by Scott Alan

The time has come for the 3rd annual Emerald City ComiCon. This event will take place for 2 days this year on February 5 - 6 2005. CNW has once again secured a table of our own for this event, and once again we encourage our members to have some of their artwork and promotional items at the table.

Here's how it¹s going to work this time around. To get your stuff on the table you have to pay us $10. Actually, you have to pay our treasurer Elizabeth Pankey. Send the $10 to her at 1859 NW 202nd St. Seattle, WA 98177-2246. Be sure that you include your name, phone #, and a note stating that you¹re paying $10 for space on the ECCC table. If you don¹t mention what the money is for, Elizabeth and I are just gonna split the money and laugh at you.

Okay, we most likely won't, but we could and that's a chance that you shouldn't take. $10 for a 2 day convention is only $5 a day by the way, and it¹s a GREAT deal, so don't be stingy.

For your $10 contribution, we¹ll give you as much space as possible for an 8-foot table to display your stuff and promote you. You can have stuff just for display AND stuff for sale. If you're selling, we'll take great care to record who sold what and for how much so you get the money you're due. Once you sell $10 worth of stuff and make back what you spent, CNW is going to take 10% of any future sales. This means that if your sales are good you're guaranteed to break even and make a profit while CNW will be able to have compensation for our trouble.

If you do the math, that¹s more then fair, don't you think? Whether you're going to sell at the con or not, you need to get your money to Elizabeth and your stuff to me asap to ensure your place at the con. If you can mail what you want on the table to me (you're responsible for the safety and security of what you mail, not me) at 22901 - 55th ave W. Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043-3911 and I'll see that it gets to and from the con safe and sound. OR, you can deliver what you want at the con to me at the January 21st CNW meeting. If neither of these options work for you, you can always pay admission to attend the con as a patron, find our table in artists alley, and deliver your stuff to me there.

That's it. Just be sure to get your money to Elizabeth and your stuff to me by MONDAY, JAN. 31st at the latest ... unless you're dropping the stuff off with me at the con. I hope that many of you can participate, it's gonna be a great con.

Contact: Scott Alan, President

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by Scott Alan

February 2005

That's right pardner! Many things are changing here at CNW, all with the intention of making the club a better place. This change however is just for me!! This spot in Penstuff is just for the president to do whatever they want with, and I want to change the name of it! No more prattling from me, no sir! From now on (until someone else is elected and says different) I' m a gonna DRAWL! I chose that name cause it' s got the word DRAW in it which makes it relevant to the club, and cause it' s a pun and we all know how much Scotty likey da puns.

SO, here we are at the start of my second term and things are going great! If you've not done so yet, I recommend visiting our Yahoo Group and reading my acceptance speech. I tried to make it funny AND important. I just got back from the first day of the Emerald City ComiCon and that' s just AWESOME!! Our first major CNW event of the year and it was beyond words and expectations! Our CNW table looked fantastic, and I wanna say thanks to Elizabeth Pankey for schlepping all the gear there, setting it all up, and manning the table. Roberta Gregory deserves kudos for running things too. Great job guys!!

My own little space in con paradise was wonderful. I've got a small fan base now who actually come to the show looking for me and MR. MAN comics, and I had a great view of the “celebrity” tables where all the big names were sitting. I still don't understand why they put Steve Hartley with the celebs though ... he he he! Where' s your pen now Steve? Actually, he did a fantastic caricature of me and I' m hanging it at my booth for all to see cause I love it! I love this entire convention thing! I feel like a pro, and that' s saying something cause I'm really very modest and shy and never ever hog the spotlight at all ever. Is my nose growing?

I wasn't the only one having fun and success though. I shared a table with Bill Morse and he reports success. When I found the time to step away from my spot and wander I seemed to always notice a crowd around Jouhn Lustig' s "Last Kiss"” booth. He shared that with Scott & Georgia Ball who had their own "Scooter & Ferret" ”booth up and running, and I know they were seeing success too. This is a MAJOR event for the Seattle area, and it' s equally important for CNW and its members. I'm so very very happy to be there and see the rise to fame for all of us, and for CNW itself. This is a VERY exciting time for CNW!!

