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 1. Dean Martin    Cartwright, Labrador

 2. Margaret Pardy    Calgary, Alberta

 3. Trudy Bird   Sturgeon Falls

 4. Catherine Elson   Dolores, Colorado in body, Cartwright in spirit

 5. Sheila Pertl   Ottawa for the time being. 2 years left here & it's off to parts unknown

 6. Jenni Williams-Rideout   Happy Valley-Goose Bay

 7. Tony Roberts   Still on the rock,St.Anthony.Nfld

 8. Lloyd Pardy   Goose Bay, Labrador

 9. Ralph Webber Jr   Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia

10. Lana Learning   Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

11. Lorna   HV-GB, Labrador

12. Cynthia Elson Reeves   Blackfalds, Alberta....Black Tickle @ heart

13. Jodi Greenleaves   St. John's, NL

14. Chub Fequet Hudson   Madison, Alabama

15. Paul Davis   Goose Bay, Labrador

16. Cheryl Greenleaves   Cartwright, NL

17. Michael Fines   Duncan, BC

18. Marilyn Blake   Northwest River, Labrador

19. Toni Holwell   Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador

20. Annette Lethbridge   Cartwright, Labrador

21. Pam Morris   Cartwright, NL

22. Sarah Brewer (Pardy)   Pleasant Plains,Arkansas

23. Jamie Brown   Toronto, Ontario

24. Roy Snow   Sheshatshiu,Labrador

25. Leila Warner   Cold Lake, Alberta,needing to breathe salt air

26. Arthur Curl   Cartwright, Labrador

27. Clint   wishing I was in Cartwright

28. Nita Martin   Cartwright, Labrador

29. Alvin Brown   Cartwright, Labrador

30. Crystal Hopkins   H.V-G.B

31. Kim Morris   Cartwright, Labrador

32. Carol Dyson  

33. Fabian Green   I am back in New Brunswick, but I sure miss home

34. Cora / Darrell Vaters   Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Lab.

35. Nellie Green   Cartwright, Labrador

36. Judy Morris   HV-GB, Labrador

37. Ted Mesher      Goose Bay

38. Tom Mugford   St. John's, temporarily til I get the degree

39. Eldred Mesher   My home is Paradise River Labrador but I currently reside in Happy valley-Goose, Labrador

40. Jean Rumbolt   Mary's Harbour, Labrador

41. Fay   Thunder Bay, Ontario

42. Hazel Beaulac   Goose Bay, Labrador

43. Mac Pardy/ca   Cartwright, Orange County Labrador, Canada

44. Patty Way   HV-GB and Cartwright ..... back and forth

45. Dallas Pardy   Cartwright, Labrador

46. Judy Elson   Cartwright

47. Sonya Dyson   Cartwright, Labrador

48. Kathy Pardy   Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador

49. Patsy Morris (Webber)   Cartwright LABRADOR of course

50. David Pardy   Cartwright, Labrador

51. Krista Dyson   Goose Bay, Labrador for 2 more years anyways then off to Corner Brook

52. Anne Martin   Northwest River

53. Billie Dyson   Cartwright, Labrador

54. John Pardy   Cartwright, Labrador

55. Audrey (Morris) Pardy   Cartwright, Orange County, Labrador

56. Sharon Wells (Bird)   Hamilton, Ontario (the hammer)

57. Karen Reeves-Joshua   Dieppe, New Brunswick

58. Sandra Noseworthy   Cartwright, Labrador

59. Johnny Mugford   Cartwright, Labrador

60. Linda Pardy   Cartwright, Labrador

61. Mike Fines   Goose Bay, Labrador

62. Wallace Williams   St. John's, NL

63. Cookie (Ruby) Lethbridge   Lancaster, Pennsylvania

64. Phoebe Davis  Cartwright, Labrador

65. Cal Pardy   Cartwright, Labrador

66. Shirley Moores   Elliot Lake, Ontario

67. Joy Holwell   Goose Bay, Labrador

68. Deborah Vaters   Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL

69. Patrick Davis   Cartwright, Labrador

70. Wendy Greenleaves   Cartwright

71. Sharon Martin   Cartwright, NL

72. Vanessa Parsons [pardy]   Conception Bay South

73. Alice Lethbridge   Cartwright, Labrador

74. Mildred Williams   Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador

75. Christine Strickland   Victoria BC

76. Clarence Morris   Cartwright, Labrador

77. Jack & Linda   Cartwright, Labrador

78. Ed Pardy   Iqualuit, Nunavut

79. Chesley G. Lethbridge Sr.   Winter home, Happy Valley, summer home Cartwright, Lab.

80. Candice Dyson   Happy Valley-Goose Bay

81. Myra (Bird) King   Placentia, NL. Cartwright was and will be always my Home.

82. Perry Lethbridge   Goose Bay

83. Doris Jacque   I'm livivg in Postville ,Labrador.I love your sight

84. Edna Blake   Goose Bay, Labrador 

85. Jeff Martin   Cartwright

86. Melody Mugford   Cartwright, Labrador

87. Gemma Riche (nee:Lethbridge)   Living in North West River ,Working in Sheshatshiu

88. David Mugford   Goose Bay

89. Waylon Williams   North West River, Labrador

90. Barb Pardy   Goose Bay, NL

91. Lorenia Simpson (Martin)   Heading home soon I hope...

92. Shirley Walsh   Cartwright

93. Max Mullins   Goose Bay

94. Thomas Holwell   Cartwright, Labrador

95. Tracy Martin   Cartwright

96. Sherry Burdett   Cartwright, Labrador

97. Jessie Nippard/ Tobin   Born and bred Charlottetown, Labrador, lived many, many and then many more places, currently living in Wabush,not black aound the eyes yet.

