by John Lustig

January 2004

This is election month. Forget about that silly election for President of the United States. That won't be months and months - and, quite frankly, it's can't be that important or it wouldn't be scheduled during the premier of fall TV shows.

No, the really important election takes place this month in Seattle when voters decide who claims the ultimate glory and ascends to the Olympian heights of political godhood. In short, we elect the CNW president for 2004.

At the moment, I still haven't decided if I'm running for re-election. Frankly, I'd be happy
to sit this one out. Maybe there's somebody waiting in the wings - desperately plotting to grab the presidency away from me. Gosh, I hope so.

The only reason I'm even thinking of running is that CNW has a certain amount of momentum right now. Good things are happening. And right now I'm not convinced that
we have the people in place to make sure that those good things continue.

Whomever is president in 2004 has some interesting challenges and opportunities ahead. Our membership is up and continues to increase. More people are attending CNW meetings. Enthusiasm is up. Money is still sorta tight, but we're not spiraling into a black hole anymore. In other words, things are actually getting better. Now how do we make 'em better?

Or to put it another way, what 's happened to make things better and how can we build on that? The answer: Publicity. Publicity. And more publicity.

In the last two years, we started sending out press releases about upcoming meetings; we staffed tables at local comic book conventions and promoted CNW membership; we printed CNW promo flyers (with lists and dates of upcoming CNW speakers) and distributed them to comic shops and dens of infamy; and, of course, we held the Spawns of Insomnia a 24- hour-comics marathon which attracted many new members and garnered us a lot of press coverage.

We need to continue doing all those things; do 'em more often; and do 'em better. We also need to promote our members and let people know we're a talented group! Most of all, we've got to be willing to try new things to improve the group.

If I do run for re-election it'll be to address my biggest failure. I simply haven't delegated enough. We need to have more people helping out. This is critical. We've got too few people doing too many things. If we lose one of those people, boom--we're in trouble.

So, if I am re-elected, I actually promise to do LESS and delegate more. So vote for me at your own peril, because I'll be asking more of you to help out and take charge.

See ya at the meeting.



by Scott Alan

February 2004

Dear John, how I hate to write...

Actually, that's not true, I really enjoy writing, but for my first "presidential prattle" article I figured a "Dear John letter" would be appropriate. I do want to take the moment to acknowledge John Lustig once again, and say thanks for the time and effort he's put in as president. I've only really been a member of CNW for just about a year and some change, but I've seen him do good things that have helped us all move forward some, even if you may not be aware of it. Don't worry for him though, he'll still be around and active with the group in his own way, and I'm glad of that.

As for my term as president, well...YOU ASKED FOR IT!!! It's mine...ALL MINE! At last I have the power! I am invincible! Mwaaa ha ha ha ha ha ha!! Urhum, uh...excuse me, had to have my moment there. Truth of it is that I'm happy to be chosen as leader of the pack for a while, and I'm sure that you'll all have a good time watching me stumble along trying to figure out what it is I'm supposed to do. I'm not really sure myself, but it's gonna be a hoot trying to figure it out. I've some plans in the works already for some great things (I hope) but my greatest obstacle right off is that I don't really know you all that well, and therefore, I've no idea what hidden talents you all may have that CNW could tap as valuable resources.

There may be one of you that is a born accountant. Another could turn out to be the best PR go getter we know. We could have a closet homicidal maniac in our midst just urning to break that door down, raise their mutilating weapon of choice and...well, you get the idea. I plan to involve more of us members in more things, and delegation is a great way to do that. So, LET ME KNOW! If you've a project, an idea, a suggestion of any kind, TELL ME! PLEASE! While our gatherings are great (and they really are) I feel the more involved you are the more fun you can have, so let me know what you think or what you want to try and we'll see if we can fit you in somehow. I'll be bringing the "suggestion box" to meetings for your ideas, or you could just come over and talk to me. I'll even open my e-mail address for you all to contact me at any time! How much more convenient can I make it??

