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5 - Maps visualization

Visualization (very general)

-          Various possibilities, e.g.

o        File >>> New “Link Many” (*.lm)

o        Serves to link the electrode configuration *.xyz with an *.eph to see the channel names and see

§         preliminary electric field maps

§         Visualize statistical differences with t-maps  etc. pp.


-          If you want to illustrate ERPs in a figure only from selected electrodes you can

o        Call the *.eph or a *.lm

o        Click on the electrodes you want (hold the CTRL-button if more than one)

o        Choose “Tools” >>> Export Tracks

o        Gives you an *.ep which you can read into Excel for graph making. Likewise, exporting IS, GFP or any type of file as an .ep allows to compute correlations, to generate figures, etc. in excel.

TIP: Exporting also allows to re-filter, downsample, concatenate the files, if necessary…