98. Phil Jeddore   Conne River, NL

99. Dallas Pardy   this is my email address for my new business

100.  Annette Lethbridge Broomfield   Happy Valley-Goose Bay Born in Cartwright

101.  Leona Toomashie   Cartwright

102. Patty Williams   Cartwright, NL

103. Junior Lewis   Conception Bay, NL

104. Hans Fequet   Deer Lake Newfoundland

105. Rodney Hopkins   Cartwright

106. James Hopkins 

107. Bruce Pardy   Goose Bay

108. Tony Clark   Goose Bay Labrador (from Cartwright)

109. Lisa Dyson   Goose Bay.Northern Lights 

110. Dwight Lethbridge   Cartwright City, Labrador

111. Kerri (Holwell)   Pickering, Ontario

112. Adam Dyson   Cartwright, Labrador

113. Jason Pardy   Peterborough, ON

114. Marilyn (Pardy) Hynes   Goose Bay, Labrador-Ponderosa at Heart!!

115. Bonnie Lyall   Nain, Labrador

116. brittany morris   Cartwright, Labrador

117. Tanya Noonan (Webber)   Clarke's Beach Newfoundland

118. Holly Greenleaves   Cartwright, Labrador

119. Israel Williams   Goose Bay

120. Barb Mesher   cartwright,labrador home beautiful paradise River God,s country

121. Melody Pardy   Cartwright, Labrador

122. Glenys & Winston Dyson   Happy-Valley, Goose-Bay but wishing we were in Cartwright!(HOME)

123. Junior Lewis   CONCEPTION BAY, NFLD>

124. Melisa Learning   Spruce Grove, Alberta

125. Lenora Raby (nee Clark)   Owen Sound, Ontario

126. Michelle Curtis (Massie)  Fort McMurray, AB

127. Peggy Bird   Elliot Lake, Ontario

128. Pauline Brown (nee:Morris)   Cartwright, Labrador

129. Max Brown   Cartwright, Labrador

130. Norman Morris   Happy Valley-Goose Bay

131. Vince Learning  

132. Roy Martin   Makkovik

133. Eugene Hamel   Fort McMurray, AB

134. Judson Learning   Happy Valley-Goose Bay

135. Leanne Jacque   Mount Pearl ,NL orginely from Postville labrador

136. Stewart   cartwright labrador the big land

137. Ronald Keefe   Saint John NB

138. Wanda Cabot (Holwell)   Cartwright

139. Bart Davis   Mary's Harbour, Labrador

140. Debra A. Martin   H.V.G.B.

141. Sydney Learning   cartwright leaving for halifax to live

142. Jo-Ann Martin   Yellowknife NT

141. Nita Williams   Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador

142. bob elson   goose bay

143. Daisy Curl   Home in Beautiful Cartwright, Labrador

144. Charles Lethbridge   Goose Bay, Labrador

145. Bonnie Campbell   Happy Valley/Goose Bay

146. Dan Lethbridge   Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador

147. Bobbie Elson   Cartwright, Labrador

148. Dianne Holwell   Cartwright, Labrador

149. Ivy Abbott   Igloolik, Nunavut

150. Cynthia Davis   Goose Bay . labrador

151. Rachel(Williams)Pelley   pelleyrachel@hotmail.comFrom  Cartwright now live in Summerford NL


153. Rosalie Anderson   Happy Valley-Goose Bay


155. Charlotte Dyson  Cartwright, Labrador Native of my hometown H.V.G.B. by the River Bank!

156. Shona Caines   St. Anthony NL

157. Conrad Williams   From Cartwright now living in Sheshashiu ,Labrador

158. John Martin   Cartwright, Labrador

159. Leah Noseworthy   St. Johns, Nfld

160. JanetNewman(Nee.Mesher)  I am in HVGB.My Mom is from Cartwright,Dad was from Paradise River.I love this site!