Meanwhile, our group will move forward as it's done so before, and I'll do my best to do as well as some leaders before me, and better than the others. I welcome your insights (even if you think that I suck, let me know. I may not agree with you, but at least we're on the same page), encourage your talents, and look forward to this year as your new President.

I think a wise young man once said it best when he said: "Hail to the King, baby!".

Contact: Scott Alan, President

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by Scott Alan

March 2004

Top o' th mornin' to ya! ... and other such Irish type holiday greetings.

Your fearless leader here again for another column of fun and information. Here we are, one month into my reign of terror, er, presidency and already we have survived a major event and have another on the way! Yes my friends, the second annual Emerald City ComiCon has come and gone and what a show it was! After a small amount of confusion, the CNW table got up and running for all to see. We had lots of stuff for people to browse, and many Penstuffs to give away. Better still, we managed to get a few new members signed up as well. To those members I say WELCOME and happy to have you here.

That's not all though, because our own big event, the Toonie Awards, is just around the corner. In fact, by the time you get this newsletter we'll only have about a week or so until the event! That's not a lot of time, and it's even less time if you haven't voted yet. WHY HAVEN'T YOU VOTED YET?? What are you waiting for??? Well, if you are waiting for some reason, you only have until MARCH 19th to vote. Ballots for the Toonies will be available at the meeting that night just to make it easy for you too, so no excuses for you Mr. & Mrs. lazybones. Voting is not the only great thing about the Toonies though, we'll have our annual auction with lots of goodies, our guest speaker will be Mike Grell, AND you get to play with clay! You know you want to be there!!

Another great event for us in March will be our monthly meeting. Our guest speaker on the 19th will be none other than Mr. Phil Foglio (I'm excited for this one) which is something not to be missed. For the month of APRIL, however, we're gonna do something a bit different. We're going to have a creative planning meeting for upcoming events, and a creative workshop too. Mostly I'll be babbling on and on and then we get to draw. How cool is that? I want to take a moment now to thank a great many of you for all of the suggestions that you've given me for things to do in our club. I'm really looking forward to doing some more "hands on" type things in our group, and have been given many ideas of what to do by many of you, which is awesome. Do you think I said many enough yet?

Okay, okay, So, this month, look forward to another great guest speaker at our meeting, the Toonie Awards just after that, and for April be sure to bring your enthusiasm, your ideas, and your drawing and coloring sticks of choice 'cause we're going to have a great ol' time!

Well, I have to go now, I have to meet with a subliminal ad executive for a second.

Contact: Scott Alan, President

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by Scott Alan

April 2004

My dear CNW friends:

I’ve some very sad news. My wife & I have hit some hard financial times resulting in a bankruptcy and other legal woes. As a result of this, my time has been stolen away from me, my wallet has been dangerously emptied, we’re barely hanging on to our home ... bottom line is that I’m just no longer able to maintain my presidency with CNW. In fact, things are bad enough just now that I’m going to have to leave all together with no idea of when I can be back. This really saddens me, as my time with CNW has been the best, and I’m truly sorry to you all.

Sorry you fell for it!!!

APRIL FOOL’s day may have been a few weeks before this publication, but it was after the deadline for article submission, so I had to get you all anyway! Okay, this really was a gag, and I’m really fine. If anyone actually worried just then, I’m sorry. All in good fun you know. Guinn & I are fine, I just played up our situation a bit for the joke. If you can't laugh at yourself, what's the point, eh? I suppose the best joke of all is that I’m staying! I will remain CNW president for as long as you’ll have me, and CNW member for as long as I can. So there!!!

Okay okay. On a more serious note, I want to say thanks again to Phil and Kaja Phoglio for last months fantastic meeting. I had a great time, and I know that others did as well. Thanks to everyone for the Toonie Awards!! I know it was a lot of hard work to put together and organize, so those folks need some special credit. Thanks to all who voted for my clay mini me and helped me win that god awful, er, um...I mean, lovely trophy that is now the pride of my home decorations. Also, thanks especially to Elizabeth Pankey. Even though you endured some playful teasing right at the end, Guinn & I are truly grateful to you. Thanks!!