There are many big plans on the drawing board now. Spawns of Insomnia 2 IS on!! I NEED HELP TO MAKE IT HAPPEN!! If you want to help out in any capacity, contact me and let me know! More details to follow. There will also be a new feature in Penstuff soon spotlighting web comic artists. We' ve got some big names lined up, but I'd love to hear suggestions from you to spotlight. I also want to have an interview with them, so tell me who you' d like to spotlight and what their comic is, and what sort of questions you' d like us to ask them. Look to the Yahoo group for more info about this new feature coming very soon to a Penstuff near you.

That' s about it for now. I've got to get a few more things done for the second day of the convention tomorrow and then get some rest. I' m excited about how CNW is shaping up for 2005, and you should be too! Remember, as always, if you' ve ideas, suggestions, comments, or whatever I' m easy to find and easier to talk to. Give it a try sometime.

Till then, it' s time to round up this wagon train an go riding merrily along. Y'all come back now, hear?

Contact: Scott Alan, President

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by Scott Alan

March 2005

Look! Down that way and on the horizon ... it's the TOONIE AWARDS!!!! For those of you that are reading this in Penstuff for the first time, you've only ONE WEEK to get yourself ready for this illustrious event that takes place on March 19th! Get your rented tux from your High School prom out of mothballs and return that sucker to the rental shop! Have you any idea how much money you owe on late fees?! This event is more than casual, less than formal. You figure it out. Just be dressed when you arrive, we've all spent time together and I'm sure that none of us wants to see the rest of us naked. Yeah, I'm sure of that. Before the Toonies, and meanwhile, there is much to talk about. Here are some bullet points:

  • Website: Though our site is seeing some hassles, behind the curtain of indescript nonsense is a fantastic site ready to be posted. It looks great and we should thank Georgia Ball for all the hard work going into that. We'll have that new and great looking site up very soon, and maybe even by the time you read this.
  • Helping: We're having fun dealing with the Toonie Awards now, but when that's over we're going to jump right into planning Spawns 2! I've only heard from a few of you about helping out, but we could use more hands 'cause I don't wanna do it alone. So step on up if you wanna help us out & contact me so I know who to talk to about this stuff.
  • Feedback: I'm also still looking for people's ideas about our new content for the site and newsletter. We're going to add artists bios, so if you'd like to be featured send your personal bio and such to me or our VP Scott B. We also want your question submissions for our @ Your service idea. I've quite a few big name artists on deck that want to get involved and they're anxious to answer the questions you have. If you need to know more about this feature, look to our Yahoo Group for my description or just e-mail me and ask about it.
  • Meetings: First, a special thanks again to our last guest speaker Eric Devericks for a really great presentation and a fun time afterwards. It was cool hanging out with you, even if I wasn't the center of attention. Teasing. Our next guest will be none other then our own Georgia Ball! Looking forward to that I must say. Once that meeting is over. so will be our traditional Friday meets. We're testing out a new day and time for a short while, and if it goes well we'll keep it. If it doesn't, well, you can't blame us for trying. SO, mark your calendars 'cause as of APRIL our meetings will be held on SATURDAY evening at 5 PM at the same room in the same school. We've had a lot of good feedback about this, and I'm looking forward to seeing some new and familiar faces from those that can't make the usual friday shindig.

Okay, I think that's about it for now, and if it isn't that's just too bad 'cause the Penstuff deadline is here and I've gotta get this to the printer on time. If I've missed anything else I'll post it to the CNW Yahoo! Group and talk about it at the next meeting, so be sure to be there.

Contact: Scott Alan, President

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by Scott Alan

April 2005

WOW!! What a weekend!!!!

I gotta tell you all, one of my all time favorite times of the year is Toonies time!! What a grand day out that always turns out to be. Especially when it happens to follow a fantastic friday night presentation, and the last one was indeed fantastic!! Thanks again to Georgia Ball for a wonderful and informative Photoshop demo. We had a rather full room and I know that I learned quite a lot from it. I don't even have my own copy of Photoshop and I learned so much about how to use it, that's how good the meeting was!

On to the Toonies! If you missed out this time around then you indeed missed out. What a party! And lucky little me, I got to get up to the microphone and play presenter for the very first time. That was something to see I'll bet, not unlike my first term as president of CNW which was very much like trying to nail jell-o to a tree let me tell you. I was nearly ignored when I made the evenings welcome, I started with a joke that went down in flames, fumbled my way through presentations, misread things that were written out for me plainly, tripped over myself at least twice, and was referred to as the Penguin more times than I want to admit (good thing I got all dolled up for the part). What a fantastic time!! I can't wait until next year!!!

