Watch About A Boy Online

watch about a boy online
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Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts On Saturday evening I went to the PICA Theatre to watch "The Adventures of Butt Boy and Tigger" by Outcast Theatre. It's an outrageously raunchy rollercoaster ride through online chatting, starring Felix Allsop and Angus Brown. Review by Neil Simpson: I have only once visited a gay club. This was something which I only gradually realised after half an hour of deciphering why so many males had turned up in lipstick and for what reason ‘Chicago’ kept being playing. The Adventures of Butt Boy highlights another method of gay dating, much of it revolving around an online ‘relationship’ between two men. It is commendable that we are offered an alternative script to some stereotyping regarding homosexuality; both characters are void of lipstick, fake wigs or any hint of campness. Their association at first revolves around their explorations into fantasies ranging from ‘shower scene’ to ‘First World War trench scene.’ These are occasionally over the top, and no punches are pulled with the dirty talk. More often than not however, the thrust of the sketches tends to be more about the well acted and often funny interaction between the characters. Yet despite Butt Boy and Tigger’s virtual bliss it soon becomes apparent that no one can hear emotional screams in gay cyberspace; sexual satisfaction being dominant (literally) to love. As a result the play is not simply about sex - although you’d be forgiven for thinking it was – and takes a look into the emotional consequences of thinking through one’s loins. Going slightly too far at times with the onstage physical passion, this is an entertaining and imaginative look into a shrouded issue of modern sexual culture.
Real Life on my Laptop?
Real Life on my Laptop?
I couldn't get away, to watch my son's Playoff game--Western Oregon U. vs. Whitman College, but I found out it was available online. So while the TV showed the Mavericks-Nuggets game in high-def, I was glued to my MAC, watching these tiny pixels battle in a double-overtime barnburner, with my Wolves winning 10-9 in the final seconds!! So much better than an NBA game, and so good to hear your own son's name--"great take-away by Jack Davis..." Finally, it's so amazing to share this, and then to get a grab off the desktop, the kid getting ready to kiss the trophy-- I think I'll take the day off from my job at Spaceley Sprockets, get Astro the dog, and go cruise the star system in my Transmogrifier. Welcome to the Few-Chah!

watch about a boy online
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