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Cartool 5000 Automn 2017 Edition

posted Oct 9, 2017, 9:50 AM by Cartool Software FBMLab
This is the 2017-10-09 edition.

What's new:

  • !New! MRIs Preprocessing toolbox:
    • Totally rewrote the old MRIs Preprocessing interface, now with a proper GUI and additional features!
    • A Presets list for the most common preprocessing cases, f.ex. before the creating Inverse Matrices.
    • It can now downsampling by targetting a given voxel size, f.ex. 1[mm]., or a given downsampling ratio.
    • Axis reorientation, to end up in a preferred orientation like the MNI space, or any other referential.
    • Sagittal Plane adjustment, so that the brain perfectly is as symmetrical as possible on the left-right axis.
    • MNI Transverse Plane adjustment, so that the brain transverse planes are in a well known referential.
    • Setting the MNI center, near AC, or setting a geometrical center.
    • Optionally doing the Skull Stripping, with a choice among 2 methods. Then applying the Bias Field Correction.
    • Current File Processing of Batch File Processing modes available.
    • Reference Guide has been written for this new toolbox.
  • Inverse Matrix Creation:
    • Solution Points can now optionally cover the whole brain, instead of the grey matter alone.
      This is often useful for brains like newborns, or for animals, for which the grey matter extraction might fail.
    • Slight improvement of the 3 Shells Lead Field model.
    • Improved the responsiveness of the Electrodes Coregistration.
    • Many fixes...
  • Toolbox to Compute Results of Inverse Solutions:
    • Updated the Reference Guide.
  • PCA Computation:
    • Toolbox to compute a robust PCA for EEG tracks. The main effort being on the robustness (Mahalanobis Covariance).
    • PCA can also be computed on the topographies alone, data being normalized beforehand.
    • ICA is a work in progress...
  • Plus many fixes (display, BrainVision files, Analyze files...)