The Watch Boys Straps

the watch boys straps
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INDY CRAFTS: The Satchel Strap
INDY CRAFTS: The Satchel Strap
Dig Indy Crafts? Then read on! Still working on the Hasbro Indy details that drive me bonkers. Totally small details that make a big difference. Can you believe that on the package the strap for the satchel shows the buckle thing in front w/ the buttons out on the bag flap. All of the whippers have the strap sewn on wrong! Extra bonus points if that made sense to you. Fixed that right up w/ some brown thread, a needle, and a seam ripper. Next time on Indy Crafts The Series: Saga of the tan gloves
PLAY BOY-The Five Time Zone Watch
PLAY BOY-The Five Time Zone Watch
Style Number: JC - MPLAYPDC Case: 40mm Stainless Steel Dial: 3.00 ct. Pave Diamond dial with Playboy logo in Pink Diamonds Bezel: Standard Plain Stainless Steel / Choose 2.00 ct. or 3.20ct. Diamond Crystal: Sapphire Movement: 5 - Swiss Quartz ETA Movements Functions: Five Time Zones Straps: Includes Four Alligator Bands Optional Straps: Crocodile / Alligator Optional Bracelets: Plain or Full Diamond Pave in Stainless Steel Warranty: 2 years Water Resistant

the watch boys straps
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