To those of you that have not yet looked to the CNW Yahoo! group for this info, this months meeting is going to be great!! We’re honored to have our own Roberta Gregory come in and speak to us about many a great thing and how she does it all. Also, we are going to have our first creative workshop (at least the first one under my lead). I’m probably more excited about this than the rest of you will be, but that’s because you know so little about it, eh? Well, I did that on purpose to help build suspense. What you need to know is that this will be a moment for you to put your creative talents to work. Bring bright colored markers (Sharpie is good) that will transfer well to foam core board, and be ready to draw. Those that don’t draw (that’s you John) will have to just read aloud from page 27 in your textbook while the rest of us have fun.

That’s it for now! C-ya on the 16th!!!!

Contact: Scott Alan, President

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by Scott Alan

May 2004

¡Saludos y Cinco feliz de Mayo de su presidente! Esperanza era buen para todos los ésos fuera allí de ese lo celebra.

HA! Okay, that says greetings and happy Cinco de Mayo from your President! Hope it was a good one for all of those out there that celebrate it!! I found an online translator that let me do that, on account of I'm not so clever that I can speak another language without one. It may not be an accurate or literal translation, but hey, it was done by a computer and is as good as you can get, eh?

Going back to April for a moment, I want to say THANKS again to Roberta Gregory for coming to our meeting, showing off her cartoons, and indulging our questions. Also, thanks to all of you that added your art to our new display board. It was kinda slow for a creative jam, but there are some great images on this thing that'll look fab displayed on our table at conventions. There is still plenty of space left for more creativity, and that means that I'll be bringing the board back to this next meeting, and the one after, and the one after, and so on until we fill it to the gills with all sorts of great art from all of our great talent!

Now, in May, we can look forward to a meeting that's a bit different from before. We've been focusing a lot on the comic book genre lately, which is great for us comic book artists, but not all of us here are so. Some of us work in comic strips, some work in computers, others are caricaturists, and others are just drawing for the fun of it with no "real" purpose in mind. We are all artists though (well, except for John Lustig - he he he) and no matter what your genre, we all could use some advise and wisdom from the business end of things, eh? To this end we‚ve arranged to have a nice man from Port of Seattle, who used to work for the Seattle Times and does public relations, come to this months meeting to discuss PR skills. This should be very useful and interesting stuff, I'll be sorry to miss it.

That‚s right my friends, I'll not be there to chair the meeting this month. I will be far, far away in Williamsburg, VA doing things that are mostly completely unrelated to anything CNW all together. But I'll be thinking of you, yes I will, and not just in a smarmy or perverted way either. You know I love ya Vic! He he, okay, I gotta jet (literally) outta here. This will be my very first time on a commercial airline ever you know, and I'm a little nervous about it. Lucky for me I always pack my luck box cutter with the happy face on it, and my realistic M-16 water pistol, and my official "Crocodile Dundee" bowie knife, and my book of "1001 completely unnecessary and obnoxious airline jokes" to pass the time, and my ...

Contact: Scott Alan, President

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by Scott Alan

June 2004

That's third bell class, please be seated. It's time for today's lesson, so everyone's assignment is to be sure to read Elizabeth's article this month on rudeness. Really.

What an exciting time for us lately, hmmm? It seems that while the teacher is away the substitute gets "the treatment" from the otherwise well behaved students. I spent some time getting all the facts just right, so just for those that don't know what's up, I'll sum up you. Our last meeting had is usual after meeting gathering at the Hurricane Cafè. We ignored the "please wait to be seated" sign at the front of the cafè, as usual. This made the manager pissy, and his pissy attitude made one of our members pissy. There was a mild altercation and we were evicted as a group for the night. That's it. I spoke with the manager at the Hurricane, to get his "side" of the event and apologize on behalf of CNW. Basically he said it was cool, but he didn't care if we ever came back. With an attitude like that, I can't see why we'd want to.

