Warehouse Racking Solution

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The carton flow racking systems are usually used in 3D storage systems to provide ultimate solution for the misuse of flexibility and resistance while picking heavy duty cartons. This racking system provides flow beds made of plastic or steel wheels for picking heavy boxes without changing their profile with the change in the size of boxes.

Gravity Conveyor

The carton flow racking is an ideal system for picking heavy cartons of hardware, canned goods and beverages etc. as 50 pounds per square foot is its overall rate of transferring load that impresses most of its users. The width and length of this 3D storage system can be made as per your requirements to provide beds to the retrofit in the existing as well as newly installed racks to convert them into carton flow racking systems. 

Warehouse Racking

The design of these beds allows them to use for picking the boxes of different weights and sizes along with enabling them to use the entire shelf to use it to its optimum capacity. The width of its rollers is also not fixed. All of its wheels work together to pick the aisle by rolling independently with excellent carton flow and unending flexibility. The carton flow racking systems at resent are available with both types of wheels, plastic and steel, from which you can choose as per the type of your load and suitability. Other benefits of carton flow system may include: 

Roller Gravity Conveyor

The typical range of load bearing capacity of carton flow system with plastic wheels is up to 35 pounds per square foot whereas with steel wheels it can manage the load up to 50 pounds per square foot. 

Their steel shaft running in the width of their beds provide added weight carrying and impact resistance capacity to your carton flow racking system.

Span Track

Their one piece welded beds with powder coated finish provide your system more durability. Additional tilt shelves and impact plates can be used to improve the carton accessibility of your system. Their snap-in wire dividers can optionally be used for the separation of products without any change in the flexibility of their width. 

Pallet Roller Track

These dividers can be virtually snapped in at any spot on the bed by adjusting it only with one hand.  Beds can be used with channels, angle beams and steps as they are available in various mounting styles. So while choosing a carton flow racking system you should focus on their features and benefits to find the best one. 

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