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The Cartool Community site and discussion group are dedicated to the users of the Cartool Software, from the Functional Brain Mapping Lab:
  • The Cartool Community (this site) is actually a Google Sites, a user editable Web site containing the User's Guide, FAQs, files etc...
  • The Discussion group is a separate Google Groups holding the Discussions forum. You shouldn't bother, though, as you can access it seamlessly from the Cartool Community site.

Cartool Community site

This site is made from contributions from anybody wishing to share some knowledge of the use of Cartool for a specific task. So basically, either in the User's Guide or in the FAQs. There is also a Files section for files needed for the most common operations.

To make things easier, the Cartool Discussions is embedded into this website, so you shouldn't have to go to the separate Discussion group.

For the moment, an administrator of the site has to manually add new contributors to the site, so if you are not already registered, please just send a mail to Cartool-Medecine@unige.ch.

Cartool discussion group

You can not join this Google Groups on its own anymore. In fact, by registering to the Cartool Community and Cartool Licence agreement, you will be automatically added to the group.

Copyright stuff

Cartool Community

by Denis Brunet, University of Geneva, Switzerland, is licensed under a

 Creative Commons
Attribution - Noncommercial - Share Alike
3.0 License

  • By registering to this group, you accept the above Creative Commons licence. It roughly means you are still free to use your contributions, as well as the others', as long as there is a proper citation.

  • The license applies to this group and all its content (text, images, videos, data, and all other sorts of contributions).

  • Citation to this community work should be done to the group itself, and not to the individual contributors. It should contain at least the group name and its web address, f.ex.:

    "Source: the Cartool Community group, sites.google.com/site/cartoolcommunity <optional: the page title and address, its date or version>"

  • Make sure, when adding content, that you really hold the rights to it (i.e. you are including your work, not another's, or that this third person gave you an explicit authorization).

  • Be aware that the Cartool Reference Guide, being part of the Cartool distribution, has a different CC-by-nc-nd licence. Which, among other things, means you can only cite without altering nor modifying its content.

    So you can include parts of the Reference Guide in the Cartool Community group, but without any modification whatsoever and with proper attribution.