What's great about the Toonies is the positive energy that fills the room when all of these great people come together. Highlights for me were having so many great folks doing such great work, the launch of a great new website, and an auction that went over very well. I think that the best part of the evening for me, however, was not only getting to see my good friend Rick Hoberg again nor seeing him win the Golden Toonie for the year, but the kiss that we shared during the presentation. Rick, you need a shave. This truly is an event not to miss. If you did miss it, and even if you didn't, be sure that you read all about it on our great new site. Stories, pictures, recaps, and memories abound there, so go have a look see.

Outside of the great weekend I had, there are some announcements to be made. I'll say again that our new site is up and looks great. If you're not reading this there, go do it now! Thanks again Georgia!!! We will also be trying out a new CNW Forum site soon. It's kinda like the Yahoo Group only better. Plans for the 2nd annual Spawns of Insomnia ARE underway, so if you wanna be involved let me know ASAP. However, the biggest announcement may well be this:


For those that missed the memo, we're trying something new at CNW. Our regular meeting time of Friday at 7pm is no longer active ... at least for now. Starting on APRIL 16th we will be having our monthly meetings on SATURDAYS! We tossed this idea out and it was met with positive response, so we're giving it a trial run for a month or 3. If it goes well we will keep it, if not we will go back to how things were. All you need to know now is this:


I really hope to see a lot of you there, and I'm looking forward to seeing some old familiar friends and some new faces of those that can't make Friday nights. Until them chum, this is one for the history books. Write to you again next month, same bat-time, same bat-channel!! Penguin indeed!

Contact: Scott Alan, President

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by Scott Alan

May 2005

Busy busy busy busy.

WOW! That happened quick. Time for another Drawl already huh? I have to tell you that I’ve been so busy lately with events in my life that I’m just exhausted. Having so much on my plate is doing nothing good for my ADD either, and I just know that there are things that have gone forgotten or unremembered. In fact, this article for Penstuff was finished and presented much much later than I normally do, and nearly too late for publication at that! For any of you that have been on the receiving end of my teflon memory, I apologize.

What am I busy with? Well, aside from personal strife like losing my job and having no transportation 'cause my car is dead, there's a lot of art work stuff on my plate. My newly found free time has allowed me the chance to finish my first Mr.MAN comic book! It's done and ready for print... I just need a printer. I'm also developing a new web comic and hope to have that ready to go soon, and because of that I'm working on updating my personal site again to make it even sleeker and better looking with new art and stuff too. That's kept me drawing like crazy and all of this is making me one busy little Scotty.

There's also many great CNW things keeping my attention as of late, and what a truly exciting time this is for us here at CNW! While I admit that it's getting harder for me to focus now with so much on my mind, there is one thing that's fast becoming my main focus. Spawns of Insomnia 2!! This is shaping up to be a major event! We're gonna have cash prizes this year, a BUG sponsor, and even a chance to get your own comic book published! That's HUGE!!! But that's not all!

At this months meeting we will have a special presentation from representatives of Spawns corporate sponsor, the Liftport Group. Speakers Michael Laine and Nyein Aung will talk about everything from the prizes, to the Space Elevator and how all of it fits into this years major event! If you have a hankering to participate or just to know more about what's happening or even what this Spawns thing is all about, this is the meeting that you simply CAN'T miss!!

Aside from all of the big things happening, I'm also opening up the floor for art from any and all of you. For Spawns of Insomnia 1 our own talented Bill Morse provided a great picture for us to use in our advertising of the event. I'm keen to see what others have in mind, so I'm asking whoever is interested to create our new advertising image for Spawns 2. This will be a contest with the winner (voted as such by your fellow CNW members) seeing their work used for Spawns 2 promotion. No deadline yet, just an open call, so get those pencils working!!

OH, and speaking of contests, I held one last month for an "April Fools comics Hide 'N Seek". It seems that no one wanted to have the fantastic prize that I was offering to the winner, as no one submitted anything to me at all, so I'll just keep this cool "trophy" until you all decide you wanna play next time. So there! Meanwhile, let's all get creative and create a new image for Spawns 2! Getting your work printed and seen by people all over is a great prize too you know.

