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Carte Blanche is an initiative to nourish budding writers in schools. It provides free magazine publishing feature to schools in India at lower strata of the society. It also provides the schools with an internet presence which is a must in this era of Information Technology. Carte Blanche with its eclectic editorial and IT team brings in the best to do justice to your school’s budding talent and image in society.  Carte Blanche simply increases the spectrum of magazine readers of the school and also brings in the inputs and feedbacks from eclectic editorial team.



1.       FREE WEBSPACE TO PUBLISH SCHOOL MAGAZINES: The website presents schools with a platform to publish their magazines . Magazine publishing does not require any IT resource from the side of school. The IT team of Carte Blanche does the needful IT packaging to publish the magazine. This brings down the magazine publishing cost such as printing charges and also significantly decreases the efforts put to publish a magazine. Most importantly Internet Magazines will increase the audience of the magazine.

2.       FREE REGISTERATION IN SCHOOL DIRECTORY: Registration with the website adds the school to the School Directory of the website and automatically creates an information page for the school. A free home page for small and medium schools would be of extreme significance as internet presence exposes the schools to the advantages of information dissemination via internet.

3.       FORUMS AND BLOGS: The website will be equipped with forums meant to enhance the writing skills of the members. Forums are moderated by the elite editorial panel of Carte Blanche which would continuously discuss and suggest topics for improvement of magazine contents and writing skills of the members. With recent trends of bloggers getting them published as authors of books, blogs will be one of the sections emphasized by the website. Frequent conferences on various topics headed by eminent leaders of the fields will enhance the knowledge ken of students. Blogs and Editorial Blogs will help a writer to enhance his writing skills.



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