Hey, no worries, really. This stuff happens, and the worst of it all is we can't go back. This is not a loss to me as I've been pitching to leave there for a while now, and this just forces our hand for leaving. That means that it's now "go time" folks. I've been looking for alternate eating place suggestions for months now, and have had only ONE suggestion! That's no good. If you expect to keep up the tradition of meeting after the meeting for social and networking opportunities, you'd all better come up with an option or two and quick. Otherwise that part of our monthly meets will be over for good, and I don't want to see that happen. Criteria for a new place: Local (like just as or nearly as close as the Hurricane to the school), affordable (we're most of us starving artists as is), and SMOKE FREE! That's just better for everyone all around. I'd like to find something with free parking too, but hey, it's Seattle so I'll take what I can get. Good hunting!

For the next meeting in June, our special guests will be Scott Ball & Georgia Ball. Also, I will have the floor for some time with something that needs our attention ... the return of Spawns of Insomnia!!! Bum bum buuuuuum!! It's not that far off and we need to plan, so get thinking of it and be prepared to speak of it next meeting.

That's it for now. Please remain seated until the bell rings, then you may all leave in an orderly manner to the principals office for a paddlin'! Oooooh, love that paddle!

Contact: Scott Alan, President

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by Scott Alan

July 2004

Whooooweee! What a time we've had! With the effects of Hurricane Toonie behind us, it's time to deal with the future, and the mess that the storm left behind. It's going to be an exciting time for us and it seems that we're already on the Ball (thanks much to both Scott & Georgia for a fantastic meeting last month) and ready for the grand adventures that lay ahead.

Though we leave the rubble of our old cafe behind, our first time away from the usual spot was good. We had fun and the food was fine, but let's bring ideas to the meeting for an after meeting place this month as well if only for the sake of diversity. I really think this would be a great idea and help us to find just the right place to call home. We're off to a fantastic start (thanks Bill) but I want to be sure that the place is just right for a crazy group like ours. Keep the ideas coming, be ready with directions of how we should all caravan to the new place, and we'll stake our claim soon.

The fun doesn't stop there, however, as I've been awake all night planning and plotting for Spawns of Insomnia 2! As of the time of this publication, I've managed to have some small (but very welcomed) success concerning our "event staff" volunteers and hit a ginormous, hugeantic wall as well. There's not really enough space to get into it here, nor do I have all of the info just yet, so I'll be letting you all in on what I know at the meeting and make a full report to Penstuff for the July issue. Anyone who is able to is always welcome to visit our Yahoo! Group regularly and look for my posts there too.

Meanwhile, I'm also negotiating a filming project with a local community college that should provide some great press for us and some fun interviews of our members. As for our next meeting, we're ALL going to be quite honored to have our special guest speaker be Zan from Prism Comics - who's newest project is a resource guide to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) comics creators with original articles and interviews, creator bios, art samples, online resource listings and more. This is just a bit out of the "normal" for our speakers, but I feel this'll be a fantastic meeting all the same!

So, LOTS of stuff on the horizon for our nomadic band of crazy artistic types who are forced to travel the land of Sea-att-el in search of a new place to call home. Taking monthly refuge in a cave on the SVC we're always moving forward (away from the zombies) in search of new adventures, all sorts of fun, good food, and some flat cleansurface to draw our doodles on!

Contact: Scott Alan, President

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by Scott Alan

August 2004

For this column I want to say thanks again to ZAN from Prism comics who gave us a fantastic and informative presentation, and some really nifty swag too. Those who attended had nothing but nice things to say about it Zan (at least to my face) and I know that I enjoyed my time as well. There were some other things that some of you missed out on as well, but those that visit the CNW Yahoo! Group may have this info already. If you do, here we go again ...

