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Cartool 5103 (Christmas Edition)

posted Dec 12, 2017, 5:42 AM by Cartool Software FBMLab   [ updated Dec 12, 2017, 5:46 AM ]

What's new:

  • Memory issues:
    • Found a way to increase the possible memory load of Cartool.
    • Also the RIS Computation toolbox has been revamped to be able to deal with multiple conditions at once with Resting States dataset.
  • Computing RIS files & Standardization:
    • Z-Score factors are now estimated through multiple resampling of the data
    • Also using more robust stats, to be less sensitive to artifacts
  • Bad Epochs detection !NEW!:
    • First version (tested but not finished) of a utility to help detect the bad epochs on EEG or RIS tracks.
    • Called from menu  Markers | Scanning for Bad Epochs
    • Basically flagging maps which electrodes have clearly a non-Gaussian distribution.
    • User can launch the automatic detection and specify a tolerance factor. It is recommended to then review the results to remove any possible overzealous flagging.
  • Segmentation:
    • If the  Bad Epochs  field is selected but left empty, then Cartool will use the new automatic detection (see above) to guess where the bad epochs are.
    • User can now Drag&Drop a complete directory, all the track files within it will be added as a new group.
  • Tracks Interpolation: a few fixes.