I'm so freaking excited you guys! Really I am. I had some great plans for CNW this year and they seem to be happening better than I imagined. Much of that is thanks to many of you. So, thanks where it's due, apologies where necessary, and I'm outta here. Cya at the meeting!!

Contact: Scott Alan, President

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by Scott Alan 

June 2005 

SOOOOOOOOOO much going on for CNW right now, and all of it is VERY exciting!! let’s take this all one step at a time.

First we must say goodbye to Elizabeth Pankey as our CNW treasurer. She's stepping down from the post, and we NEED someone else to step in for her. This is an urgent call, as we've lots of events happening in CNW now and they will need a treasurer to make it all happen. If I don't get volunteers soon I'm just going to point to someone and tell you to do it, so speak up if you want the gig. Apply via myself or Elizabeth if you want the job. Reply quickly!

CNW wants to look great to the public, so we want the submissions for Penstuff and the website to be as fresh and consistent as possible. As such we need to be getting all submissions in ASAP to BOTH medias. We all need to start getting our art, articles, and whatnot submitted to Georgia Ball to be put on the website as quick as you can do. The great thing about the website is that we don't have to be at a printer on a deadline, so as soon as you get the work to her, she can get it online. So get your submissions to Georgia as soon as you get them done. Don't wait, do it fast, do it now!

CNW ART SHOW a go-go!! we're hip and active and ready to set up another art show for CNW members, but we need a venue. I live waaaaay up North in Mountlake Terrace, and that's quite the commute for many of you living in the South end, so we need ideas, suggestions, and submissions of places to hold the art show that are somewhere in the middle. Get that to me soon.

CNW has it's first homework assignment. I've initiated a new monthly art challenge for members that wish to participate. A theme is suggested at the meeting, you have a month to create something, it's posted to the board at the next meeting for "grading", then posted to the website for all to see. Neat huh? Our first challenge is a s follows: You know those commercials where the dude is on the phone and walk around saying "Can you hear me now?" all the time? Who's he talking to? Is he talking to an answering machine or some dude? What's that dude look like? What's happening on the other side of the phone? Draw that. Bring it in during our next meeting on June 18th (or get it to Georgia Ball by then for web posting) and we'll grade your work. Also, if you have an idea for the next homework assignment, e-mail me and let me know.

SPAWNS 2 ART is being called for. Specifically, we want to see what you can come up with for the advertising art for Spawns 2. Bill Morse created a fantastic image for our last SPAWNS event, and I'm just wondering if we can't do the same this year. Especially with our new theme in the mix. So all you have to do is get your pencils moving, think about being up for 24 hours creating a comic, think about "Buck Rogers" or "Flash Gordon" and see what you can do. I'm setting a deadline of JULY 16th for submissions which will give us time to vote on the one we like, make a choice, and get them printed in time for the show. For full information about this and more read the SPAWNS 2 report in this newsletter.

SPAWNS 2 is also in need of 6-8 drafting/art tables. We need people to loan us tables for the duration of the event. You'll get them back and in the same condition, but we NEED them so don't be stingy, help us out with a table loan. You'll be appreciated greatly.

These are the main topics that have been discussed, need help, and you need to know. Hope that this was helpful to you all. I want to remind you all to visit the new CNW FORUM for full SPAWNS info and other CNW news and info. Everything you need is there, so check it out. Next meeting is Sat. June 18. See you then!!

Contact: Scott Alan, President

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by Scott Alan 

July 2005 

First things first, I owe you all an apology. Without making excuses I'll simply say that I screwed up and didn't get any of my monthly information to be posted online in on time, so it's VERY late and that's going to screw up some stuff. I also apologize to Elizabeth Pankey and Phil Fagelhorn specifically as their cartoon was the Best of the Northwest winner for last month and that should have been posted here for the entire month and it wasn't and that is all my fault and I'm very sorry. With the apologies in place, let's get to this months Drawl. There is stuff here you need to read, so don't delay.