Elizabeth Pankey just became a gran-mommy for the first time, and the kid is just adorable. If you ask her, I'm sure that she'll give you all the stats that you'll ever need, so I'll just say that Kyle Porter Steele (still love that name) is a wonderful addition to the world and the Pankey family. Well, at least until he becomes a teenager and starts stapling himself, speaking slang, listening to noise (what you used to call music) and having trouble pulling his pants up. Yeah, until then he's just a bundle of joy! he he he

John Lustig showed off his new line of Last Kiss note cards (very cool indeed) while Kathy Biever passed out a massive stack of past issues of Penstuff dating back to July 1990! That's great for me because I got the large stack of leftovers and now I know all your secrets! - sinister chuckle - Then I offered up the URL of my new online store where you can go to buy stuff with my art on it. I take requests, so take a look and let me know what you think. Maybe even buy something, that'd be great too. -- see, I remembered the .com! All this and some job offers as well!

WHAT!? Job offers?!? Yeeah, see what happens when you miss a meeting 'cause you think it'll be lame! I'm just teasing, I'm sure you all had important stuff to do. There were some notices made for a need for artists though, and I'll run an ad or two here in the newsletter to tell you about them. Go look for 'em.

Gearing up for the months ahead, we've got our very own past prez and swell guy Kevin Brockschmidt in to talk with us for the August meeting! He hasn't been our speaker since August of 1999! You WON'T wanna miss this one! After that is Famous person Randy Emberland, and somewhere in the middle we'll find time for another CNW SHOW & TELL!! That's right, you can show me, & I promise not to tell. Bring in what you got that you wanna flaunt or other things to express yourself with and grab you 15 minutes of fame in front of your peers who may or may not laugh at you. We've still lots of time before the big show, so get your ducks in a row! Me, I'm getting the duck outta here and flying south to see what the hubbub is all about. I hope my arms are strong enough to make the trip.

Contact: Scott Alan, President

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by Scott Alan

September 2004

Wowie! It was Kev!! Kev Brockschmidt that is. We had the distinct pleasure of his company at our last meeting, and it was grand. He gave us a fabulous show and tell of his career and how he got to be the wild and crazy guy he is today! It was a fine adventure indeed, and a great look into the life of a great artist. Thanks for being with us KEV!!!

Speaking of show and tell, it's time once again for CNW to have one as well!!! Hey look, I rhymed! Here's another one:

That's 4 lines from a lazy poet. HA!

Okay, okay, enough of that. We were talking about the next meeting and our CNW Show & Tell!! I'm not really a poet, but some of you may be! OR you may have some other sort of great and hidden talent that you'd like to share. OR there might be this fantastic thing that you have that you've been dying to show everyone but didn't know when or where you should do that. Well, this is your time and our next meeting is the place!! If you've got something to flaunt, you should be at the next meeting and be prepared to strut your stuff.

Now, I've noticed that it's been summer lately, and that many of you have been out and about enjoying the 20 days or so of sunshine that we get here in Seattle. Because of this there haven't been many of you at the meetings lately, and that's okay, who am I to deny our members some fun in the sun? Still, you've missed some great guests and some memorable moments - like Vic giving away FREE raffle tickets! Oh that's right, he really did that, and he may well never do it again. I know because he said he wouldn't. Many of you haven't even seen our new room yet (room 106 lately) which is a lot like our old room only without having to worry about getting trapped in the elevator.

SO, by all means go out and enjoy your time, but don't forget your friends here at CNW. There's a lot of great things coming up for our little group that you'll want to be a part of. I'm also in need of someone suave, someone savvy, someone with connections who can take over as guest speaker coordinator. If you think you're the right one for the job, get in touch and let me know. This may be your chance to have our monthly meetings be about what you want to hear! Otherwise it may just be me blathering on and on and on on and on and on on and on and on on and on and on -- getting sick of it yet? -- on and on and on on and on and on on and on and on --well, you get the point.