161. Tina Morris   Black Tickle

162. Duane Mitchell  Still home in Goose, working in Iqaluit though, unfortunately!!! 8wk in 4 wk out

163. Dwayne Burdett   Cartwright

164. Robert Snow   Goose Bay

165. Brad Dyson  Domino Labrador out on headlands where it,s rough &tough.

166. Stacey Holwell   Nippers Harbour,Newfoundland

167. Winnie (Curl) Montague  now living in North West River

168. Dale Brown   living in cartwright from PARADISE RIVER 

169. Anita Burdett   Cartwright

170. Tegan Kearney (Learning)  Goose Bay, NL

171. Shelly Curl   In Striver and missing  Cartwright City

172. The "Rev"   At home in Cartwright

173. Hazel Yetman   Red Bay

174. Debbie Dyson   Yellowknife, NT

175. Laura Keefe   Black Tickle, Labrador

176. Bruce Pardy   in the valley,thinking of home

177. Ray and Jane Light  Corpus Christi Texas, USA

178. Jasmine (Learning) Kenway   St. John's, NL Attending Memorial University

179. Loretta Pottle (Holwell)   Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL

180. Miranda Pardy   L'Anse Au Loup, NL

181. Louise Cull (Roberts)  I'm still in St. Anthony, probably a Newfoundlander by now!

182. Harrison Turnbull   Victoria, NLD.

183. Charlotte Bowering  Scarborough, Toronto, Ont. - from Seal Islands  God's best country

184. Howard Winters   Fort McMurray  AB

185. Dora Hamel   Cartwright

186. Joanne (Pardy) Page   Portugal Cove, NL

187. Juanita Dunphy (Lethbridge)  St. Philip's,NL cabin in Paradise River

188. Elizabeth Lethbridge   Cartwright, Labrador

189. Sue Kelland-Dyer   St.john's

190. Cameron Martin   In camp on road to Goose Bay and in Cartwright sometimes

191. Velroy Williams   Goose Bay NL

192. Earl Brown   Cartwright, Labrador

193. Doreen   Cartwright, NL

194. Melina Mesher   Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL

195. Helen Williams-Coates   Cartwright is home,but lives in Goose Bay

196. Dereck Northcotte   Barrow Bay Ontario

197. Lincoln Elson   Goose Bay, Labrador

198. Anne Hamel   nfld..longing for summer's to be in labrador!!

199. Ed Shaw   North Carolina U.S.A.

200. Viann Saunders (Hopkins)  St. Lunaire NL Living in Goose Bay for the winter.

201. Jennie Williams   St.John's NL, from Happy Valley Goose Bay, Labrador

202. Laura Keefe   Black Tickle

203. Daphnie Holwell   Cartwright

204. Wendell Curl  

205. Daryl Walsh 

206. Kathy Phelps (Bird)   Calgary, Alberta

207. Keith Pardy Goose Bay NL & Talisay City,Cebu Philippines whenever I get time...Biyahe Na "let's Travel"

208. Lloyd Mugford  Goose Bay

209. Sandra and Garry Sainsbury   Cartwright, Labrador

210. Brandon Pardy   Ottawa, Ontario

211. Melanie Leblanc (Curl) Quebec, laurentides(daughter of connie curl at brooks in Alberta.)

212. Nita Williams   Happy Valley, Labrador

213. John Heard  

214. Barbara Anderson (Tiny)  From Cartwright, Now living in Makkovik, Northern Labrador


216. Phil Holwell   Happy Valley - Goose Bay

217. Donna Williams   Cartwright

218. Flora Elson  

219. Ivy Abbott  St. Anthony NL

220. Rodney Anthony   Rothesay,new brunswick

