. Inside the case is a multi perforated foam filling that can be fitted very easily to CaRu. 

At the same time Marcel was biking to the local Conrad store and buy some boxes for the storage of the screws and other small components (it was necessary because of the big variation of screws we used and to keep the track of that). 

In the afternoon SR began to solder the electrical components onto the PCB. It needs a very long time to fix everything because of the high number of the very very small components. After hours of soldering and final discussions we finished the PCB and the assembly day at 9:00 PM.

Thanks to all for the hard work!