Contact: Scott Alan, President

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by Scott Alan

October 2004

We were hoping to find some treasure, instead we found a moment of terror.

It was a late afternoon only a few weeks ago. The sky was just a bit overcast as the sun set on the horizon making the natural light in the room dim and kind of spooky. Sitting on the sofa with my wife and having conversations with my two brothers who were seated across the room, there was much joking and frivolity that evening. During the jocularity, events led to my wife dropping her wedding ring on the couch. In our scrambles to recover it, the elusive golden band found its way into the crevasse between the cushions and took a dive into the bowels of the sofa belly.

Reaching into the space where the ring fell was futile and only resulted in the small treasure scrambling deeper into the crack. Kicking up the footstool of the built in recliner, one of my brothers attempted to reach under the couch to get the ring. After a few moments of digging in the dark and feeling around the woodwork he came out empty handed. Slightly distressed at the idea of only being able to enjoy her wedding band while sitting on it, my wife began to feel as though all was lost. I stepped in and suggested that as the ring was heading south according to the laws of gravity, we should tip the sofa over making the bottom, and thus the ring, easier to get to.

So my two brothers and I, with little effort, took hold of the cushioned container and tilted the bottom skyward. Many lost and forgotten items can be found by lifting a sofa. Loose change, lost art pens, nail clippers, even the odd insect here and there. But alas, there was no ring on the carpet. Logically, it must have still been stuck in the framework, but to get into the underbelly of the sofa we needed to cut open the black mesh that acted as a base. I retrieved my xacto blade and began the dissection. That's when my life became a horror movie.

As if from the mind of George Romero or Steven King, the open incision of the ebony curtain spilled forth a crawling menagerie of spiders! At first, about 10 creeping intruders emerged, but when we removed the entire mesh we saw the sofa alive with about 30 to 50 arachnids of all shapes and sizes running about and heading right for us. Stomping on them was not an option,as was the idea of collecting them by hand. There was a shrill girlish scream in the air followed by my wife running for cover into the back bedroom. I then stopped screaming and ran after her to the closet for a can of Raid. Now armed for battle, I must have emptied the can onto the spider hive, covering many of the fuzzy eight legged intruders in a thick froth. I must have rid the world of at least 4 species of spider and squashed exactly 6 egg sacks!!

Later, after the carcasses had been vacuumed up and the poisoned dust had settled, we were all still in shock about what had happened. Thoughts of my brother having his hand in that den only moments before was truly disturbing, as were the thoughts of having sat and slept on that sofa not so long ago, or of ever sitting on the sofa again. Like an Indiana Jones movie come to life, we fought our way through the bugs and traps and did manage to recover my wifes lost treasure. Now, however, there is a weekly ritual at my home of getting dressed up in home made hazmat suits, arming ourselves with bug poison, and tipping the furniture over to confront any new invaders that work their way into our otherwise happy home.

This is a true story. I still get the heebie jeebies thinking of it, and sitting on the furniture in my home sometimes makes me twitch. I share this tale with you in the spirits of the holiday and wish you all a happy and creepy Halloween! ... Anyone want to buy a couch?

Contact: Scott Alan, President

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by Scott Alan

November 2004


I start this month with great gratitude and thanks to Steve Gallacci, our guest speaker for the October meeting. Just when I thought I’d have to do a tap dance and comedic routine to fill two hours of time, Steve arrived with a box of goodies and provided a fantastic presentation to us all. Thanks Steve! It was great!!

Now, some announcements. As this year starts to come to its end, I remind all of you that our annual CNW Christmas party is next month. For those that don’t know, this takes place at the usual room, at the usual time, on the 3rd friday of the month ... as usual. Members and guests are invited to attend, and all you have to do is bring a food to share, a wrapped gift if you’d like to participate in the gift exchange, and a festive spirit. Those that play the gift exchange game, remember. the best gifts tend to be art supplies and such fun things from your own studio that you’re tired of looking at and never use. Someone in the group is always looking for a good deal on the sort of thing that you don’t need anymore.