221. Margaret Brown  living in happy valley goose bay.from paradise river.i
enjoy this site very much. 

222. Denise Penashue (nee Pardy)   Happy Valley - Labrador

223. Joyce & Gil Davis  We are in North River half time and Rocky Hr. half time.

224. Georgina (Decker) Allen   Happy Valley-Goose Bay

225. Jessica   Happy Valley Goose Bay

226. Margarite Martin   Cartwright, Labrador

227. Brandon Cabot 

228. Pearly and Raymond   Cartwright, Labrador

229. Wendy Quinlan  Born and raised in St.Anthony But I live in God's pocket(Black Tickle)

230. Rosalie Kippenhuck   Cartwright

231. Adrian Lethbridge   Alton, Ontario


233. Monica Williams   Cartwright,NL (Pack's Harbour at heart.)

234. Charles Martin   Elmsdale, Nova Scotia

235. Calvin Hynes   Black Tickle

236. Claudette Pardy 

237. Amy Martin   Camrose, Alberta


239. Bonnie Allen Goose Bay, Llyod Mugford, just introduced me to this site!!Beautiful pictures!!! I love it!!

240. Bic Pardy   Goose Bay

241. Duane Curl   Goose Bay

242. Marjorie Clark (Williams)   Cartwright, Labrador

242. Tammy Learning   Cartwright, but living in goose bay!

243. Darin & Lorna   Goose Bay

244. Aden Clarke   Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador 

245. Carrie Dyson     I am from Wild Bight NL ,Now living in Cartwright  

246. Tegan Walsh   Brampton, ON @ University of Guelph

247. Lillian Dyson   living at Salmon Bight, Black Tickle, Labrador but I am from Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador

248. Chip Bird & Dorothy Payne Cape Breton

249. Ethel Decker   Emlsdale N.S.(for now)

250. Brenda Best   Goose Bay

251. Max Martin   Goose Bay, Labrador

252. Janet Clark   Petawawa, Ontario


254. Allison Moores  born in Cartwright, now living in San Antonio Texas

255. Randy Roberts (Bug)  New Hampshire, USA

256. Harry Mugford   HV-GB Labrador

257. Delphine Kizilirmak (Dyson)  In Fredericton for now, where the wind takes me when I get my degree, but I always wish I was home!!

258. Hilda Martin  My family is from Cartwright. All of  my sister's and brother's were born there, except for me. I did live there for the first 3 years of my life. I love this site.

259. Gordie Rendell  Chester, NS. Born in Cartwright,lived in HVGB most all my life untill retirment moved to Nova Scotia in 1996..My Son Gordon lives here also..Daughter Heidi lives in the UK.

260. Shirley Moores  (Williams)  from Cartwright , living in Pickering , ON

261. Juanita Thomas   Missing home

262. Herb Holwell    im born in cartwright .now im in goose bay  but my  heart is home in cartwright

263. Patty Poehls                 relative of Learning family

264. Roy Acreman from Mary’s Hr. but living in Paradise,NL now. Spent a lot of time around Cartwright with Aliant. Great site, visits every day to see the pics and read the news.

265. Kirby Lethbridge 

266. Samantha Rumbolt  from Mary's Harbour, living in Fort McMurray, AB

267. Ivy McCutcheon (Mesher)  living in Panama City, Fl.

268. Wince Dyson

269. Curtis Brown  Currently living in Newfoundland, grew up in Cartwright, born in Goose Bay, Labrador.

270. Loretta Holwell   St.John's, NL

271. Fiona Dyson