Welcome to my web site. I am a philosopher living in Richmond VA. I blog at http://theamology.com.   I have also been playing guitar for many years and while I have always been able to come up with a few bars of a melody here and there, it is only in this past year that they have started to come together. So, I  have released Secular Songs, an album of ten original folk / pop / rock songs.  You can listen to them below. 

You can also purchase the songs and download them here by using the button below to pay via Paypal. The Price is one dollar per song. If you are purchasing multiple songs, you will be able to increase quantities and pay for them all at once when checking out.

I hope you enjoy my songs! Having made it to 2014, I think I will keep writing them. I can be reached at cartermobleysongs at gmail. I will hand produce and authograph a physical CD of Secular Songs and ship it anywhere for $25.00, just ask.

Download Evolve

Download Rarity

Download Beauty's Genome

Download Don't Go

Download Song for Aaron

Download In My World

Download Sirens

Download Seize The Day

Download Sky Girl

Download Love Like the Rain