Also, the annual Toonie Awards are happening soon, and I’m seeking hands to head and help with this fantastic event. Bill Barnes wanted to head it this time around, but now he can’t. We always love Mo for the work that she does, and will always love her for helping again, but I’ll not pressure her into doing it. Someone let me know so the Toonies can happen as usual. This also brings to attention that our friend Bill Barnes has become very popular and rather busy, so he’s resigned from the role of VP to the club. Now I need a new one. I’m sure that I can survive until the next presidential vote without a VP, but should I get voted into office again, I’ll need the help. Anyone interested in being my right hand guy, or gal, should let me know and I’ll put you into the running to make my decision upon re-election. Even if I’m not re-elected, we’ll need a VP, so feel free to volunteer.

Aside from all that, I have to say that plans are currently in the works to make Spawns 2 happen. I know, I know, I’ve been saying that for a while, but we’ve seen a lot of adversity that has slowed things down a great deal. In the face of that adversity, however, some wheels are still moving and we’re getting closer to it. Keep reading here and on the CNW Yahoo! Group for more info about Spawns, another CNW art show, and many other great events to participate in. We’re going to make 2005 a great year for CNW!

SO. it’s another holiday! Time for all of us turkeys to go out and get stuffed gobbling up yummy food. Here’s an important tip, the best thing that you can make for Thanksgiving dinner is ... reservations!

Especially if you’re a bad cook like me!

Contact: Scott Alan, President

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by Scott Alan

December 2004

Christmas time is almost here, and in the air there's thoughts of fear!
Christmas shopping isnt done, crowds are rude, and the familys nearly here!
Actually, I'm into it okay, I have fun though it's not my favorite holiday.
So ring the bells and drag out the dickens, even though the prospect sickens

He he he! Or should that be Ho ho ho? Nah, I'll save that one for the other fat guy, no need to infringe on a copyright this close to the new year. Happy holidays to all my fellow CNW patrons that want to be festive, and all the others that don't but endure the season as it is anyway. We had a great time at our meeting last month making faces at one another thanks to our own Elizabeth Pankey who stepped up to the plate when I needed help and gave us a crash course in caricaturing. Woo boy, did I crash on that one too! But we had fun and I appreciate Elizabeth for schlepping all her gear over and giving us a great meeting.

This month will be just as much fun, 'cause this month is the annual CNW XMAS PARTY!!! Yeeeee Haaaaw! We'll be at the same place as always, (School of Visual Concepts room 204) at the same time as always, (start at 7 end at ??) only this won't be a run of the mill meeting, it'll be a holiday bash! Bring a potluck food item to share (starving artists need a free handout). Bring a wrapped gift for the gift exchange (something neat and artsy is good). Bring a fun and festive spirit. Bring friends and family! This one is open to everyone, and there's no room fee to have to fork over either. Look to the CNW Yahoo! Group for more last moment info, or you can contact me to figure out what's happening.

I look forward to December meetings 'cause they're lots of fun and we get a month off from worrying so much about club stuff. What club stuff to worry about? Well, our January meeting is also our club elections meeting! (vote for me!!) If you want to be on the elected staff (treasurer, secretary, VP or even president) then contact me and IÇll consider you for the gig if I'm reelected. After that are the Toonie Awards! A great event that you should already be planning for. Then there will be art shows and CNW member events of all sorts (if I'm elected) to take part in, which means lots to plan for and worry about!!!

But not now. Now is just the time to share the holiday spirit with your fellow CNW loons. This little elf has plans to be there and share the mirth and merriment with you all in a fun, festive, joyous way that's gonna make you warm and fuzzy inside. Gotta do something to get off the naughty list anyway.

Contact: Scott Alan, President

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