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Cartool Installation

Machine configuration

The optimal setup is to use a Windows PC:
  • The fastest PC you can get, running anything above Windows XP (so Vista, 7, 8, 10 are all OK)
  • Mandatory: an OpenGL-accelerated graphic card (with as much accelerated features as possible), set to 32 bits per pixel
  • Recommended: at least 8Gb of memory (more for a lot of MRIs)
  • Recommended: a screen of at least 1600x1200 pixels
  • Higly recommended: a mouse with 3 buttons

On Mac, Cartool seems to behave quite nicely under the Parallels VM. Just install it there.

How to install

(Note: You have to register first to have access to the download page)
  • First installation: run the 'Setup Cartool X.XX.exe' file (X.XX being the version number).
  • Upgrading: run the new 'Setup Cartool X.XX.exe' file, and select Repair from the installation menu.
  • Downgrading: in case you installed a Beta release and wish to go backward, in this case you have to uninstall Cartool first. Then run the desired setup file (unfortunately the Repair will not install backward to a previous version).

How to uninstall (why should you?)

  • There should be a Uninstall Cartool entry in the Windows menu of Cartool, just use it!
  • Run again the 'Setup Cartool X.XX.exe' file.
  • Choose Uninstall when asked between Modify / Repair / Uninstall.
  • Go to the Control Panel
  • Double click on the Add or Remove Programs, when the list of installed programs appears, select Cartool and click Remove.
  • The Cartool Installer is run again, but then choose Uninstall when asked between Modify / Repair / Uninstall.
  • But why do you want to disappoint me by uninstalling that nice piece of software?