Science Toys You Can Make

science toys you can make
    you can
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Silent Mauser Retro Ray Gun FULL Life Size Prop Science Fiction Wood Replica 3
Silent Mauser Retro Ray Gun FULL Life Size Prop Science Fiction Wood Replica 3
The Silent Mauser is the standard issue for the Krendel Army Keepers, a thin profile gun with a wicked Nuen Burst that's deadly but practically silent in most atmospheres. It has the added benefit of a dual stacked energy pack system underneath the barrel which allows for long use between recharging as well a the option to mix in Vatalytic Particles if you want... now instead of neuron searing you get armor piercing! Fabulous... I love making these! It's longest dimension is about 7 1/4", with the top only barrel length being about 5 1/2"! The closest thing you will find to a "real, live ray gun," like in the old comics, movies, serials, and science fiction stories. These are a part of my "Retro Tech" series made out of wood of all things which gives them a cool look and feel. It's a FULL, LIFE SIZE replica (or 1:1 scale finished model) all ready for display. Made almost 100% from wood unless stated otherwise (I sometimes use tiny amounts of other things) I use paint and many finishes, often metallic, and make sure a lot of details shine through, often even the wood grain itself despite high tech themes. They maintain an often retro, sometimes even rustic look and feel to them, like an "olde worlde" toy or something (some more so than others ... I am told that surprisingly many do not even look like they are wood, but like metal or some manmade material... you can usually tell by the photos). Made of Wood! Part of my "Retro Tech" line ... I build a lot of different things like ray guns, robots, rocket ships, flying saucers, other machines, telescopes and more in many different formats from full size prop replicas to miniatures, Christmas ornaments, jewelry, pendants, etc ... see my main site found through my profile which has many more photos and information. I do a lot of classic looks, but am expanding into more modern and a lot of steampunk, too!
Tony Stark IS the Invincible Iron Man! Here, the heroic futuristic Knight in cybernetic Shining Armour, chivalrously accepts a kiss from a newly rescued damsel. Enchanted by the comely wrench Tony asks what she's doing afterwards. "Alas, good Sir, I'm afraid I must bolt...." With a regretful sigh Tony watched the curvaceous lass take her leave. "Probably for the best," he mused, "Knowing my luck with the ladies she probably would've driven me nuts." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Actually, I was documenting a mechanistic sculpture that I made when it occurred to me that the piece would make a fine industrial looking backdrop for the Marvel Legends classic Iron Man action figure. I shot this in my make shift light diffusing tent but with a thicker cloth killing more light than usual. I could've gone darker but stopped when I realised that I wanted to keep most of the metallic shine on the armour. The most difficult thing was stopping the wrench from falling...good thing Tony has such a magnetic personality! The mini-wrench is of German origin, and dates back to the early 20th Century. (Tony Stark is of American origin, and has been dating since the late 20th Century.)

science toys you can make
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