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Tire Companies India

tire companies india
    tire companies
  • Tire companies throughout the world.
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1995 Premier Padmini S1 Deluxe BU
1995 Premier Padmini S1 Deluxe BU
My red, white and blue 1995-model Premier Padmini S1 Deluxe BU. S1 stood for Step-1 and BU stood for bucket seats. Premier Automobiles Ltd., erstwhile flagship company of the Walchand Hirachand Group, assembled Fiat's 1100cc cars from the 1950s until 1997. The Fiat 1200 GranLuce Berlina, debuted in India in 1964 with the old faithful 1,089 cc engine. Premier manufactured it at their plant at Kurla, Mumbai, India, until they sold away majority stake to Fiat SpA in Sept. 1997. With minor modifications over the years, it was variously named, Fiat 1100, Fiat Millecento, Fiat 1100-Delight, Premier President and Premier Padmini. Towards the end of its production run, it even sported a diesel engine from Frateli Negri Machine (FNM), Italy. My Padmini S1 (in the pic) has a 48 bhp normally aspirated engine, breathing through a Solex carburettor and mated to a 4-speed fully synchromeshed gearbox. The extra 9 bhp being achieved by the use of a thermostat controlled electric fan. After many years, vaccuum advance and retard was reintroduced in the Premier Padmini and the car effortlessly purrs to 120 km/hr. Unleaded petrol was introduced in India in 1995 and my car has a catalytic converter, with an allergy for that other bane of Mumbai-suburbs, speed bumps! Out of nostalgia for the 'fifties rock-n-roll era cars, with their wide white-wall tires, chrome and laid-back boulevard cruising style, I had this car painted red, white and blue with 2K automotive acrylic. Outfitted with stainless steel 'chrome' spears and a Hella high-mounted stop light, this lady is my pride and joy. My car has fifties-style 14-inch wheels shod with 5.20-14 wide white wall nylon bias-ply tires--the last artifacts of a fading away upper-class. At one time in India, Fiats like this were actually modded and rallied with twin-carbs, free-flow exhaust and hot-plugs. Do send me mail at ramraosaheb at gmail dot com
MBA students arrive in Bangalore. Bangalore is the IT capital of India and is an interesting mix of shiny office blocks and garbage-strewn, sewerage-leaking, broken-paved streets with moldy, ill-maintained buildings. There are ancient rusty buses crammed with people and lots of tuk-tuks also crammed with people. Saw a businesswoman working on her laptop in one, then another riding side-saddle on the back of a taxi-scooter. The IT companies grew tired of their staff wasting hours in the patient traffic, so clubbed together and built an elevated toll road. India has some intereting public-private partnerships of this kind. Photos & written pieces : Jonathan Cook

tire companies india
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