Hooray for me. It's my birthday!! Well, actually, my birthday is on August 1st but I wanted to advertise my getting older in Penstuff before the day happens. I have reached an age where it's just as important for me to share my special day and whatever attention I get with those I care about as it is to get all the accolades. Thus this announcement to ask you to go and do something fun or special for yourself on August 1st and share the happy of this day with me. Meanwhile, if you're the type of person that feels pressed to get me a gift, I'm on the look out for a recent version of Photoshop for the Mac to improve my web art, a good deal on a working car (seriously, I'm desperate for wheels if anyone knows someone who's willing to make me a deal on sale or repairs), and I'm always happy to get art from my artist friends, so feel free to draw me a card or other such picture. I love that! Otherwise, a kind word and well wish will hold me fine. No pressure, no worries.

Meanwhile, there is CNW stuff to discuss. We all know that Spawns 2 is in full swing and the event is panning out to be huge. I'm excited, and you should be too. In fact, even if you're not participating in the event itself, you owe it to yourself to visit the convention in Sept and see all the great things going down. I'm told there is a full Spawns report here in Penstuff (and in the Spawns section of the web if that's where you are when you read this), so go look for that and save yourself the trouble of reading all that stuff twice, K? I do have one thing to say about Spawns here in my DRAWL column however.


All money due for registration and attendance (see spawns article for details) MUST be in by then. For those reading this in Penstuff, that's not far away.

Speaking of money, I also need to point out that the room fee for our meetings has changed. THIS IS IMPORTANT! It was announced at the last meeting that NON MEMBERS will now be asked to pay $3 at the monthly meetings, which isn't bad. Current members still only pay $1 per meeting, which is great. So join & save money!

One last thing, Our first homework assignment was given asking you to draw the guy that the Verizon dude is talking to when he walks about saying "Can you hear me now?". This assignment was completed by only one person, so I'd like to take this moment to give a big "A" to our own Morgan Sandys for completing the assignment. Her work will be added to the web or Penstuff or both (depending on space) for all to see. The homework assigned each month is not mandatory, but it is fun, so I hope you'll find one that you'd like to participate in. This months CNW homework assignment is to draw a cliché. That sounds interesting, eh? See what you can do and we'll see who makes the grade at the next meeting.

Contact: Scott Alan, President

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by Scott Alan

August 2005

This month I want to talk a little more about the great things happening with CNW. Of course you all know by now of our biggest current event, Spawns of Insomnia 2. You HAVE to see this! Tremendous work & effort has gone into this event to make it bigger & better than last time, & all that effort is paying off. Even if you're not participating in the event, you should find your way to Cascadia Con this year & have a look. I know that I should well be doing an entire article about SPAWNS, but I won't. WHY? Because there is much to say about it that would take up too much print space AND we want you to hear it live. If you ARE participating in this event, YOU NEED to be at the August meeting! We've done a LOT of great things for Spawns, & the August meeting will be your LAST chance to get a live report from us before it happens. If you're participating in SPAWNS be at the meeting! We won't devote the entire meeting to it, but you need to be there for the info.

Okay, that's important, but I won't talk about it anymore this issue. What I'll talk about instead is our CNW website. I don't know how many of you have been there recently, but it really is better than it has ever been. Georgia Ball has worked hard to make it what it is today, & it's fantastic in my opinion. There is so much on the site now regarding CNW news & information & the latest happenings. Also archives of info from past events, meetings, & guests. There are also many things that you can become a part of that I want remind you all about.

Our Featured Members section is a place online where we spotlight one of our members at a time. YOU can be a part of this too! Just send in a short bio of yourself, links, & toons & we'll feature you for your contributions as a cartoonist & a member of CNW.

Best of the Northwest Gallery online is one of the greatest things about the internet, & thus our website. You (& your art) must be present at our monthly meetings to have your art voted on & considered for the BNW of the month/year, but you don't have that restriction online. While online submissions won't be up for vote, you can submit your art for our monthly Best of the Northwest contest directly to our webmaster any time & have them posted online right away. If you'd like to see your work online just send it in at your leisure.

This works another way too. Any one of our members can submit ideas, art, & articles for posting online. Bill Morse provides the "Talking Theory" section which is very informative & I have submitted movie reviews myself just to name a few features. If you have info, news, stories, or whatever you can submit it for review to our webmaster and get it posted online for all to see.

Our new CNW Forum is in full swing and moving strong, but it needs more traffic. I know all about the conflict that some of you have with the Forum, & I even share some of your opinions concerning it, but I do think overall it's a valuable asset to our organization & one that you should all be a part of. Come and have a look, sign up, chat a little, & share our new experience with us.

