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Capillarity under low gravity with Runge pictures

We, the CaRu Project Team of the Technical University of Dresden, are a group of students from different fields like mechanical engineering, mechatronics and electrical engineering, whose aim is to investigate the effect of low gravity on the capillary effect, with the help of so - called "Runge Pictures". More information about Runge Pictures can be found here (German). 

The required low gravity conditions will be generated by mounting the experiment onto the payload bay of the REXUS rocket, which provides about 90 seconds of low gravity at an altitude of close to 100km. More information about the rocket can be found on the REXUS Homepage. The REXUS mission is a joint cooperation between the German Aerospace Agency (DLR) and the Swedish Space Corporation (SSC). 

The study of capillarity under low gravity could have applications ranging from the physics of microfluidics (which has applications in inkjet printers, biological lab-on-a-chip systems, enzymatic analysis etc.) to capillary transport for observing the growth of plants in space (to create human bases on other planets with low gravity).  


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