2011 - Will be at Ivars on Saturday April 30! 
Special Guest Speaker is T. Lewis of "Over the Hedge" comic strip creator and illustrator.
If you'd like to be a part of the committee, contact us at CartoonistNW@aol.com
Toonies is going to be a blast so sign up so you don't miss your spot!!!  Deadline is Saturday,
 April 16th, 2011 (hint...that's our meeting).  :)

New Info on Toonies for 2011 to come shortly!

The following are the Toonie Nominees for last year, 
and we are currently taking nominations for this year's banquet
Email your suggestions to CartoonistsNW@aol.com 

These are samples of last year's nominees:

Comic Books / Graphic Novels (vote for one)
Phil and Kaja Foglio
"Girl Genius

Aaron McConnell
"The United States Constitution"

Kevin Boze
"Virgin Project"

Print Comic Strips (vote for one)
T. Lewis
"Over the Hedge"

Jan Eliot
"Stone Soup"

Russell Myers
"Broom Hilda"

Online Comic Strips (vote for one)
Jeff Hawley
"Log Jam

Mark Monlux
"Return of Stickman" & "The Comic Critic"

Ken Cursoe
"Tiny Sepuku"

Writers (vote for one)
Ed Brubaker

Jeff Parker

Gail Simone

Due by  Saturday April 17th, 2010!

Past Toonies

TheToonie Awardswere started in 1991 to honor the achievements of cartoonists who have ties to the Pacific Northwest. Winners are selected from the hundreds of email and paper ballots submitted by Cartoonists Northwest members and those individuals who receive the monthly publication of Penstuff.

Golden Toonie Award winners

  • 2009 Kevin Boze (tie)
  • 2009 Mark Monlux (tie)
  • 2008 David Lasky
  • 2007 Pat Moriarity
  • 2006 Sherry Flenniken
  • 2005 Peter Bagge
  • 2004 Rick Hoberg
  • 2003 Kevin Brockschmidt
  • 2002 Jeff Willis
  • 2001 Ellen Forney
  • 2000 John Lustig
  • 1999 Jim Woodring
  • 1998 Roberta Greogory
  • 1997 Art Bouthillier
  • 1996 Donna Barr and Peter Oakley (tie)
  • 1995 Lynn Johnston
  • 1994 Brian Basset
  • 1993 Berkeley Breathed
  • 1992 David Horsey
  • 1991 George Jartos
  • 1991 Steve Geenberg