New ideas are being discussed & prepared, including a new feature that will spotlight various professional online comic creators & bring attention to that medium. There's always room for more ideas to be played out, & if you're interested in submitting something you should. The best thing about our website is it's fast, easy, & YOU can participate in it's content & (to some level) creation. More than just an add for CNW, it's your online home as a member. These features area all great, but they all work best when you submit ideas & other work to to them. I began my reign as prez saying "It's YOUR CNW", why not make it so? Check it out, add to it, & become a part of it all!

Contact: Scott Alan, President

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by Scott Alan 

 September 2005

That's right my good friends, I am one of the survivors of CNW's own great all nighter Spawns of Insomnia! I began writing my Drawl this month from the battle field of Cascadia Con where (as you all know by now) CNW held our second Spawns of Insomnia event. I had the distinct pleasure of being among the first group of artists to attempt this feat. My shift was from 10 am Thursday until 10 am Friday. I was joined by some great talent and best people from our membership and simply had a fantastic time. I was hoping to get to a computer and write a paragraph a day reporting about the con, but you just can't imagine how impossible that can be when you're not only participating in an event this monumental but helping to run it as well. So, for this months DRAWL I'd like to share with you some of my best memories of the past week.

  • 45+ hours awake vs 6 hours of sleep
  • Great friends and LOTS of fun
  • Crazy costumes and lots of stuff to see
  • Fantastic, friendly, helpful people
  • CNW meets Karaoke - plug your ears
  • Giant spiders + Gallacci = hilarious
  • Fire alarms at 6 a.m. piss people off
  • Masquerades are dangerous places
  • Bad magic is as bad magic does
  • A great photo idea always draws a crowd
  • Willy Wonka is everyone's friend
  • Monster energy makes you sleepy
  • There's a difference between clowns and jesters. Clowns may be creepy to some, but jesters are simply disturbing in all the wrong ways. Especially when making out at 3 a.m.

Some of these memories are of the "had to be there" variety and I will fondly keep those to myself and those that shared those memories with me forever. Others are great stories to tell which I'm happy to do upon request. Meanwhile, here's moral for you.

This was the second time I participated in a 24 hour comic event. I have learned a lot about myself, my art, my skills and abilities, my endurance, and much much more. This is exactly the sort of thing that will make you reflect deeply on every aspect of yourself as an artist and the work you do. While it is indeed a challenge and has its own consequences this is the sort of thing that every artist should endure at least once just for the experience and personal reflection.

It also occurred to me, every artist at one time or another for the sake of deadlines or whatnot has stayed awake for 24 hours working. That's not all that new for a professional artist. However, doing this usually involves getting away from the desk once in a while to refresh and take your mind off the work for a short time. Being all but literally chained to your desk racing the clock to try and finish coherently is HARD! It truly is an endeavor of will power and talent that should not be taken lightly. The word "Challenge" used here really is appropriate.

As such I'd like to personally thank and applaud EVERY artist that participated in Spawns this past week. You are ALL to be commended. Seriously. I've lived through it twice. I feel your pain but I also feel your sense of accomplishment. Even if you didn't complete 24 pages you are a winner. That may seem clichè but it's true. This is not an easy thing to do but each of you did it. Your talent, humor, fantastic art and hard work will be forever remembered by all as a testament to how serious and truly skilled cartoonists and comic book creators are and should be treated. Our medium is not always taken seriously nor properly respected, which is sad, but each and every one of you who participated in Spawns showed yourselves, each other, and the world that we are true professionals who create real art that demands proper respect. You worked hard for artists everywhere and proved yourselves to be among the greats whether you completed the 24 pages or not. You should all be very proud of what you accomplished here this week and I for one am truly grateful to each of you and proud of you all.

Contact: Scott Alan, President

Not just toons, ScotttoonS! Visit to see the work of Scott Alan, performer and freelance cartoonist.

by Scott Alan 

October 2005 

First and foremost let me remind all of you about the next meeting. This one will be on OCTOBER 22. Technically the 4th Saturday of the month, but with the 1st being the first Saturday of the month this made sense.

