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Cartool is free

If you use Cartool for public research and non-commercial purposes.

In this case, you agree with the following
Creative Commons license (full legal code here).

Cartool is not free

If you are either working with private funding (private research), and/or using Cartool for some commercial purpose (making money through its use).

In either case, you will need an explicit agreement with us, through
UNITEC, the University of Geneva's Transfer of Technology office.


It is required to cite Cartool in subsequent publications, if it has been effectively used to process, manipulate or display the data. Likewise, the support for this software development must also be properly acknowledged (this is a lot of public money put into this software). Therefore, we ask to add the following sentence in the Acknowledgments section:

The Cartool software (cartoolcommunity.unige.ch) has been programmed by Denis Brunet, from the Functional Brain Mapping Laboratory (FBMLab), Geneva, Switzerland, and is supported by the Center for Biomedical Imaging (CIBM) of Geneva and Lausanne.

In addition, reference to Cartool within the Material and Methods section should be done in the following way:

The analysis was performed using the Cartool software by Denis Brunet (cartoolcommunity.unige.ch).

Thank you!


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