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President: Dawn, Secretary: Grace,Jane, Assistants: Christie, Abby,Didi & Mandy, Main members: Danielle, Koman

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- The pictures for the Easter Egg Competition

-Take the Will you get married??? quiz

-Cartoon club creator's very own BLOG!


-New poll and cool stuff in the cartoonclub blog

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- Sharing your drawings, to share you r drawing with the world!

-A place for cartoonclub members (you can add stuff!

- New magic videos (you can win stuff!)


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Cartoonclub is a club for you to create your own cartoon characters,make them famous. You can play with us, join competitions and win cool prizes.You can write books and create your own webpage too! JOIN NOW!Look at the picture!

It's the small club in Cartoonclub---Rusty key club

Try this brand-new website made: www-cartoonclub.blogspot.com

Go to Characters to find out more cartoonclub cartoon characters! This is one of them: (She's Lucy Yoyo Zo from The english girls club, you can join it! Go to Small clubs or see more characters, Click here

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Polls: #1:Do you like cartoonclub?

The votes: Yes:8 No: 1

The yes ones wins!


Polls: #2: Did you join cartoonclub?


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The yes ones wins!

  Poll:#3 Which creation do you vote?
 The votes: The electric rainbow: 4
                      Three coloured cube:3
                     Sun cube:1              The flamey flower:2
 The electric rainbow is the most popular!