So, OCT 22, same time (5 pm) same place. This meeting is more important than the ordinary one, however, as this will also be the wrap party for SPAWNS 2. We're making it a celebration shindig where prizes for participants will be handed out, art will be returned, stories from the con will be shared, and an overall sense of "Job well done!" will fill the room. Speaking of filling the room, we want to see you there, especially if you participated in SPAWNS. If you were one of the overnight slaves you deserve this party. If you were a helper during the day you deserve this party. If you stood in the parking lot below us and looked through the window to see that we were there you don't really deserve the party ... but we want you here anyway!!

Bring something to eat & drink if you'd like, but bring enough for all. Let's do this party right! As this is happening the weekend before Halloween you can bring cider and spooky treats and we can do it up haunt style. We're even going to have pumpkins about for you to admire, and you're welcome to bring your own GOURDgeous creation in. Carve one, paint one, draw a picture of one, but bring in your orange treasure to share with one and all. Look on the Yahoo group and CNW Forum for info about the pumpkin contest (which is also the homework for OCT).

Party party party!!! Speaking of parties, who had a GREAT time at Maureen's Mad Hatter Party? I DID!! I DID!! This is always a highlight event and worth being at every time. Funny hats aplenty adorned every head. Campfires and good food warmed us all. Laughter around the table and the hot tub made the night inviting. Then there was this boring bit where I did a magic show for everyone (kidding). Then more campfires and fun!! If you weren't able to attend then you MUST make it a priority next time around. I think there will be some pictures to see here in Penstuff or online or both. They will be somewhere and you'll see them and all will be good.

Got your shades on? Well, even though summer has ended it's a good idea 'cause the future of CNW looks bright indeed. Can't divulge too much just now, it's a lot of hush hush until the deals are done, but believe you me it's gonna be great. Know what else is great? Our CNW Website!! Georgia Ball has really put the work into the site and it shows. If you've not seen it recently, you should. Many thanks for the work Georgia!! Also great is the Toonie Awards that are really just around the corner. There's still time for that so we'll talk more later, but start thinking about it!

That's it for this month. I've a lot to do and not much time to do it all. Looking forward to seeing you all on the 22nd. Contact me if you need more info and stuff.

Contact: Scott Alan, President

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by Scott Alan

November 2005 

Greetings all my cartoon pals. Here it is, another column of stuff by me. Let me begin with some congrats and accolaides once again to everyone who participated in Spawns and those that were rewarded for doing so. You guys are great!! CNW has plans in the works to make sure that more of these sorts of fun events for us to all be a part of, so stay tuned for that. Another praise also to Dick Rogers for the fantastic look and read of Penstuff in OCT! I heard a lot of great things from a lot of people. Keep up the good work.

Now, as we've just taken the time to look back, let's look ahead. Ahead to the month of December and the annual CNW Xmas party!! This thing is always a hoot and you're all invited to come and hoot along with us! We'll do this very much like we did for the Spawns wrap party except without the formal awards presentation. That means bring food and drinks to share with everyone. We'll also have our annual "White Elephant Gift Exchange". Bring along a wrapped up something to add to the pile and we'll all take turns picking from the pretty papers for a gift, trading that with another gift we like better, and having a lot of fun in the process. Same time and place as the regular meeting, just a festive atmosphere. If you're lucky I'll wear my elf outfit again. You know you want me to.

Tapping into the spiritual world we look even further into the future and see it's time to get your minds around another of CNW's most important events. The annual CNW Elections. This will be here before we know it, and there's stuff to think about before it gets here. The elections are simple ... well, at least they're simpler than the Florida elections were. Come to the meeting in Jan. and nominate your favorite person to be the next CNW President then cast your vote for who you'd like to see get the gig. You can vote for me (yup, I'm crazy enough to try one more time), or anyone else who is running. What? No one else has announced they're running? Really? Wow! That's going to make things easy for me! Unless we get other nominations in the next two months. If you think I'm the right dude for the gig then run for office and ask people to cast a vote to say so. If not, then you need to get choose another name from the hat and make sure that the candidates are put in their place. So to speak.

Now, it's time to talk about the big event. I have to take a moment out to remind all of you that 2006 is a big year for CNW and we need to celebrate it as such. This year is our SILVER ANNIVERSARY!!! That's right, CNW turns 25 years old in 2006 and that's HUGE!!! We need to make sure that we mark the occasion in as big a way as we can and give our illustrious group the proper respect and appreciation it deserves for reaching this age. HOW? Simple. We can do that at our annual Toonie Awards Banquet!!! This is going to be THE place to have a silver anniversary! WHY? Well, not only is it the perfect venue for such an event, it's also going to be the 15th annual Toonie Awards celebration which gives us twice as much reason to celebrate!!! Two great events on one great night!

