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Sorting Old And New Toys

sorting old and new toys
    new toys
  • (New Toy) New Toy (1981) is an album by Lene Lovich first issued in the UK by Stiff Records. It featured her second single "New Toy". Containing only six songs, it is considered an EP rather than a full album.
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I have a new toy
I have a new toy
Since I joined Flickr, I have realised that my 8yo, 2MP, Canon camera has serious limitations. Not only am I only getting five minutes shooting time out of the batteries, but I could only take ten photos. Yesterday, Flickr was having hiccups so I decided to have a wander over to Ebay and have a look at my dream camera, the Canon Rebel XTi. I think that is going to remain a dream, but out of curiousity I looked at some Pentax camera's. I still have my original film Pentax camera my father bought me 26 years with a zoom lens which weighs a ton and they are a damn good camera. So idly picking my way down the list, I came across a 8mp one with all the bells and whistles for a buy it now price of $75.00 Like greased lightning, my finger hit the Buy it Now button. Turns out the seller was only 20 minutes away from me, so I picked it up this afternoon and what a great guy. I think he could have only used it once as it still had the plastic on the LCD screen! So these photos are the results from my new toy. The only thing I did to this was crop it and I was kinda disappointed that I didn't have to twiddle and tweak!!!
I like my new toy
I like my new toy
I have been told a million times to get the best lenses I can. There is no sense in having a good camera and not spend money on good lenses. I have been told a gazillion times to use my tripod when shooting with telephoto lenses. Well. . . .Since I'm a teenager at heart I did not listen. This morning I grabbed my new toy - Sigma APO 150-500mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM - my camera and tripod and traveled to Viera wetlands to 'shoot me some birds'. I never used the tripod - not once.

sorting old and new toys
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