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1 - Running Cartool

What is a good graphic card for Cartool?

You can't really go wrong nowadays, they all perform very well. Still, the important points are:

  • OpenGL is mandatory.
  • Number of triangles per second, 3D Textures and memory bandwidth at the highest as you can offer.
  • However, try to remain in the mainstream, exotic cards don't receive driver updates very often, which is an important point.

It is difficult to provide an up-to-date list, but anything above a NVidia 8600 or 9600, or ATI/AMD FireGL V5600 should do the job.

Personally, I tend to prefer NVidia over ATI/AMD.

One last point: just forget about the über-crappy Intel Q965 Chipset and the like, they are finely tuned for grand-mothers with a broken arm, they suck like hell. Please do yourself a favor, buy a real graphic card!

On what machine can I run Cartool?

Cartool is a Windows-only software, it can run under:

  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 (previously on Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, but not guaranteed anymore);
  • Mac machines through the  Parallels  software (though you might have to set the Preferences to not use 3D textures);
  • Maybe under Linux with  Wine  emulation?

Apart from that, you need as much as possible RAM memory (4GB+), and it doesn't hurt to set your machine correctly, too..

I can not log anymore on the download page of Cartool... 

The registration is done through a Google account, so check you are actually logged into this account before downloading.


Which version of Cartool should I use?

Actually, you can use the Beta release most of the time.

The official release acts more like a fallback version. It is supposed to be a more thoroughly tested version you can use in case the Beta release has an annoying bug that gets in your way.


Does it make use of multi-cores / multi-threads?

It has a very rough multi-threads use, but for sure will not make full use of a multi-core... To really do this, we need to change the development platform, which is a heavy task.

I'd like to export the animation of the maps into a movie, is there an export movie? 

No, there is no export movie facility in Cartool, at the moment. So, you have to use an external utility like Camtasia / Snagit to get the movie screen capture. Try Google to have a list of what's available.