Think about this a sec. 25 years of CNW. WOW! A club like ours by definition alone usually only has a shelf life of about 5 years (10 if they're dedicated) before people get frustrated, give up, close down, and move on. It's because of the dedication, loyalty, friendship, and fortitude of all of you, our members, that we've reached this age as an organization. That's sooooooooooo cool!!! We should all be as excited about this as I am, and I am quite excited about it. This is big! This is important! Let's make sure that everyone knows that! Let's celebrate to the success of CNW!!!

Cripes! That's a lot of great stuff on deck for CNW's future and I didn't even list all of it. We're working hard on the official staff to make CNW even bigger and better than it's ever been. Good news is that it's working. Bad news is... well, not a lot is bad right now really. That's good. Things may be moving slow, but the foundation of the future is being built strong and once that's done the sky is the limit. Stay with us and see for yourself!!

Contact: Scott Alan, President

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by Scott Alan 

December 2005 

'Twas some nights before Christmas as I sat in my house Wishing I had created Bugs Bunny or Mickey Mouse
A poor cartoonist I; waiting for fame can seem unfair
When you see the success of others already there

The Children all love the flashy merchandise
Bearing characters created by really famous guys
While I at my light board who's not really a name
Struggle to earn a paycheck let alone fame

So I sulk off to bed on a cold winters night
For once meeting a deadline before mornings light
When suddenly I see something by the tv
A seven page newsletter and it's addressed to me

I thought for a moment to add this to the trash
But instead tore open the bindings and read the front splash The moon through the window in front of me shown but the Lamp on my table offered a more readable glow

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But news of an art group that was local ... quite near!
A meeting was scheduled for tomorrow it claimed
All artists were welcome in spite of their fame.

Quite rapidly made I plans to attend the next night
I saw I would soon make some friends
John Lustig! Liz Pankey! Bill Barnes and Maureen!
Dick Rogers! Ron Austin! and more could be seen!

To the table they sat me and all asked my name
Then from all about the room introductions they came
That there is Bill Morse who can seem sometimes shy
John Lustig's our leader and one hell of a guy!

Then upon the hour the clock it did ring
And order was called with "Let's start this thing!"
The meeting began as I sat there quite keen
To learn more about this group and the cool things I've seen

Soon the guest speaker finished and the meeting would close but just before that happened, another man rose
He was dressed kinda shabby, from his head to his foot,
And his clothes looked as though he had slept in a brook

His eyes had a sparkle of something quite different
Then I turned to a member and asked "Who the heck is it?" "Why, that's jolly old man" the regular member did claim
"He's a funny old guy, Vic Stredicke's his name!"

He was chubby and plump, a right jolly old elf,
And I laughed when I saw him, in spite of myself;
A wink of his eye and a twist of his head,
Soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread;

He spoke to us all about raffles and such
But when we spoke alone I learned quite a bunch
Cartoonists Northwest is the place you should be
If your famous like some, or just starting out you see

It's a place for us all to come together and share
A place to love art without worry or care
Things such as fame, fortune, success are old hat
For the friends you make here will be better than that

His words they rang true and I must now confess
Without my friends in CNW I'd not have my success
From newbie to president; from amateur to pro
If it weren't for this group, for these friends, who's to know?

In my years with this group I've learned quite a bit
Which I now offer as wisdom to any who'll have it
You can make it alone and have success and a name
But without close friends to help you it's just not the same

For old members, new comers, and all those in between
Many of our stars brightly shine while some are yet to be seen. In this group you'll gain more than lessons of how to use PC or pen
You'll learn how to be a great artist with the help of good friends

The close of the year tends to make me reflect
And I write this so all can remember and connect
With the feeling of friendship, camraderie, and care
That are the reasons why our group above all is still there.

So here's to us members of Cartoonists Northwest
We may not be the only club out there, but to me we're the best!

Contact: Scott Alan, President

Not just toons, ScotttoonS! Visit to see the work of Scott Alan, performer and freelance cartoonist.