Post date: Dec 9, 2017 1:25:07 PM

Did the Chinese discover America?

Woooooooooooooh, this is a really amazing map. But the problem with this kind of things that it is a copy of the original 15th century map. Copying was done by hand. And while copying, some correction might have been added, you just don't know. It is of course not an easy process to map a continent. One trip might not have been enough. One century might not have been enough. So you might feel the need for other sources of information. But China was a formidable sea-going nation, so much we can read in these kind of maps.

Apart from that, it really is an amazing map.

It is interesting to see how the South Chinese Sea is mapped. There are some coastlines that we don't see on the modern maps. But this was their sea, so that one could have been mapped with greater accuracy. There seems to be a large island in the Pacific, that we can not find anymore. The California coast is strange. But all these features appear in other old maps as well. So you have some clues about origins of coastlines. Where do those ideas come from. It could easily take years and years to study this map ;-)

And of course, the Americas were discovered long before this. But thats another discussion. And no maps to prove that either ;-)

I love this kind of maps